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ex-NEGA Vo.儿-JIN- new band "THE BLACK SWAN" has formed

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If he gets some good instrumentalists around him this time, at least it'll be a good band with a bad vocalist. That's a step up from Nega.

^ trash

Nega was great and Jin was great. Anyway i was scared he was done with music. time for him to show these kids how its done.

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Good news and I like their name. I have high hopes !

I felt same! ''THE BLACK SWAN''... Mmmmh yeah! It's JIN's mind for sure!


/ In my opinion, the band's name is related with hard music, like was NEGA before. <3


Well, we waited long and we can't wait to see his upcoming performances, nee?

I'm not worried about other members (of course, NEGA's reactivation would be like dream comes true),

but I'll surely love them and their music, I can't find words to describe it.

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I can kind of get why people don't like Jin as a vocalist he kind of has this disgusting tone in his voice but i think that fit nega quite well since nega was a disgusting kind of band, think "muddy cult". 


oh and,


"Hi, I am jin, vomiter, i vomit my feelings."

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I'm really excited for this. Nega was definitely one of the best bands at the time and I'm glad Jin hasdecided to continue. Curious as to who will be in the band with him.

As for his vocals, i LOVED his voice! It was much more unique than most other bands and his vocals added more to the music, be it Nega or Perestroika. Really looming forward to seeing if he continues his style or changes it a bit.

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