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[Selling]: random japanese CDs/DVDs

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So I've decided to sell some of my Japanese CD collection.

Mail me with the item(s) you want and i’ll put it aside for you. If not payed within 5 days I will release the item(s) again. First served basis, which means, first person to want an item gets it.
I only accept payment via Paypal.
All items are shipped from Sweden (EU). I will ship to any part of the world. Shipping cost depends on where the items are shipped.
Dir en grey - TOUR 04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism] very good condition. 40euro
-OZ- SIX 1st mini album. Perfect condition. 15euro
UnsraW - Screaming Birthday. Live DVD with bonus CD. Perfect condition. 20euro
UnsraW - Spiral Circle. Album. Perfect condition. 15euro 
EAT YOU ALIVE - JENNIFER/花水木. Single. Perfect condition. 5euro 
Panic Channel - TRiCK.  Very good condition. 10euro
Sadie - THE BULLET STORM. Mini album, includes a photo booklet. Very good condition. 20euro
Theres a small break in the paper where the photo booklet is attached. The booklet is attached to the cover and can’t be removed. 20 pages.
Lynch. - adore. Single. Perfect condition. 8euro
Gazette - Cassis A type CD+DVD. Single. Very good condition.  8euro
I’m thinking of selling +D’espairsRay+ - Sixth TERRORS as well if I get a high enough bid. VERY RARE, 200 copies
Let me know if you want additional photos of specific items.

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