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Girlfriend and I  tried to do the whole '1 horror movie a day' thing throughout October again this year. Only managed to get to around 28 movies in the end, but considering last year's attempt ended after exactly 2 (two), that's still an improvement.


These are the ones we watched (in random order):


Beyond the Darkness

Dollman vs Demonic Toys

Mystics in Bali

Burial Ground: Nights of Terror

Chopping Mall (rewatch)

Slugs (rewatch)


Madhouse (the 1981 one)

The Dead Zone


Killer Workout

Body Melt (rewatch)

The Stuff (rewatch)

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th IV

Friday the 13th V

Friday the 13th VI

Friday the 13th VII

Friday the 13th VIII

Freddy vs Jason

Bride of Chucky

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Basket Case 2

Basket Case 3

The Eye (the 2002 original)

Sleepaway Camp II

Necronomicon: Book of the Dead (rewatch)

Night of the Living Dead (Tom Savini remake)


There was no real set plan made in advance to select which movies we'd watch, I just decided to go with whatever I happened to already have lying around. In general, I can say that I enjoyed most of these in some way, as objectively clunky as some of these movies may have been. Many of them at least partially redeemed themselves either through good use of practical effects, a neat soundtrack or just straight up balls to the wall cheese (Burial Ground is legit one of the most absolutely ridiculous zombie films I've seen so far). The ones I ended up rewatching were movies I'd last seen nearly a decade ago, so I figured I'd give them another shot to see how they held up (spoiler: they held up pretty well).

After this semi-marathon through the majority of the Friday the 13th series (skipped parts 2 and 3 cuz I'd seen them relatively recently) I have to say I don't really get why part 8 is so hated. It's definitely a step down in comparison to the previous ones, and the whole 'lol we only actually get to Manhattan in the last 30 mins' thing was lame, but I still feel like Friday 5 and, hell, even the original, were simply less entertaining to me personally. 

The Basket Case sequels turned out to be way more fun than I initially anticipated. It's definitely a massive shift in tone in comparison to the original, but this kind of maximalist, over the top approach worked quite well for us. Same goes for Bride of Chucky, I can totally see why it didn't gel well with people, but I ended up appreciating this kind of more comedic approach considering Child's Play 3 didn't really work for me at all. 

I really liked The Dead Zone, but I legit do not see why it's labeled as a horror movie at all.

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10 hours ago, Tokage said:

Burial Ground is legit one of the most absolutely ridiculous zombie films I've seen so far

Shoutout to Burial Ground, totally mad (and underrated) zombie fun! 


Nice list btw. I wish I'd thought of something like this too, but alas, I totally forgot this year, lol. On a related note I had that 'Halloween movie night' with my friends and we did end up watching Terrifier. It was appreciated by at least one more person, so I call that a success. :D 

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Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror is just great in all of its awfulness. Awful in every way, still it has one of the most memorable scenes in all of cinema. That scene is just fucking nuts. 

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Since I missed out on my yearly October horror marathon, I decided I'd just do a 24 days of Christmas horror marathon or whatever instead. The goal is to watch a Christmas horror movie every single day up until Christmas. And as with Halloween, which I don't celebrate, I don't celebrate Christmas either. It's just another excuse to watch a lot of horror movies (and certain episodes of TV-series, as long as it's horror or dark, dark fantasy)


A Christmas Horror Story - An anthology film that consists of four short movies, as well as a story about an alcoholic radio DJ to keep it all together.


Unlike traditional anthology movies where each segment is told from A to Z before the next one starts, this jumpt back and forth between the four stories. And tbh, I wasn't too fond of the overlapping segments. Wish they'd just do one after another instead.


First story about the kids breaking into the school weren't all that. Not awful, but nothing special either. It's based around atmosphere, but with the segments being broken into loads of smaller ones and jumping back and forth the atmosphere isn't really there at all.


Second story is better about a police officer who takes his wife and kid out to chop down a tree for Christmas. This one is pretty funny, even though the story itself is a bit uneven.


Third story about the family who goes to the dad's aunt is really good. Just all around really cool. Krampus is the fucking man! The world needs more Krampus stories and movies.


Fourth story about Santa is the coolest. Just total batshit crazy story with a fucking badass Santa. By far the best segment.


You Better Watch Out aka Christmas Evil - A neat, forgotten gem of a slasher film. Atypical, psychological slasher with a surprisingly well-crafted story and loads of unique twist and turns in form of how it's shot, edited, written and how the cinematography and music is done. It's actually got a lot of depth and character, and unlike most slashers (which I fucking love btw!) you can actually analyze this and dig forth lots of good points and social commentary and such. Impressive stuff, although far from the funniest slasher ever.


Silent Night, Deadly Night aka Night of the Dark Full Moon - Proto-slasher from 1972, but filmed in 1970. While not very known, it's pretty good and it clearly was an influence on the slasher genre. This is basically a slasher though. It's slow, weird, poorly made in most ways and weirdly surreal, but the eerie atmosphere is incredible and makes up for all its flaws. It's set during Christmas, but it's not as Christmasy as the other movies.

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Tales from the Darkside season 3, Seasons of Belief - So first off, I've never really had the chance to get into Tales from the Darkside. I've seen a lot, but not everything and not chronologically. So Tales from the Darkside came first, and in that sense Tales from the Crypt is a bit of a rip-off. And yes, there were a lot series like this before these two, but these are a lot more similar to each other (pulpy horror with lots of cheese and black comedy) which is why I compare them.

One of the main differences is that Tales from the Crypt looks and feels way more expensive, and I am sure the budget was a lot higher too. So production values for most part.


Anyway, this is a Christmas episode set to Christmas Eve about a family where the kids are bored, and the parents decide to tell a story. It's really well-made and fun, even though the two child actors are so-so. But the atmosphere is great, the humour is great and so on. Only problem I have is the casting of the dad, or that he was the dad. He does fantastic, but the actor, E.G. Marshall, was something like 75 years old while the chick who plays his wife was 35 years old. Massive difference, and you can tell. He should've been the granddad or something instead. But other than that I don't have much to complain about. Overall really good and dark.


Inside No. 9 season 3, The Devil of Christmas - This is an anthology series I've never watched, but I read that it was good in the TV-series thread and realized it had a Christmas horror episode so it was just perfect. It's a very, very 70's episode which truly does look and feel like a 70's show, so they managed to capture that for real. The episode is cheesy and corny as fuck, about a film within the episode where the director of that film provide commentary (he is not the director of the episode) and it's really cool and fun. But at the core it's dark and twisted as fuck. I really liked this episode too!

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Went over to my friend yesterday and watched The Evil of Frankenstein. Classic Hammer horror, can't go wrong with it. To continue the streak, I saw The Revenge of Frankenstein today afternoon. Not as great  and entertaining as "The Evil..." imo, but still very cool. Might as well watch the rest of 'em now too, heh (I'd only ever seen the first one before this weekend).


Oh, and earlier last week we watched Slenderman with some pals. Terrible choice, but we knew what we were getting into. It was okay for a half-drunk watch while making fun of it. Not straight-up horror but we also watched I Still See You which was a cool premise disguised as a mediocre flick. Still better than Slenderman, I guess that's something...?

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X-Files, season 6: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - A monster of the week-type of story, so I didn't need to re watch the entire series to re-watch this. It's not exceptional at all, but it's really fun for what it is. But it could've been a lot deeper and dug a bit more into the characters. But it's very enjoyable nonetheless. 


Alfred Hitchcock Presents, season 1: Back for Christmas - Very basic 50's mystery, but it's not bad at all. It's very cool, although we didn't really get a reason for what happened, and I believe it should've been. But it was very cool. Need to dig into this series sooner or later.


Silent Night, Deadly Night - Classic, mid-80's slasher that's pretty fun and pretty wild. Really dark too. Very much recommended for fans of cheap, cheesy slashers.


The Dorm That Dripped Blood - Cheap, cheesy and bad slasher from the early 80's, but very watchable and fun despite the majority of elements that makes this film (directing, acting, writing, cinematography and so on) is pretty awful. But I recommend this, despite it being far from as fun as Silent Night, Deadly Night.


Krampus - Both this and the classic Halloween flick Trick 'r Treat shows Michael Dougherty's amazing potential. He's just amazing, and Krampus is one of the 5 best Christmas movies ever. Fantastic atmosphere throughout. A modern classic!

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