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The Happiness Thread

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I didn't feel better since Monday. I lost my appetite, and I was (and still am, though) really worried about too many things it stressed me out. I could only lay down in bed while feeling my head ache and my vision go blurry. I'm glad I got to eat and feel better this morning.. I've also settled down some problems that apparently directly contributed to my condition, so yeah.

Not to mention that the Ied is coming~! Which can only mean food. Cookies, cakes~ :'D

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Well I think I'm finally really getting into my drums-obsession phase of my Moran obsession (but it's cyclical, so I'm pretty sure I'll get back to the guitar-obsession phase and every phase would just repeat).

Oh Soan, how did you get SO DAMN GOOD :wub: I mean even in a slow song like "Snowing", the drums actually sounds like a lead instrument omgomgomg *drools*

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you don't need to buy me anything.

I don't care for expensive gifts.

the greatest gift is you accepting me for who I am.

for being respectful, kind and caring.

being there for me during my struggles.

supportive in my career aspirations.

and most of all just simply holding me in your arms.

what attracted me to you was your big heart.

I can see you are genuinely a good person.

that's what I fell in love with, your personality.

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Watching a personal stream of the first Silent Hill played by a Scot. 5+ hours. And coming up with our first insider jokes. 


Harry Mason aka useless Harry aka clueless Harry.


Can write "café" on the map that clearly says "café" ("He can't read anything but his own handwriting") but can't find the energy to scribble down any riddles that might actually come in handy later in the game.



"Where's Cheryl?"

"Saw her heading towards the lake."

"Okay well, fuck her. I found a hole in the wall and I'm gonna examine it."

"Harry, you're tired."



Useless bastard. 

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