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I just joined so I figured I'd introduce myself! I'm Emma, 27 (*gasp*) years old and I live in the east of the Netherlands (near the German border). I've been into Jrock since 2004. I started out with Gackt, but then quickly got into Dir en grey. I also enjoy bands like D'espairs Ray, GO!GO!7188, Zwei and some random songs from random bands. 


I haven't been in the online jrock 'scene' for some while (life got in the way, I guess), but I'm ready to get back in! I need some new bands and things to listen to, while I'm also searching for a lot of old stuff that I lost in a HD crash a while ago.


So if anyone has a good recommendation, I'm all for it! :)


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welcome to M-H ^_^ don't worry, you'll find a lot of great music here=)

btw, your signature is epic XD


XD thanks! I'm always too lazy to find/make/upload a cool siggy, so I just gave up XD


@the rest: thanks!!


This seems to be the first place I found which isn't dead! yaaay~!

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