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This is a music forum.

This is a music forum first and foremostly based on Japanese rock.

There are a lot of musicians on the forum who want to resemble Japanese rock.

Most Japanese bands have some sort of out-of-the-normal fashion.

Why isn't there a fashion disscussion forum? I could take care of it and post in it a lot and feed it and change it's newspapers and take it for walks.....

Seriously though, there should be a place to dicuss trending fashions, get comments and opinions on wardrobes of musicians on the forums, talk about our favorite band fashions and designs, etc. It'd be really cool. :)

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I think it needs a board with several sub boards because a thread wouldn't cut it. It'd be hard for people to find posts on what they're looking for. It needs to range from every thing from Lolita to Ganguro. I'll try to come up with an idea on how many different ones there would need to be to genreally cover alot without taking up too much space.

edit: I think I got it.

Fashion--> catagory

Current Trends--> Board one this is where the discussion of trends can take place. Most os the more popular styles can fit into one of the following sub boards.

Lolita--> sub board 1

Visual Kei--> sub board 2

Kogal--> sub board 3

Ganguro--> sub board 4

Advice--> board two this is where the questions pertainting to wardrobe/ designs and opinions on user comments on such go.

Band wardrobe--> sub board 1-- this is where the musicians can get fan *girl* opinions on their band visual style.

Designs--> sub board 2-- for the designers here who are inspired by Japanese fashions.

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I think it's pointless to have a dozen sub boards when there's no proof that they'll be frequently used. Not everyone here is interested in Japanese fashion. A thread or two would suffice, in my opinion. I don't even know if having its own category is required.

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Maybe. I still think the system would be better because then there could be in depth discussions instead of a messy string of quoted posts where people were discussing among themselves with in the topic and trying to work around other people.

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Yeah, that's FAR too many subforums. We don't want this forum becoming more cluttered than it already is.

And I really don't think there is enough interest for that anyway. I think most of the topics you mention would warrant one thread each, but not a whole subforum. Ie. a thread for lolita fashion, a thread for ganguro, a thread for asking for advice... etc.

IF and only IF these topics generate a huge amount of interest, I'd be willing to entertain the possibility of ONE subforum specifically designed to collect all fashion-related topics. But only if there are enough topics of that sort to make it worthwhile.

Until then...

Since vk/lolita/ganguro/kogal are all japanese type of fashions, the "Japanese Stuff" subforum would be just the right place to discuss them, as a matter of fact we had several fashion-related topics there on the old TW.net. Same goes for people asking for fashion/hairstyle advice. Or, if it's not specifically pertaining to some japanese sort of fashion, the general forum will suffice.

Designs can be posted in the Art Showcase, and if there really is a band that wants advice on their wardrobe they can use the Musicians Corner.

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