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[HELP] Help with tags

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Hey there. I've got 2 songs from Youtube that I dunno how to tag on last.fm because I dunno the correct band names. If you could help me with these, I'd be grateful.


Here's the 1st one:




I suppose it's an old school band called BALA★NCE, right ? But I've never heard of a VK band with this name nor can I find any info of any band called BALANCE either. Looking for the name of the song didn't help me either. so I dunno.


The 2nd is from a random band I found on Youtube too. Looks like the original video has been deleted, so I've reuploaded it here:




There's even a picture of the band, which I suppose is a session band, with their names and all, but I've never found anything about them. And the name of the song was like that when I got it, so I have no idea of how should I tag it.


I've noticed the tranny in the left side of the pic looks a lot like Kuina from Royz back when he was in his previous band, so that might be him before he got all the piercings, but I'm not sure.

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