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夢人(yumehito)(ex-AYABIE) new band "ベル(belle)" has formed

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title of their new maxi single is finalized as "ノンフィクション(non-fiction)" (2 TYPE, 1,620yen each)


[track list]
02.夕立ララバイ(yuudachi lullaby)
03.ドラマ(drama) (included in TYPE A)
03.やってない(yattenai) (included in TYPE B )



samples of songs could be listened to in their OHP

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their live-limited album "続・鐘が鳴ったら事件が起きる(zoku kane ga nattara jiken ga okiru)" will be released at their live since Takadanobaba AREA at 2015/07/04 (2,000yen), which will include 7 songs from their previous mini album "鐘が鳴ったら事件が起きる(kane ga nattara jiken ga okiru)"+1 new song+1 SE



SET-LIST at 2015/05/04:





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"続・鐘が鳴ったら事件が起きる(zoku kane ga nattara jiken ga okiru)" [track list]
01.鐘が鳴ったら事件が起きる(kane ga nattara jiken ga okiru)(SE)
02.涙傘(namidagasa) (new song)
03.あの日の僕の君と雨(ano hi no boku no kimi to ame)
04.厚化粧の女(atsugeshou no onna)
07.地下室症候群(chikashitsu shoukougun)
08.スローエモーション(slow emotion)

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Hello :)

Just thought of dropping by because I manage a facebook page for Belle called "Belle International Support" and if you are interested in Belle, please drop by my page as well sometime~ I do my best to deliver all the news although it's sometimes difficult when I'm in stress :lolita_sad:


I've translated a few interviews of them which you can read as notes on the page as well and I still have a lot of new interviews lying at home waiting to be translated ^_~ In the interviews you can read all about their concept "Kayo suspense" (Showa era hit song suspense) :indie_yay:

Also, there are already enough videos about Belle on Youtube if you want to get to know more about them :lolita_happy:

Check out Belle International's Youtube channel ^^/~ 


For example, a video introducing Belle with a few live videos in the end- perfect for beginners :lolita_love:

And their ballad Wasurenagusa with subtitles! 


Today, I also found that a Japanese fan uploaded two songs of their 2nd single, Gozen sanji no kanjousen:

1. Gozen sanji no kanjousen (the loop line at 3 am)

2. Bye Bye


Although I'm not a fan of people uploading songs from a CD you could actually buy because I want more foreign fans to buy their CDs too, but it's also a good method to make people get into their music...so I'm kind of in a pinch but well please listen to them!! They have a lot of potential and deserve more international fans :lolita_blink:

If you have any questions about them and want to know more about them, feel free to ask me and share your impressions about them!  :lolita_happy:

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Today during their nico-nico live show Belle announced the release of their 3rd single on October 21th! The single will come in 3 different types and moreover even with a music video so this day will also mark the release of Belle's very first music video~Please look forward to more information! ^-^

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