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And so... らせん discography is complete :3


La'veil MizeriA - Suicide Labyrinth -Reincarnation ver.-

La'veil MizeriA - 寂滅饗筵 (TYPE-A)

La'veil MizeriA - 寂滅饗筵 (TYPE-B)

La'veil MizeriA - 死枷

La'veil MizeriA - T-shirt with the cover of『 薄紅ノ葬』

La'veil MizeriA - Cheki case + chekis (obviously :P)

La'veil MizeriA x Crucifixion - 古ノ狂オシキ楽園ノ記憶

La'veil MizeriA x Crucifixion - 死穢ニ惑イシ「慟哭」 

JE*REVIENS - 朝もやの中で・・・

FerrisWheeL - グリザイユの胚珠

Art Marju Duchain - Demon est Deus Inversus

V.A. - Vision (Kathakali, ギャックメン, BLOODY VALENTINE, hysteric, OKUTO, PABLO HONEY, n'DooL, HEAR, アヲイ)

らせん - 死化粧

らせん - 切断

らせん - 傀儡

らせん - 明鏡止水

らせん - 冥狂死祟

Cécile Corbel - SongBook vol.2

Within Temptation - Enter (LP)

Within Temptation - The Dance (LP)

Within Temptation - Mother Earth (2LP, Reissue)

Within Temptation - Enter/The Dance (Digipack)

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Late november parcel came home with:


KAMIJO- Epic Rock Orchestra pamphlet

KAMIJO- Mademoiselle normal ed.

KAMIJO- Mademoiselle lim. ed. B

VERSAILLES- Symphony of the Vampire catalog

VERSAILLES- Lyrical Sympathy bonus CD from LIke an Edison

VERSAILLES- Destiny the Lovers bonus CD from Like and Edison

LAREINE-Chantons l'amour Lillie kara no tegami VHS

LAREINE- Fiertè no umi to tomo ni kiyu VHS

LAREINE- Trailer

LAREINE- Bara wa utsukushiku chiru lim. ed. (later adding it in my selling thread)

LAREINE- Fleur lim. ed.

LAREINE- Blue Romance first ed.

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La'veil MizeriA - 死枷 (Autographed by KIKYO, He wrote my name (David) and nickname(Yoto))

La'veil MizeriA - Photoset 死枷

La'veil MizeriA - cheki



月蝕 - schwarz weiß


月蝕 - -schwarz weiß-

GA≠ZE - pass each other




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Kagrra, - [gozen]
Kagrra, - miyako
doremidan - gekijou shouroku
Noir fleurir - kuroki hana no sennenki ~shin shou~
LAREINE - Crystal Letos
munou na lucid - nani mo nai . . . nani mo nai . . . nani mo nai . . .

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メロディック渦巻 - キミイチマイル

グラビティ - だだっだー!!

グラビティ - テンテコマイ

グラビティ - 人狼ゲーム

グラビティ - 人生カワタニエン [冬のコンポタージュ暖かいんだから盤]

グラビティ - 人生カワタニエン [自販機でコーヒー押したらおしるこが出てきちゃった盤]

Jin-Machine - Re:Born [Type A+B]  with Like an Edison purchase bonus photo :/

Jin-Machine - ホワイトデーソング

A≠ris - ヒカリ with 4 chekis

Silver Linings - Unnamed Song

0.1gの誤算 - 平成誤算大全 [会場限定盤] 

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