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The 10 Song Shuffle!

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OMG old Danger Gang. <3333  Also Formation is a bop. Lemonade should've won album of the year (of the options provided) Robbed!! !


1. Rihanna - Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z)

2. Dawn Richard - Honest

3. Katy B - Dark Delirium

4. miss A - Love Alone

5. Jhene Aiko - Remember

6. Perfume - koi wa zenkeishisei

7. Sam Sparro - Fight or Flight

8. Mila J - No Fux

9.  SZA - Drew Barrymore

10. Zebra Katz & Njenna Reddd Foxxx - Ima Read



Remember got me through a really hard time so it means a lot to me.

I'mma take that bitch to college! I'mma give that bitch some knowledge~


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I've only know of Perfume and Rihanna on that list but don't listen to much of their songs.



  1. Michiru Oshima - Samon
  2. Aimer - After Rain
  3. Jamie's Elsewhere - The Mapmaker
  4. nekodex - Boundless
  5. HAL - KOKORO ?inwardly?
  6. Kagrra, - Yuki koi uta
  7. Kannivalism - Glory & you
  8. Skillet - Awake and Alive
  10. Royz - Alkaloid

Well well, some nice choices here! I'm gonna give the honors to Nocturnal. :) 

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Hmm, I'm only familiar with the artists on the second half of your list, from Kagrra downward. I don't really listen to Skillet anymore though.


1. Lovelyz - 라푼젤 

2. Icon for Hire - Pulse 

3. Born of Osiris - Free Fall

4. MALICE MIZER - 破誡の果て

5. Juliet Simms - Before It Rains

6. Christina Grimmie - Without Him

7. BORN - Vermin's Cry

8. Aerosmith - She's On Fire

9. CLC - I Should Be So Lucky

10. Emilie Autumn - How Strange

This... is a strange list. I wasn't sure what to choose as my favorite, but then I remembered "Without Him" was the last song Christina ever sang before she died.

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only really know lovelyz and malice mizer and tbh never really listened to either much (IM SORRY MALICE MIZER ILL GET AROUND TO IT)


Saeko Suzuki (鈴木さえ子) - 銀のエンゼル
Morton Feldman - Durations V
Soviet - l'Objectif
CycheoutsG (サイケアウツG) - CHG3
mitsume (ミツメ) - あこがれ
Momoiro Clover Z (ももいろクローバーZ) - 5 The POWER
Proxyon - メルイーノ〜dusk mix〜
Cassegrain & Tin Man - High & Low
Ataru Nakamura (中村中) - さよなら十代

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^ there's not a single act/band that I know of in that list XD




OZ - Over again

Retinwaav - Bore

lynch. - ETERNITY

Alice Nine - Apocalypse (it's not the end)

DIR EN GREY - 空谷の跫音





It's hard to pick a favourite out of these, they're all gold! 

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I recognize all of those bands but don't know a single song from the list. ;_;


1. Develop One's Faculties - it is what it is.

2. An Cafe - 3P

3. Administrator - 手招く太陽

4. コドモドラゴン - 御礼参り

5. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 - 極楽道


7. 君は鋭く。- I eat sickness[case2]

8. Stigma - Serial Killer


10. ClearVeil - Gerbera


Using my laptop instead of my phone this list is so much more accurate to me. <333


This was a definite stand out on the DEEP MORE DEEP for me.

ClearVeil was one of my favorite bands. I wish Saki would come back in another band. 

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^ damn you i was in the middle of replying to sei....... unfortunately i know none of your songs or listen to any of those bands :<


Re:dis - birth.



deadman - imp

Despite from Greed - トリカゴ

Lycaon - Dark Night

D'espairsRay - 「浮遊した理想」

GxSxD - Requiem

Desecravity - The Serpent of Ishtar Gate

Purple Stone - 絵空事


was gonna go with Re:dis but man... lycaon hit so close to home... especially since camera obscura was one of my first albums when i was getting into vk

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Aw yeah! D'espairsRay is always appreciated! 「浮遊した理想」 is one of my favorites from them~



Versailles - Serenade

Kuroshitsuji musical soundtrack - Black and White

RAZOR - Maisou



DIAURA - 失翼の聖域


GACKT - Returner ~yami no shuuen~


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Bringing this back. The only song I really care for on the list above is the Gackt one. It's just epic and wonderful in all the best cheesy ways.


1. LIPHLICH - ウロボロス

2. amazarashi - ムカデ Starlight Ver.

3. Akissforjersey - Leave That Man Be

4. FAR EAST DIZAIN - Ray of Hope

5. 4Minute - 눈에 띄네 (Feat. 매니저)

6. DuelJewel - 終末の歌

7. dolore - Arcadia "D.O.V.O.S.V.A.V.V.M"

8. BEFORE MY LIFE FAILS - VERGES (feat. Yosh from Surivive Said The Prophet)

9. ギルガメッシュ - CRAZY-FLAG

10. Heroine - 夏秋


Idk why people like to play down DuelJewel lately. They had frikkin' great songs.


Edit: reformated my list to go artist first, I didn't even realize everyone but me seems to list them this way??? >->;

Edited by doombox

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@doomboxI'm such a n00b I only know 4minute out of your list but I know that I trust your taste enough to give your choices a chance when I'll be in the mood <3.


As for me :


1. MUCC - 茫然自失

2. MUCC - Sentimental (from the Cover Parade album)

3. EXO - Cosmic Railway

4. (The Scholar Who Walk The Night OST ) Jang Jae In - Secret Paradise

5. MUCC - 翼をください (Demotape ver.)

6. MUCC - 廃

7. 10cm - Beautiful

8. Lynch. - Prominence

9. Lynch. - Melt

10. Monsta X - Shine Forever




Wow my playlist should learn what shuffle is for a change, I swear I have more bands and groups on my phone XDDD

Edited by Triangle

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I do know some of the Bands/Groups form your list but never really lsitend to them/don't do it anymore...lol

Song JiEun - Don't Look At Me Like This
Muzika [Sefa Remix] - Sefa
Слот - Альфа Ромео + Бета Джульетта [The Slot - Alpha Romeo & Beta Julietta]
Слот - Космос [Cosmos]
Omiki - Psychdelic Woods
Meesed Up [Sefa Remix] - Sefa
All That I Need - Aquarius Ft. GJan
Asmoday - MISSA
SXTN - Bongzimmer [Bongroom] 
MHD - AFRO TRAP Part.9 [Faut Les Wet] 

Except for MISSA I have zero VKei on my Phone atm...lmao so yeah haha 

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@AliceParanoid Since I see Slot and don't know anything else, I'm gonna assume that all the rest is also obscure russian emo metal :D


DADAROMA - モルヒネ#2

Dance Gavin Dance - The Jiggler

MEJIBRAY - Crazed Brain

DEZERT - リリィさんの美容整形術

Codomo Dragon - Epilogue

George Michael - Careless Whisper

Jiluka - ZONE

G-Dragon - One of a Kind

Protest the Hero - Tidal

Develop One's Faculties - Hope




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I know all but one of the bands, but none of those are really a super favorite. If I had to pick I'd go with モルヒネ#2


My list is somewhat inaccurate because I have my music split between two drives and my old ass ipod with 8,000 something songs, so this is only from one pool.

1. Personal Remix of "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" by The Knife
2. "And Then the Coversation Turned to Sex" - The Graves Brothers Deluxe
3. "Tragic" - Happy Rhodes
4. "Futamono" - Brian Reitzell
5. "Shine on You Crazy Diamond (All Prt.)" - Pink Floyd
6. "Albibeno" - Infected Mushroom
7. "Telephone" - The Black Angels
8. "Life is Beautiful" - Deadly Premonition OST
9. "Felt Mountain" - Goldfrapp
10. "I Just Say Goodbye" - 水母乐队


Felt Mountain I listened to a lot at a very bad point of my life, I even recorded a shitty video when I was wandering around drunk at 2 pm. But now it's nostalgic to watch and to have escaped that time lol.


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@TriangleI'm hope you find some you enjoy! It's gotta few old but gold tunes in there. 


The only song I know is the Pink Floyd one, which I do like. I mean, it's hard to argue with the classics. I listened to the Goldfrapp song and it was quiet relaxing. The video of wandering around seems to fit perfectly. :)


1. BIG BANG - 재미없어

2. B1A4 - 악몽

3. Microdot - Get Don (Feat. Don Mills)

4. AFI - This Celluloid Dream

5. Aimer - insane dream

6. Awaken I Am - The Onlooker

7. Anli Pollicino - Angel Heart

8. 8otto - Red and Black

9. asobius - voyage

10. uchuu, - HELLO


asobius is so grandiose and dramatic but I love them. But this was so tough to choose! This was a pretty good mix, normally my luck with these has been better this year lol. 

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B1A4 have some cool songs wich I always enjed back in my KPop Time haha. Wasn't a Fan tho. 

1: Poltergeist - Zatox Ft. Nikkita
2: Under - Alex Hepburn 
3: Bhangra - DZP
4: terroreast - The Slot
5: Heul Doch - SXTN 
6: AngelOK - The Slot
7: Anaconda - Nicki Minaj 
8: Primal Rage - Audiofreq Ft. MC Tjek
9: LSD Problem - Sefa 
10: 16 Shots - Stefflon Don 

It was such a fkcn hard decision between Slot & Sefa but well LSD Problem is a fckn overkill for me. So I go with it haha. 


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Well I can't deny an Anaconda that don't want none unless you got buns XD ehehehe.


This seems fun so I came back :).


1. Super Junior - 백일몽 (Evanesce)

2. BUCK-TICK - 形而上流星

3. MUCC - 月の夜

4. SID - Nomad

5. MBLAQ - Darling

6. BTS - Cypher 4

7. CNBLUE - Like A Child

8. AKi - Day One

9. SHINee - Woof Woof

10. BUCK-TICK - Climax Together




Well well well~





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I know myself so well that I gotta say BTS's Cypher 4 is my favorite!


1. まみれた - 死因:被害妄想
2. Timeless Miracle - Return of the Werewolf
3. SuG - SICK'S
4. Nokturnal Mortum - The Funeral Wind Born In Oriana
5. Sabaton - Reign of Terror
6. Schwarz Stein - Lilith (instrumental)
7. JILUKA - Necropolis
8. Iced Earth - Order of the Rose
9. Sabaton - Blood of Bannockburn
10. Iced Earth - My Own Savior


Woah, this was a hard one but SuG (and especially that song) has such a special place in my heart I'd feel so bad if I didn't pick it.

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that SuG song is one of my favorites. :)


  1. Little Glee Monster -  レイニーブルー
  2. IU - 이게 아닌데
  3. Araragi Tsukihi - 白金ディスコ
  4. THE NOVEMBERS - 小声は此岸に響いて
  5. Shirahata Kamin - わたしの東京
  6. Chara - ゆらしたがる
  7. aiko - 終わらない日々
  8. Hachi - clock lock works (retake ver.)
  9. BTS - 상남자 (Boy In Luv)
  10. Galileo Galilei - 鳥と鳥

easy choice


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The Novembers... Eeww! :roll:


1. Louie Zong - Melody Meadow

2. RagnaroK Online OST - Labyrinth 

3. Nier: Automata OST - Weight of the World

4. ぞんび - クソったれが

5. RagnaroK Online OST - AbSolitude 

6. The GazettE - ☆ BEST FRIENDS☆

7. Plastic Tree - 念力

8. Nier: Automata OST : City Ruins (Rays of Light) 

9. RagnaroK Online OST : Risk your life

10. RagnaroK Online OST : Plateau  


I recently deleted a lot of stuff from my iPod, which means it's 80% RO and N:A songs lol... 

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Damn, I'm still not able to listen to Weight of the World without downright crying


1. Devilman Crybaby OST - Devilman no Uta

2. Oceans Ate Alaska - Escapist

3. Sick. - Phantom.


5. DEATHGAZE - Shishuu

6. lynch. - SORROW

7. FIXER - Asterisk

8. Forever Still - Miss Madness

9. More - The Hanged Man

10. Icon For Hire - Demons



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Deathgaze, Lynch, More :rock: I like Icon For Hire a lot too. They just went through my city on tour like 2 weeks ago, I was sad I couldn't afford to go. 


1. Bastille - Weight of Living, Pt. 2

2. Astaria - Dancing rendez-vous!!

3. SEKAI NO OWARI - SOS - remixed by JAUZ -

4. Bespa Kumamero - Like A Moonlight

5. Eye Alaska - Rocky Road

6. Deftones - Fireal

7. Wonder Girls - Loved

8. EPIK HIGH - Kill This Love

9. Anberlin - Soft Skeletons

10. 한해 - 닐니리야 닐니리


Poppy emo bands with smooth vocals are a weakness of mine.


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^ I'm vaguely familiar with just a few of those artists at best, let alone the actual songs. :hum:


01. Bonobo - Towers (Ft. Szjerdene)

02. cinema staff - diggin’

03. The Shins - Sea Legs

04. 澤野弘之 - FULL-FRONTAL

05. Jew's-ear - Delaqio Talakovsky

06. Mayra Andrade - Simplement

07. Vessels - Radiart

08. Eternal Elysium - Twilight High

09. la la larks - Q And A -Album Ver.-

10. Anderson .Paak - Am I Wrong (feat. ScHoolboy Q)



Def. vibin' with Anderson .Paak the most atm.

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Ahh, I don't know any of those artists/songs to say anything 😅 But I listened to the song by Anderson .Paak and the song was quite nice to listen to!


Sadie - Rosario

Lilith - Black Hall

Megaromania - Raincarnation ~rin'ne kisou~

SCREW - Brainstorm

Wagakki Band - Senbonzakura

Doubt/D=OUT - Kimon

AND - Kyou

Kagrra - Manatsu no Yo no Yume

D'espairsRay - Yozora

Vidoll - D.J. "Hero"


This list had a lot of good songs, so it was hard to chose. But I narrowed it down to these two particular songs. Manatsu no Yo no Yume was on Kagrra's last album so it has a special spot in my music list. As for Wagakki Band, this was the first song I discovered by them and I really liked their usage of traditional Japanese instruments (especially after the Kagrra, void T_T)

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MEGAROMANIA ❤️ Such an awesome Track ! ❤️ 

Mejibray - Raven
Sefa - The Judgement [Original Mix] 
GJan Ft. Gizzle - Mountains 
Sefa Ft- Dr. Peacock - This Life Is Lost [Original Mix] 
Sefa - Path To Madness [Original Mix] 
Missa - Mammon 
GJan - Do It
D.Holic - Color Me Rad
The Slot/ Слот -  4 Шага
Envious -  Mrs.『』

Well... too much Songs I love lol 
Can't decide between those 4. Love me some Frenchcore aswell as Slot/Envious haha

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i'm sooo bumping this thread

raven is my favorite mejibray song〜 and i'm surprised to see a russian band here, even more from a person who's from germany.


goatbed - discoma

namie amuro - i love you

lynch. - all this i'll give you

sukekiyo - 鵠 -kugui- (from adoratio with justy-nasty vocalist)

faye wong - 天使

death in june - all pigs must die

shiina ringo - poltergeist (with saitou neko)

gemmik - a stiff tells

david (sui's solo project) - behind

ramones - i lost my mind

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