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I'm hoping to sell these CD's


Alice Nine - 絶景色  Zekkei Iro (2006)

Distraugh Overlord - 白夜ニ燃ユル花 Byakuya ni Moyoru Hana  (2-DISC)

hide - HIDE YOUR FACE (1993)

machine - e.rect(1999) (one of Hakuei's many side projects)

Phantasmagoria - No Imagination (2007) (2-DISC)

vistlip - THEATER (2009)

X Japan - X Singles (1993)


All are €15 each, shipping included




Also selling these DVDs


Alice Nine - Hello Dear Numbers (it got fanservice) (2007)

Gazette - Nameless Liberty Six Guns  (2006)

Phantasmagoria - Reincarnation (PV Collection + Live Clips) (2007)


All are €25 each, shipping included


Please comment, and feel free to contact me, (aim: eksplosjonsmais)



More will come later.

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