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Your last music-related buy!

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On 6/3/2018 at 10:27 AM, Seimeisen said:

When I bought the umbrella album I had a brief encounter with the band members themselves. I didn’t recognise them until they said who they were, they were wearing no makeup and two of them had surgical masks. I was too shy to talk to them but it was still really cool to see them hanging around Closet Child Harajuku!

That's really cool, and it's nice they saw you actually buy their release :P

Buying music in Japan gets addictive.

I got another bunch of Jiluka merch and, as usual, can't post photos here. But I share on IG.

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some new stuff






モンストロ「BLACK MONEY -Beautiful LIE-&DIRTY Truth」

仮病 「ヒトリゴト」

for severe addicts only「無口な影/儚き哀証/影踏み」

BlacK TeaR「涙」

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1 hour ago, Yutaproid1 said:

for severe addicts only「無口な影/儚き哀証/影踏み」


i asked them for buying it, but never got an answer

will have to buy with proxies again

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