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Royz- Tears album review

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:4.5: A very good release, best album they have put out so far (This is their second album LOL)


This album was coming in with expectations I had from their past 3 singles. The title tracks didn't attract me as much like Starry Heaven and NOAH, but INNOCENCE was really badass. The only thing exciting me was the thought of getting more songs like the final track on the Starry Heaven single or SHADOWS from INNOCENCE. The preview for Tears got me a little down cause it sounded like they were doing some poppy ballad type song, but, it wasn't entirely that and I ended up loving it.


The one thing I have always loved about Royz, besides the crazy melodies that are almost unexpected in most songs, is Subaru's voice. It has a sort of soothing lullaby to it and the fact that he can growl makes him and the band a lot more interesting. Kind of like with SuG and Howling Magic, once you heard Takeru growl, you kind of felt like: "Holy shit, maybe this might start getting good" Royz was already good but they just got better.


This album brought forth some really amazing songs, and unlike their first album, I don't find myself skipping songs to find the good ones and listen to the rest later. アルカロイド was the first step towards more INNOCENCE type songs, 糜楼 was their next heavy sided song, claiming the spot as my Favorite song of this album, followed up by FlashBack which to me resembled SHADOWS a lot. We got some great ballads such as アテナ with such a calming slow acoustic melody in the melody, and then you get an uplifting, cheesy if I might add, song right after which gains the spot as my least favorite song. Don't be mislead though, it's still good, it's just not my cup of tea. Why the hell didn't I have 恋花火 on my iPod beforehand? I thought I had their whole disco, amazing song. Very nice fast tempo that gets me energized. The final song Aerial Cord gave me some hope with a name that awesome. I was hoping for a fast song but it was more in the mid-tempo style of songs. That's not a problem here.


Sorry if my reviews aren't as astounding as Zess but my hope is that some people read my reviews on these amazing bands and decide to give them a try.

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Ok, once again i decided to give a review, this time on this album with my poor knowledge just coz i can :)

(don't give a sh*t if no one reads it/concerns himself/herself with it , i do it coz i can :) )


Ok, my rate 8.5/10.


The 8.5 points go to the awesome songs that stood out for me and the other 1.5 for the less noticable ones that didnt do it for me and thus couldnt give it a perfect score.


01.Tear drop / Love it

02.Starry HEAVEN / Love it

03.Ms.Veronica / Meh

04.アルカロイド / Like it

05.NOAH / Love it

06.糜楼 / Like it

07.FlashBack / Meh

08.INNOCENCE / Love it

09.アテナ / Like it

10.夢空 / Like it 

11.恋花火-Re Arrange- / Love it 

12.Aerial cord / Love it



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Okay, my review for each tracku~


01.Tear drop - One of my favorite track of the whole album. It's a really catchy and sweet song, also the PV is really pretty.. Good melodies! my favorite part is when that little girl touched Subaru's (the vocalist his) hand. So cute!! :lolita_angry:

02.Starry HEAVEN - Was already my favorite track, great melody and just so enjoyable everytime I listen to it, now still!!

03.Ms.Veronica - Really cool song! Good track that got my attention!

04.アルカロイド - Ah this track was cool too, the way this song was put together is really well, moreover Awesome track!

05.NOAH - Just 1 word: AWESOME
06.糜楼 - Really pretty track.

07.FlashBack - Nice melody, it's like someone is running after you with danger lol. But awesome track of course, even those grows haha, it's cuuwl! :lolita_love:

08.INNOCENCE - Great song as always (somehow I feel like all the single title tracks are re-recorded..).

09.アテナ - Sweet song!

10.夢空 - Another great and sweet song!

11.恋花火-Re Arrange- - Catchy melody, for me it's a keep replaying all the time lol.

12.Aerial cord - Another very pretty song~ Recommend to listen while you're lying in bed when you about to sleep. Also the vocalist can sing so pretty in high-voicessssss * v *)


Royz - Tears |  :5.0:

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My review:


1. Tear drop - Enjoyed it very much, not my favorite by Royz but definitely up there.


2. Starry HEAVEN - Loved it the first time, still love it. Really nice track.


3. Ms. Veronica - Amazing. I've listened to it so much it's already reached my top 25 on my Ipod Classic. 


4. アルカロイド - Cool


5. NOAH - Still like this song. I remember this song was pretty high up on the Oricon charts. 


6. 糜楼 - Dem screams and growls. *love* 


7. Flashback - Reminds me of INNOCENCE, not too crazy about the growls.


8. INNOCENCE - Never was really crazy about this song. Not bad though.


9. アテナ - I am inclined to believe I was taken to heaven and back. Favorite song by Royz of all time. I listen to it everyday.

                 So, so, beautiful sounding. 


10. 夢空 - *insert towel waving/spinning here* Fun song! Kinda cheesy, but fun.


11. 恋花火-Re Arrange - This song has always been pretty catchy.


12. Aerial Cord - Very nice song. Love everything, but I can't help but notice every time Subaru breathes in XD. I try not to  remind myself of the breathing.




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Crying right now as I type this because this album is literally perfection and the epitome of my life. 


I've been following Royz since their release of 「AREA」in 2010, however this was my very first purchase from CDJapan. So glad I ordered it because it came with an autographed poster and I've ALWAYS wanted a VK poster but didn't know where to even find them. After the release of their first album, Revolution to New AGE, I was like "LOL? I think Royz is my favorite VK band. Step aside vistlip, you have competition."


Anyways, on to the review of Tears!





1. Tear drop - :5.0:

Perfect in every way possible. Subaru's vocals are so angelic. I got emotional listening to this the first time all the way through because it literally touched me. (LOLGAY) but like ugh. The chorus is very catchy and touching; you don't even need to know what the lyrics are to feel the emotion. On a side note: my TYPE B came with the multi-angle PV and let me just say how awkward it is to watch especially during the solo when Subaru isn't singing....


2. Starry HEAVEN - :4.0:

This is their 6th single and of course, it's good. When it first came out I really enjoyed it, but I think I overplayed it. It's not as amazing as it was awhile ago to me. Very catchy chorus though and the solo is great! I really liked the neo-fantasy-space thing they had going on. I think this is also on the newest Dance Dance Revolution game (?)


3. Ms. Veronica - :4.5:

AMAZING SONG. My favorite part is the beginning. I get heart palpitation when Subaru says "(Execution) MISS VERONICA". I'm just like "ohhhh shit \m/." My main complaint with this song is that it's so good but extremely short. It's just barely 3 minutes long. It reminds me of witch in the HELL which was on the Starry HEAVEN single. The outro that leads into the next song is great too!


4. Alkaloid - :5.0:

This song is my ringtone. Probably my favorite of the new songs on the album. This one also reminds me of witch in the HELL. Catchy and strong chorus but also another short song barely making 3 minutes long.


5. NOAH - :5.0:

The lyrics to this song = wow. This is still one of my favorite Royz songs. Along with Tear drop, this one also touched me. <3 Subaru's voice in the chorus is just  indescribable.


6. Birou - :3.0:

Not bad per se, but I'm not really a fan of this style of a song. I'm surprised I don't find myself ever skipping it though. 


7. FlashBack - :3.0:

Same as above. Not bad, but not really a favorite. The laughing-screeches were...interesting. Subaru's voice is so versatile. 


8. INNOCENCE - :5.0:

HOLY CHRIST THE INTRO TO THIS SONG IS PERFECT. Actually, everything about this is perfect. Subaru's Scooby-Doo growling is great!


9. Athena - :3.5:

Beautiful song and Subaru has the perfect voice to accompany the melody. I didn't like this at first, but it grew on me.


10. Yumesora - :4.0:

One of those "feel good" songs. Really upbeat and catchy. "LIFE GOES ON!"


11. Koi hanabi (Re Arrange) - :4.5:

I'm really glad they re-recorded this. I can't help but feel the urge to dance to this because it's so catchy and uplifting. 


12. Aerial cord - :5.0:

Indescribable. Especially the intro. This song ALWAYS comes on during shuffle and it's scary but it's a good thing so whatever. I don't even know what to write about this other than that it's VERY pleasing to my ears. I love you Subaru.



I'm so glad I died 3 songs into the review and only started spewing out sentences.

Great album though and I'm eagerly awaiting to hear what EGOIST sounds like.







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