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E3 HYPE ?!

Yeah, Nintendo hasn't gone yet but I don't really care about Nintendo anyway.


There wasn't much I was excited about. 

My biggest hype is Assassin's Creed Odyssey, lol. I was, at one point in my life, rather into Greek mythology. This is more historical, obviously, but I still love the setting, I'm SUPER happy a female protagonist is an option, and I'm interested in the dialogue options/romance, which I'm sure will be hilariously terrible. Gameplay looks extremely similar to Origins which is fine by me. 


Ghost of Tsushima probably had the most beautiful trailer of the show. The wind blowing the tall grass and Japanese maple leaves was so gorgeous. I'm very happy the protagonist looks like an actual Asian dude. Would be perfect if they give an option for Japanese voice-over. Kind of got Assassin's-Creed-In-Japan vibes, that is to say, sort of stealth-focused and not much original in terms of combat, which is fine by me. (I still want an actual AC Japan/China because I WANT TO CLIMB ALL THAT SHIT can you imagine climbing giant buddha statues and jumping off the tallest pagodas CAN YOU?!?!!)


Cyberpunk 2077, I am interested to know more about, mostly because it's the Witcher team making it. I'm far more interested in fantasy over sci-fi, and I've heard rumours that Cyberpunk will be mostly first-person?!? which is not fine by me.


Yeah, didn't really care about anything else. Some cool looking games, but not stuff that I'd normally play, OR it's stuff that I played in Japanese already. It's cool that Tales of Vesperia (PS3 edition) is finally coming out in the West. It was the first game I played on my PS3 and the first game I platinumed (after 200 hours). Also, still my favourite Tales game.



Forgot to mention Death Stranding. I will most likely not play this game, because I've never touched a Kojima game before, but there is something charming about the idea of being a mailman walking through these vast empty landscapes. Especially the shot of him with a wrapped-up dead body strapped to his back (A commentator I was watching said "he's gotta get that one to Kratos" HEH HEH).  I doubt the game will actually be like that, though.

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So... E3! I wasn't necessarily expecting much from this year's showcases but there were a few announcements that surprised me positively and got me pretty excited.


First of all, I'm super hyped for Dying Light 2. I love the first game to bits and I've played it over and over again so many times. I'm not usually even into zombie games but there's just something about Dying Light's mechanics and setting and atmosphere that I really love and I hope the sequel will also really nail those things. Also they've teased a bit that the choices you make in the game will actually affect the city and the story's outcome quite a lot which is pretty exciting. They didn't announce any kind of a release date for the game yet but I'm hoping the wait won't be too long.


Another title that I'm really hyped about is Doom Eternal. I've played the 2016 released Doom and I loved how fast-paced, smooth and gore-y it was and as the sequel is most likely going to be very similar, hopefully even better, I'm already 99,99% sure I'm gonna love it.


Another one of Bethesda's games that kinda caught my eye is Rage 2.  I haven't played the first game and I don't really know much about the series but the trailer looked fun. I might want to look into the first game a bit and see what it's about to see if this could be something I'd maybe like.


Fallout76 disappointed me greatly just like I had already expected it to. I'm not sure why they felt like the Fallout series needed an online-only multiplayer whatever thing. Like did anyone ever ask for something this?


I've been waiting for The Last of Us 2 for quite a while and was happy to finally to get a proper trailer for it. Seems like some pretty good stuff is coming! Just Cause 4 looked pretty fun too but I still somehow feel a bit hesitant about it. JC3 was fun to play but I'm not sure how much new stuff is JC4 going to bring.


And I gotta mention that otherwise Square Enix's showcase was probably the most boring and embarrassing showcase that I've ever seen lol.

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*crosses it off the list*

Man I am so disappointed. But, really, not sure what I expected. It's sci-fi, of course the combat is just shooting.

I still would've put up with it if the game had a 3rd-person option. Too bad.

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Square Enix was just painful. They shouldn't have showed up. 


I was glad to see more KH3 footage. Seriously, the gameplay overhaul even made me look forward to the Pirates of the Caribbean World which I usually hate lol Frozen was finally confirmed. I hope Olaf doesn't have a big part in it. 


We got a more solid trailer for Death Stranding. I wish there was more gameplay to see, but regardless, I'm looking forward to it because it's just too bizarre to miss out on. So far I'm a huge fan of the cast, especially after Léa Seydoux got revealed yesterday. 


Other games I'm looking forward to are DMC5, We Happy Few, TLOU2 and Jump Force. I'm still wondering why the hell Light and Ryuk from Death Note are included in the latter. 


Also did anyone else think the new Tomb Raider looks really rough for a game that will be released in September? Putting it side by side with TLOU is shocking. 

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This year's E3 made me realize I just don't really care for modern-day gaming almost at all anymore. I'm interested in DMC5, that new From game that gave off vague Tenchu vibes, the Resident Evil 2 remake, new Cuphead DLC and whatever the hell the new Battletoads will turn out to be, and i think that's about it...


Death Stranding apparently being a walking simulator gameplay-wise was kind of disappointing, but I'm still curious to see where it'll be going in the end, if it ever even ends up coming out at all


Oh yeah,  I forgot, Ridley being confirmed for Smash after all those years of memeing was pretty nice too

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This was one of the strongest E3s, by far. I actually stayed up for the live presentations, which I never used to do. All the major conferences were superb, so many fresh and exciting looking titles. The Last of Us II, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, Kingdom Hearts III, RE2 remake, Fallout 76, Rage 2, new Wolfenstein, DMC 5 and of course, Cyberpunk 2077. And hell, even new AC looks really cool, the new RPG direction is what I like to see. Also, Control looks so intriguing, I'm expecting interesting things from that game. 


...I reaaaaally need a PS4...not even accounting for the extensive backlog I have


Though, needless to say, Square Enix really disappointed me. They got some new IPs, nice I guess, but they completely failed to grip me in any way. Not even a mention of FF XVs 2nd DLC season and above all, FF VII remake.


But the coolest little surprises were the announcements of Yakuza series coming to PC, I was always hoping to play those. (here's to a smooth port) and the new Life is Strange, wonder how that one's gonna play out.

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Fuck, I forgot Metro: Exodus, there ^

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I got so fucking trolled when I thought we were finally going to get Skate 4 and it turned out to be a totally different game called Sessions. For the love of god I just want Skate 4 so badly lol.


Highlight of the show for me though was Ghost of Tsushima, the art direction is really wonderful and I can't wait to see where they take this game.

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The new Smash almost looks like a Smash 4 mod. I know the idea was to bring back all characters from every Smash game, but.... the sight of Ice Climbers gave me flashbacks to the spammer IC players in 2008, and we're not even going to talk about Pokemon Trainer lol.


I wonder why they didn't also change Zelda's design to the BOTW like they did with Link, but I'm just glad that Nintendo finally decided to change the Twilight Princess models.

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There was a lot of Smash in the Nintendo Direct.

Like, A LOT.

I don't care one bit about Smash. That part of the presentation nearly put me to sleep. And I was playing an MMO AND watching commentators talk over it at the same time. Jeez. I mean, I don't care about Nintendo games anyway, but at least Mario Odyssey and Zelda were interesting to look at. Running through the gameplay improvements (?) for every single character was like having someone read patch notes to me. Patch notes for a game I don't play.


With all these established series getting sequels, I feel pretty left out of the... zeitgeist, if you will. 


DMC 5 - Never played a single DMC, although I purchased DMC HD Trilogy on PS3, and got DmC from PS+. Never got around to playing them, likely never will. However, I DID play Bayonetta 1, and didn't really like it, so that doesn't bode well. (Side note, I have seen people say that Bayonetta is a positive example of female empowerment, but I just felt really gross while playing it.)


Fallout 76 - I played Fallout 3 for about 30 minutes. Was really bummed out that I couldn't make a decent looking character, and then started walking around the world and was like GOD THIS IS SO UGLY and never went back. I also played Oblivion for about the same amount of time and had the exact same reaction. Bethesda, not for me. .... on the plus side, Fallout Shelter is out on PS4, maybe I'll mess with that a bit.


Sekiro / Nioh 2 - The From Software brand of Souls games does not interest me in the slightest. I don't have patience to "gitgud" at combat, or get trolled by some surprise death and be forced to essentially replay everything since the last bonfire. Of course, I'm not sure how much of a soulslike Sekiro is, but I don't think From would make a game with easy combat at this point. Well, I will probably watch other people play it, especially since the setting is Japanese.


Kingdom Hearts 3 - Ok, I spent a couple of hours with Kingdom Hearts 1, and it turns out, I really hate seeing (and especially HEARING) characters like Donald Duck and Goofy. And I have recently listened to somebody explain the entire plot of Kingdom Hearts and holy shit does it ever sound like the biggest crapload of BS ever created. Also I have completely turned on Utada Hikaru, I tolerated her voice before but now I think I am done with her. Anyway if you like the series, more power to you... sorry for shitting on it.


RE2 / Last of Us 2 - Yep, never played RE/TLOU before. Not a big fan of zombies and horror in general. However, big props to TLOU2 for putting that amazingly well-rendered girl-on-girl smooch in the trailer. 


Life is Strange 2 free prequel chapter thing - I liked the first one and Before the Storm, and I'd play the second one, but I generally HATE CHILDREN and the trailer for this chapter totally put me off. I suppose I'll play it at some point, since it's free.


... ok  I should probably get back to work.


On 6/13/2018 at 11:16 AM, Tokage said:

Death Stranding apparently being a walking simulator gameplay-wise was kind of disappointing, but I'm still curious to see where it'll be going in the end, if it ever even ends up coming out at all

I highly doubt it will be a walking simulator. It seems more likely that the combat/stealth is not ready to be shown off yet, so they had to show some landscapes, walking animations, and the variety of boxes you'll be carrying!


On 6/13/2018 at 2:13 PM, 123Sandman321 said:

But the coolest little surprises were the announcements of Yakuza series coming to PC, I was always hoping to play those.

Yakuza is the greatest game series ever made!

in my opinion.

With all the "samurai" games coming out, I hope they decide to localize Yakuza Ishin. It's my second-fave game in the series and I'd be so happy for the non-Japanese market to get a chance to play it.


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