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The 10 Song Shuffle!

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Those ViViD and GazettE songs are really bringing me back to better times lol. That whole list is quality tho.


  1. D'espairsRay - Ark In The Storm
  2. B.A.P - WAKE ME UP
  4. Countlost - FOLLOW
  5. BUCK-TICK - 悪の華
  6. DAY6 - 버릇이 됐어
  7. EAT YOU ALIVE - Agnus Dei
  8. BRADIO - Ride On Time feat.谷川正憲 (from UNCHAIN)
  9. 未来電波基地 - 季節の余韻
  10. TWICE - TT

It's hard to beat B-T, but I love me some BRADIO. They still just put me in the best mood when their songs start. And Masanori Tanigawa's guest vocal sends me ✈️!!!

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I just can't stop laughing at how this list randomly ended with TT 🤣. A very catchy song though XD. Also let's appreciate the B-T fest you've gotten there <3.


1. GOT7 - A (TOYO Remix)

2. MUCC - Diorama


4. MUCC - 背徳の人

5. Miyano Mamoru - SHOUT!

6.  STARISH - 天空のミラクルスター

7. Miyano Mamoru - How Close You Are

8. 10cm - Nothing With You

9. GRANRODEO - 少年の果て

10. Karasu - Mr. Shadow



I picked Mr. Shadow because it's the song that's the most dear to me out of this list (I heard it live when I went to Party Zoo and I'm still shaking at the thought of it XD). Also I picked it because it was hard to choose between Diorama and 背徳の人 so here I am XDD.

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sending 5000% love for starish, also babel is a nice song


1. avelcain - 雪女

2. nazare - 災禍論

3. 9goats black out - 憂鬱と孤独

4. buck-tick - die (so i assume this whole thread becomes b-t fest)

5. аигел - ит

6. deadman - ブルーベジー

7. dimlim - ...物狂ひ...なりて

8. f(x), shinee - lollipop

9. depeche mode - somebody

10. bauhaus - of lillies and remains



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Many nice songs on that playlist but I gotta say I like the Nazare one the best.


1. D.I.D. - pity me

2. Poets Of The Fall - Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day

3. Avatar - Puppet Show

4. Nokturnal Mortum - Where Rivers Flow Into The Seas

5. ヴァージュ - 共依存

6. Kaya - Awilda

7. U-KISS - 돌아돌아

8. メディーナ - 呪縛愛

9. DIMLIM - 初潮

10. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - rip current


How am I supposed to choose a favorite out of these??

I'm a rebel and I'll choose two favorites you can't stop me x.x

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