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Currently selling:


Kamijo - Castrato - Regular edition NEW - 80sek



Lycaon Akujo no hohoemi single (limited version, unopened!) - 60sek


Femme Fatale Powder (limited edition completly new and sealed. comes with photobookelt inside according to sticker at the front) 80sek


Kaya Yumeji poster from Tower records (I think it's the half body picture but I haven't opened it)


D- Master Key D version, case has a crack on the back. Otherwise in new condition, sealed. 65sek, shipping included in you only want this single!(excluding paypalfee)


Please comment or PM for pictures as photobucket links doesn't work anymore!


As I'm in Japan at the moment the below items can't be shipped!



Shipping's from Sweden, payment through paypal in Swedish krona. Feedback: http://silk-puppet.livejournal.com/17415.html

Prices are negotiable.




Flyers, 8sek each

Buck-tick (several different from the past tour and aku no hana re-release, ask for photos

Mix Speakers Inc

Scarlet Valse
Velvet Eden

Papers 10sek:
Gab vol 72 - Nocturnal Bloodlust, orn, lycaon, femme fatale, avelcain, grieva

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it's the second or third topic who you start no ?

Because, you can edit your post, that's better one topic by users, if all user make a new topic each time for actualize their sale, server will be surcharged and we don't understand anything on this sub forum^^


good luck for your sale, especially the tape....

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Hi, well, the thing was I wanted to edit my first post, but I couldn't seem to add taggs or edit the topic, that's why I made new threads. Is it possible to edit the title??? I won't make any more posts ^^

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Yes it's possible, first you click on "edit" at the bottom (next to multiquote), and after have make that, you see three option "save changes" or "use full editor" (or cancel) use the second button, I hope it's clear, I can make a screen if you don't understand ;)


Do you has try to sell your tape on any japanese site (if it's possible) ? maybe you could be more chance to sell it than here

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Ooh! i'd like to buy the Malice Mizer photoset! How much is shipping to the US? ♥

Hi, I'm sorry but for the moment that's on hold (I'm waiting for payments), if that person cancels, I'll tell you=)

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