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[Selling] Massive VK Collection Clean Out. Lareine, D'espairs Ray, D, Versailles, An Cafe, etc.

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Hello everyone.
I am trying to clean out a part of my collection that has been collecting dust, so the more I get rid off  the better.
Payment would be via Paypal, shipping from Germany to the World. Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees.
Pictures of the items can be provided upon request, as well as a link to my ebay-feedback.

Since this is a Clear-Out Sale I am happy to give discounts when several items are purchased. (Or to negotiate prices if you are not happy with them.)  I am also willing to provide those who buy a VHS with an additional rip of said VHS on DVD for an additional fee of 3€.
If you have any questions,  please feel free to ask.


Alice Nine – Alice in Wonder Film X Mas Edition (DVD) 25€
An Cafe - Hibiya at the O - new Sekai (Bou Last Live, 2 DVDs) 25€
An Cafe - Live Cafe 2005.12.03 Shibuya O-East (DVD) 20€
An Cafe - Snow Scene (CD+DVD) 9€
An Cafe - Magnya Carta (CD + DVD) 14€

An Cafe – Shikisai Moment (CD +DVD) 14€
Asagi - Corvinus (CD + DVD) 9€
Buck Tick – The 7th Floor with Diana (2DVDs) 30€
D - 7th Rose (CD + DVD) 15 €
D – L'Oiseau Bleu (CD + DVD) 9€
D – L'Oiseau Bleu (CD) 7 €
D – L'Oiseau Bleu (Bonus Making Off DVD) 5 € (or as Bonus for someone who takes both versions of L'Oiseau Bleu)

D – Tafel Anatomie Limited Edition 15€ (There is a small dent in the obi)

D – In the Name of the Rose (Limited Edition) 15€
D'espairs Ray – Brilliant 7€
D'espairs Ray – Spiral Staircase (DVD) 20€
Jeanne Da Arc – Fate or Fortune Live at Budokan (DVD) 12€
Kaya - A lot of 4 Vampire Requiem Comment DVDs, all four for 5€ or as a Bonus with a bigger purchase.
Kirito - Existence Proof RE:PARADOX (DVD) 20€
Kirito – Existence Proof RE: PARADOX Making DVD 10€
Kirito - Hameln 12€
Klaha - Nostal lab 12€
Lareine – Scarlet Majesty (DVD) 35€   ON HOLD

Lareine – Live Document Film at TOKYO KINEMA CLUB (DVD) 35€ ON HOLD

Lareine – Fleur (DVD)  10€ ON HOLD
Lareine – Making DVD (Bonus for purchasing three limited Singles) 10€
Lareine – Making Clips (DVD) 20€

Lareine - Chantons L'Amour 70€
Lareine - Legend of Fantasy 3 DVD Box  120€
Matenrou Opera – Abyss (limited box with Tshirt) 15€
Matenrou Opera - Gloria 7€
Matenrou Opera – Dawn of Anomie in Akasaka Blitz (DVD) 20€
Medusa – Aka no Bible 3€
Moi dix Mois - Dixanadu Tour DVD 20€
Mucc – Utagoe (CD + DVD) 9€
Versailles – Aesthethic Violence Princess Stairs (Hizaki Version) The necklace is missing 10€
Viored - Chaos 7€
Viored – Chaos (CD + Slipcase and Photobooklet) 9€
X Japan - Blue Blood 12€


Crack Brain Demo Tape (Hizaki of Versailles and Jupiter) 7€


New Sodmy – Last Lie 2 VHS Set 25€

An Cafe – 9 Dance War Photobook (+ Bonds/Kizuna Bonus DVD) 15€

Lareine – Essay Book 10€
Malice Mizer – Livre Rosé (Regular Edition) 10€

Cure Vol.57 3€
Rock and Read 35 5€
Rock and Read 36 5€
Rock and Read 37 5€

Moi dix Mois - Dis Inferno 7€
Moi dix Mois - Dix Infernal 7€
Moi dix Mois - Beyond the Gate 7€
V-Rock Festival 09 7€
Versailles World Tour 2012 Holy Grail 7

Band Scores:
Versailles Holy Grail Band Score 12€

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what would:

Moi dix Mois : Magnifique and Moi dix Mois - Beyond the Gate cost to ship to sweden? also, do they ahev any damages?

Thanks for your interest. I replied via PM and with pictures. There are no damages, but that way you can see for yourself. :)

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