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The 10 Song Shuffle!

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I thought this would be fun/interesting to try here. Very simple!

1) Grab your iPod or preferred medium of playing music.

2) Put ALL of the said device onto shuffle/random (no missing out that embarrassing record).

3) List the first 10 songs that come up in order.

4) Highlight in bold your favourite of the selection.

5) Next person comments on your list to make it interactive and initiate banter/mocking of the above persons list. Comment on your favourite song from the list, simply state that you've never heard any of that junk or ridicule the fact that a 20+ male has a Britney Spears song on their iPod. :P


6) Feel free to post again, but please wait for at least 2 users before you do so!

I'll start us off!



01. Mice Parade - Pretending

02. Tera Melos - Purple And Stripes

03. Lillies and Remains - devaloka


05. Orgone - Lookout

06. Ruby Throat - Ghost Boy

07. mr. Gnome - Devil Be Gone

08. Lali Puna - Left Handed

09. Emily King - Radio

10. Linda Martini - Amigos Mortais


Hard to choose since I did shuffle on my "favorites playlist" on foobar, but I'll go with "Ghost Boy" by Ruby Throat since I'm probably most emotionally attached to that song.

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Comments for CAT5: Honestly, all I really have to contribute is . . . every day you make me feel like I live under a rock when it comes to music. . . so I have no idea if I should be impressed or be appalled by your list xD. The only band I'm remotely familiar with is Lillies and Remains and they were okay imho. 


1. "夢の中の君" - Caroline Rocks

2. "もう一度キスしたかった" - B'z

3. "Survival" - Bob Marley

4. "Under Pressure" - Grand Slam

5. "Eleanor Rigby" - The Beatles 

6. "from suisei with whole lotta love" - suiseinoboaz

7. "for Dear" - Kuroyume

8. "Jessica" - The Allman Brothers 

9. "She" - KISS

10. "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby" - Rolling Stones 

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I cannot relate to any of the songs you put up. Sorry thats all I have to say ):

Hey look there's The Beatles! :P dont really care for them

god my comments suck!

1. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Cannons

2. Gagaaling- Shower

3. Lowlife- Give Up Giving Up

4. Lowlife- Missing the Kick

5. Iggy Pop- China Girl

6. Broadcast- America's Boy

7. Sonic Youth- The Good and the Bad

8. Broadcast- Black Cat

9. Clan of Xymox- 7th Time

10. Slowdive- Morningrise-----------------

Not so happy with the list since that 2 bands repeated :/

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Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Clan of Xymox, niiiice :)

I must also say that I like the Iggy version of that song a lot more than Bowie's one.

Oh and I always wanted to try Siouxsie and the Banshees, can you recommend a good starter album? (in PM)


1. Kagrra, - 鵺の哭く頃 (Nue no naku koro)

2. The Smiths - Paint A Vulgar Picture

3. Mastodon - Dry Bone Valley

4. The Smiths - Accept Yourself

5. 清春 (Kiyoharu) - TATTOO

6. Hour of Penance - Misconception

7. Carcass - Vomited Anal Tract

8. Violator - The Shadow Of Death

9. JUDE - Happy Days

10. amber gris - element of soul

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Unfortunately I don't know most of these, but the Smiths songs make the list instant awesome. :3 Paint a Vulgar Picture is one of my favorite songs ever!


1. Owl City - The Saltwater Room


3. Dir en grey - ZOMBOID 零式MIX

4. Katatonia - Ambitions

5. A - 水の楽章

6. Duran Duran - So Mislead

7. The Postal Service - Nothing Better

8. The Beatles - Money (That's What I Want)

9. Foals - Out of the Woods

10. Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps

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Great idea CAT!


Oh, nice to see A there! Apart from A, there are not many artists I listen to from that list, unfortunately, so I can't give a clear opinion :-(


1. Coldplay - Princess of China

2. D - Like a Black Cat ~無実の罪~

3. D - 花摘みの乙女 ~Rozova Dolina~

4. Boris - Tu, la la

5. Kagrra, - あまふらせ たんまいな

6. Alice Nine - 華

7. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 - -Hikari-

8. Girls' Generation - Reflection

9. Boris - Window Shopping

10. Vidoll - Cryptic Tokyo


I had a hard time choosing between the one I picked and Alice Nine and Kagrra, as these three are in my top four of favourite Japanese bands. 花摘みの乙女 ~Rozova Dolina~ wins, merely because it's from my favourite D album.

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obviously i know every band listed on your top 10 , although i cant say i know many of these songs. (probably only 7 & 8)

Not much to say about your list, but i guess one of the D songs would be my favourite one too, if i would recall the name or even listen to it, as i didnt listen to their most recent releases. (if its even on one of these releases)


1. 東京カルテット - 色恋ニート謝罪。

2. Subdue - Winter grave

3. 江戸川パラドクス - おまけ

4. Jay Park - Know Your Name (Feat. Dok2)

5. Suicide Ali - This New Order

6. U-KISS - Without You

7. DEATHGAZE - Ring The Death Knell

8. Taylor Swift - All too Well

9. LIPHLICH - to P.P.P

10. Good Charlotte - Misery


Hard choice as its a few different genres and i really like some of these songs (jaypark, ukiss, goodcharlotte, taylor swift).

Still, the Jay Park song is one of my favourite songs from him so yea. i will go with this song :D

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I didn't knew you were listening to Good Charlotte :o and omg Taylor Swift, I've never been able to listen to her.


Koda Kumi - No Man's Land

Koda Kumi - Won't be Long ~black cherry version~

La'Mule - 一日の孤独 百年の孤独

Jokart au Legal - 楽園ワンルーム

D - Solitude -Saigo no tegami-


2NE1 - Lonely

Grieva - 解離性同一性障害

DBSK - Athena

dieS - 死界


For some reasons I had two Koda Kumi's song xD


Hard choice for me but yea, I love Won't be long, and I'm in the mood to listen to it all day long so...

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La'Mule ! How nostalgic ! I've not listened to them in ages.



1. Skin Vision - IAMX
2. Navarro - Mark Morgan
3. Reise, reise - Rammstein
4. The Lincolnshire Poacher 2 - The Conet Project
5. Life Coach - Fang Island
6. Symphony No.9 in D major - Beethoven
7. K.C. Blues - Charlie Parker
8. Over the Rainbow - Diana Ross & The Supremes
9. Long Island Iced Tea, Neat - The Coup
10. MIDNIGHT BEIGE - 早見優 (Hayami Yu)
I have some weird things in my mp3 player.

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Hmmz, nice to see both Rammstein, Diana Ross and Beethoven in one list  xD.Pretty diverse taste, though none of them I would put in my library


1. Bertolf - irisscan


3. ACIDMAN - Who are you?

4. asphalt frustation - miri

5. whiteroom - Something is Missing

6. nim - awakening of...

7. Scudelia Electro - ARMORLESS

8. CLIMB THE MIND - 壁の植物

9. ゆーきゃん (youcan) - Y.S.S.O.

10. Hydrant House Purport Rife On Sleepy - Rivals On Revival Feat.Cuushe


hmmz, hard to choose one favourite of this list, so went, but close behind were youcan, nim and CLIMB THE MIND =)

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Haven't heard of anything except ACIDMAN. I really like that band though. Great music.

My shuffle results:

The Cranberries - I Really Hope
Hanoi Rocks - Cheyenne
The Kills - DNA
Brigitte Bardot - Je reviendrai toujours vers toi
Pizzicato Five - Holy Triangle
Led Zeppelin - The Ocean
Mazzy Star - Taste of Blood
Françoise Hardy - Peut-être que je t'aime
T. Rex - Precious Star
Guns N' Roses - Mr. Brownstone

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I really don't know any of those bands other than hearing a few of the names, so I'm not at all too sure what I can say :'D 


My list actually came out a lot more varied than I thought it'd be.



2. Within Temptation - A Demon's Fate

3. SEX-ANDROID - 左脳にキュン

4. 蟲ふるう夜に - ヒトの音

5. Nightwish - Whoever Brings the Night

6. レクレンズ - Linear Player

7. TEARS OF TRAGEDY - Solitary Light

8. Villieläin - Voittamaton

9. Kaya - Awilda

10. カメレオ - 評論家的ダンスナンバー


I'd probably have to choose Kameleo for this one. It's such a light-hearted and danceable song which always cheers me up.

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Kameleo is the best~ Also: wtf with two Finnish bands. Aye, mate, are you an American or a Finn? (The one track with actual Finnish title made me chucle a bit.)


Extremely heavy visual kei list coming up (since re-installing iTunes ate like 2/3 of my music collection).


1. カメレオ - 養え、己を

2. Arc - Contrast

3. Arc - 雨涙哀色

4. カメレオ - 混乱状態「sweet」

5. 己龍 - 朱ク散ル僕ノ蒼

6. マイドラゴン - カオス~意識不明~ 

7. Arc - 落書き教科書

8. Arc - Calculation女神

9.  己龍 - 腐海

10. ヴィドール - ダイイングキャスト


Gotta pick Vidoll since it's my favorite band of all time and my iTunes was totally biased. The band I have the most songs of is Vidoll and yet it decided to pick 4 Arc songs. :'D (My iTunes loves KO-JI almost as much as I do.)

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I'm not too familiar with many of the bands ゆうぎ has.

√eight - 暉沈無街


the GazettE - 13STAIRS[-]1

Gackt - Lust for blood

S.S.H. - Aggressor

El-P - Tasmanian Pain Coaster
The Tuss - Fredugolon 6

DELUHI - Freedom
Tyler, the Creator - Tron Cat
Vektor - Destroying the Cosmos

Ofc I had to go with Vektor 8D. My shuffle is having a good day today, so I may try again later to turn up some more embarassing stuff for you guys :)

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judging by the probably ginormous library of zess i'm surprised i know most of the stuff, not his favorite though, might have a look for that...


1. morcheeba - women loose weight

2. bela b - traumfrau again

3. brecker brothers - and the she wept

4. david holmes yen on a carousel

5. incubus - hilikus

6. avenged sevenfold - strength of the world

7. the offspring - come out swinging

8. london elektricity - cum dancing

9. 八十八ヶ所巡礼 - 親孝行

10. rammstein - weisses fleisch


except for bela b nothing too emberassing actually, going with london elektricity because i'm in the mood for some good old D'n'B

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Oh I really like Avenged Sevenfold! I even went to see them live =D


01. THE KIDDIE - シュプレヒコール

02. the GazettE - 十四歳のナイフ

03. the GazettE - 蜷局


05. DaizyStripper - BLACK DROPPer

06. UNiTE. - 約束

07. THE KIDDIE - 5月5日

08. xTRiPx - I's

09. the GazettE - THE END

10. the GazettE - Psychedelic Heroine


Seriously, what's wrong with the GazettE, it seems like I didn't have any other music in my iPod lol. Well my favorite from those songs is I's by xTRiPx. Wasn't really hard to pick since it's my favorite song of my favorite band, so yeah xD

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I don't like xTRiPx that much...but btw I love almost every other song that came out xD


1- Aicle. - Hammer Head

2- T.M.REVOLUTION - Reload

3- Vistlip - -OZONE-

4- 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 - 不死鳥の夜 -undying starlight-

5- アンド - NERVE

6- ViViD - キミコイ

7- D=OUT - Psychedelico∞Psychedelico

8- Kagrra, - 嘆美なる死への憧憬

9- Dir en grey - MACABRE ―揚羽ノ羽ノ夢ハ蛹―

10- 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 - MILKY WAY DRIVER


I picked Kagrra, 'cause they're my favorite along with Nightmare and no other song can compete with one of them :)

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@Suzaki: Don't listen to many of those bands, but I like Aicle's "Hammerhead"!


Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Books About Trains

サウイフモノ (souiumono) - 道のり

of Montreal - Lecithin's Tale of a DNA Experiment that Went Horribly Awry

Erik Satie - Gymnopédie nº2

GRAMMATICS - Double Negative

Flight Of The Conchords - Bowie

DIV - milky latte

네미시스 (nemesis) - 우리는 사랑이었을까

Koop - Come to Me

João Gilberto - Trevo de 4 folhas

Interesting list.  All bands I quite enjoy; some of them are even among my favorites, though none of the songs themselves are my "favorite" per se.  I think Nemesis wins, because that song has such nice pretty and relaxing piano.  Sounds like the soundtrack to a Miyazaki movie or something.


Though Cat, didn't you break your own rule by doing a shuffle list from your "favorites playlist"? Reporting you.

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@ fitear: I can honestly say I don't know most of these, except of Montreal, DIV and サウイフモノ. And I should probably listen to more サウイフモノ because they totally look like Psycho le Cemu reincarnated, and I loved Psycho le Cemu!



I just threw my ENTIRE mp3 collection onto Winamp for this, including the emberassing stuff, and things I probably haven't heard myself so far.


1. Ensiferum - Into Battle
2. Schmelz Cure - 溺愛の空
3. Roxette - Listen to You Heart
4. Borknagar - Universal
5. 新興宗教楽団NoGoD - 宗教音楽
6. 倉橋ヨエコ - 感謝的生活
7. SYNDROME - Sad Mask
8. Spiritual Front - Ragged Bed
9. The Moon And The Nightspirit - Földanya Sóhaja
10. Ancient VVisdom - Here is the Grave

Gotta go with Ensiferum here, since it's my favourite song from them, and I credit that band and song for getting me into folk metal. :P

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I use Galaxy S (Android)

So I will give this a shot!



1. The GazettE - The Invisible Wall

2. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

3. Bullet for my Valentine - 4 words to choke apon

4. Bullet for my Valentine - Waking the Demon

5. Billy Talent - The Ex

6. Mejibray - Killing me

7. Sum 41 - No Reason

8. Sum 41 - Over my Head (Better off Dead)

9. Axewound - COLD

10. Tenacious D - Kickapoo


Sum 41 is indeed my favorite band on this list, I have seen them live 5 times. Super awesome!

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pretty much an awesome playlist all i gotta say



here's mine

1.Dir en grey-Rinkaku


3.Lynch.-Inferiority Complex

4.Awoi-Yakou Boogie

5.Deathgaze-Bliss Out Yourself


7.Signal-Just for Today

8.Diaura-Inferiority Complex

9.Xodiack-Skyscraper Hypoxia


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I know most of those bands, it's overall a pretty nice selection - almost kinda thematic! :)


1. Cannibal Corpse - Put Them to Death

2. Kispál és a Borz - Minden rendben

3. メリー (Merry) - コックドール・ママ (Coq D'or Mama)

4. Marduk - Pompa Funebris 1660

5. STELLA... - 白ノ恋、雪ト消ユ。(Shiro no koi, yuki to kiyu.)

6. REDЯUM - 涙 (Namida)

7. DEAD END - Blackout

8. Kiscsillag - Hú de sötét

9. Voivod - Warriors of Ice

10. Eve of Destiny - You Killed Me First


Wow this is all-over-the-place. xD I have to choose EoD as my favorite from here. Cool industrial/darkwave tune.

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Many bands I don't know on your shuffle list x_X Death metal I suppose ?


1. SUGIZO - ARC Moon Goddess (Remix By DJ Yummy)

2. Otogadead - 逃避旅行~otogadead since2009 MIX~

3. MIRAGE - ....Air

4. Madonna - Celebration

5. Reload - Voice

6. Lady GaGa - Alejandro

7. Christina Aguilera - Lotus Intro

8. Reload - [Hybrid_]

9. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - rip current

10. T.M.Revolution - 蒼い霹靂


Wow unexcepted shuffle for me xD but SUGIZO is my fav from that list, I always loved his works, even if this remix is not as good as the original song

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I don't know about half of them xD but gotta love some lady gaga and 9goats!


1. D- Sleeping Beautiful Beast

2. Psycho le Cemu- VISITOR

3. Led Zeppelin- Heartbreaker

4. World's End Girlfriend- Scorpius Circus

5. Tool- (-) Ions

6. Lena Park- At a beauty Salon

7. X Japan- White Poem 1

8. C- Densha Otoko

9. Rin'- Smile on- english version-

10. FoZZtone- Tomorrow Never Knows

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whoa, great list you got there, also top pick, im spazzing over world end the last days aswell!!


i think i'll leave my ipod on random the next couple of days, great to "discover" music that one has forgot about, or never botherd to listen to, but still found worthy to put on the ipod :D


so my next list...

1. overseer - never

2. Michel Camilo - two much/love theme

3. SiR PRYCE - Funk You click

4. the Who - Pinball Wizard

5. Boris - No Title click

6. Zilch - Hey Man So Long click

7. NoGod - Kinshi Suzume

8. Tokyo Jihen - ほんとのところ click

9. System of a Down - Kill Rock'n Roll

10. Marcus Miller - Infatuation


again my ipod is gentle with me, i can be actually be proud of that list... boris beeing one of my absolute favorites i obviously have to pick them...

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