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[Lyrics] Zephyr - last quarter (English translation)

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I made this translations using materials kindly provided by fitear1590

Enjoy and comment!




Enjoying views of the moon, I fixed my gaze on the scarlet starry sky

Quietly making wish upon the shooting stars, though I know that they will not come true


And suddenly gentle breeze enveloped me


When we parted, you said, smiling, that [One day we will be here]

You said, smiling, that it is impossible to know anything for sure in this fragile world


Gentle breeze caressed my cheek, but pain still accompanies me

If this gap cannot be filled, this pain cannot be stopped, and I cannot start my path...


In the down pouring moonlight, there was your silhouette

And then I stretched out my arms to you

In a limited future and infinite past

You're so lonely ... In the heavens flapping your wings


In reality, any loss is felt [Thee here no more]

Quietly watching the disappearance of the stars, I wanted to hear your voice


The last quarter of the moon have filled, how it was many times before

How many times it has been repeated, I can hardly remember

However, this one I will not forget


In the down pouring moonlight, there was your silhouette

And even now I cannot stop my doubts

My mood couldn’t be changed, and I’m smiling

However, now...


How do I hate this world where you do not exist!


In the down pouring moonlight, there was silhouette of your back

And I 'm just telling you "Goodbye"

You showed me the path, and I will go on forever

Forever I will sing a song...


Enjoying views of the distant moon...

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