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18 hours ago, Saishu said:

There’s one song on there that sounds like a lost 9GBO song, so I wonder if it’s Uta’s

You mean Nurebairo, right? I love that song, makes my heart skip a beat. I love 9goats black out, it was great to discover their music last year, I love Utas guitar style. He definetly needs more to say in sukekiyos writing.


Kyo playing bass? not too excited about that, he should hand it over to yuichi quickly, cause he is damn talented.

I wonder how those new songs translate live. Adoratio, for example, never sounded good live (from what I've seen + heard from existing footage).


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Album kinda sucks tbh. The songwriting is nonsensical, Kyo is either angrily whispering or making annoying alien gremlin noises for half the runtime, and it’s way overproduced and underdeveloped. I like the parts where Kyo just either sings or screams and you can make out guitar riffs. Dorothy is corny as hell although I like the intro. That one demo they put out before Waizatsu was way better than most anything on here, what happened to that song? This is a big step down from both Adoratio and The Insulated World for me.

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2 hours ago, Ozileras10 said:

The 12th track Uso reminds me of 9gbo more 

It sounds like the lost sister of kugui (from the immortalis album)


yea, the insulated world comparison is not neccesarily accurate, but what ever. (the album SUCKED, is there anyone still listening to that crap of an album? on the other hand, however, it perfectly depicts suicide madness, which is obviously the lyrical theme)


I heard takumi is kind of involved with dir en grey these days, I don‘t know in which way. 


I am still trying to figure out whether infinitum is a good album or not. I really agree with you guys, the vocal lines are really disappointing, many good ideas without direction or not ‚thought to the finish line‘, maybe deliberately done. I hope sukekiyo was not pressured to release an album and hence the usage of old material...

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2 hours ago, Kabukichoatmidnight said:

Yeah, his song writing has never been brilliant, he needs to just stick with writing lyrics. lol

See, i can see that for most folks.


I can literally jump into any Kyo written tune and know that it's going to be equal parts off the wall, misguided, etc. That's really part of why i enjoy this album so well though; it's off the wall, some ideas really don't stick, but it's chaotic and melodious. 


I dunno, i know what I'm getting with sukekiyo and Dir en grey at this point; it's difficult to not enjoy it for what is!

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1 hour ago, Saishu said:

Didn’t Kyo have a hand in Sajou no Uta and Dreambox? 


I mean, credit where credit is due. 

He also wrote S, The Domestic Fucker Family and Hades

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I'm really enjoying this new album, even at times when it doesn't fully align with my tastes. Like, enjoying just the fact that sukekiyo still dares to do whatever the hell they want and still make it sound their own. I was initially very welcoming towards ADORATIO too, but then it kinda sank into a middle-tier category for me, so we'll see how this new one will fare in the long run, but for now I'm just along for this weird mysterious ride.


My favorite tracks: 偶像モラトリアム, 沙羅螺, 本能お断り, 漂白フレーバー

My least favorites: アナタヨリウエ, 君は剥き出し

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Worst tracks on this thing are the first and last. They’re just these repetitive, meandering slogs that go nowhere. 


Certainly not how Adoratio was bookended. Giji Necromancer was a great opener, and Hakudaku sent the whole thing into the stratosphere 

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Was there an individual credits chart for Sukekiyo songs? You know, the "this one's Takumi's, this one 's Uta's, etc.". Was Kyo ever credited for any Sukekiyo song?


I find really weird that someone who admit he couldn't play any instrument can be credited with songwriting (of course, he writes the melody lines as well as the lyrics, but I'm talking more specifically about instrumentation). I don't know about Sukekiyo, but Kyo said he wrote songs before by humming stuff to the instruments guys with DeG which seems plausible for relatively simple stuff like "TDFF" or "S" but it's rather hard to believe for something like "Dreambox" which is so intrincate and layered. Unless it's a kind of "who gets the first idea gets the final credit", which seems rather odd for me. Maybe he is messing around with samplers and programming stuff? I think it's actually possible for someone without any musical training to come up with a beat or something (you don't even need to be that theory savvy since there's a lot of things you can get by randomizing parameters and stuff on a DAW).


Of course he might have learned a few things since stating his inability to play instruments, but considering it was just an improvisation thingy he might just picked the bass to make some noise with it and that's it. I know the point of those instrumental sessions is to create ambience rather than display any flashy musicianship so it kinda makes sense. His sampler messing and theremin playing work in that way too imo

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On 5/12/2014 at 11:43 PM, Pretsy said:

By the way people, in case you're interested in (original) composers of each IMMORTALIS song, here's the interview in ameblo with per-song analysis




so here's the list:


Elisabeth Addict - Takumi (he did the original song 5 years ago, apparently) mostly + Kyo and small input by other members (at least according to Barks.jp)

Destrudo - Takumi (around the same period with "Elisabeth"?)

Latour - UTA

Nine Melted Fiction - UTA

Zephyr - Takumi (obviously)

Hidden one - YUCHI (also, Mozart reference in the solo)

Aftermath - YUCHI

Uyuu no Sora - Takumi

The Daemon's Cutlery - YUCHI

Scars Like Velvet - UTA

Mama - Kyo

Vandal - UTA (obviously)

Hemimetabolism - Takumi and Kyo

Kugui - UTA

Madara Ningen - the whole band as far as I understood?

In All Weathers - Takumi and Kyo

yea, he was definetly credited in the past, don‘t know about the other albums tho; and the songs I consider genius are definetly not his


Edit: hakudaku and en are by Takumi, too

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