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Bonjour Honeeeeeeeeey!!

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I thought I should introduce myself now though some of you might already know me ;D


So... my name is Victoria and on my blog (see link on my profile) I call myself Princess Victoria. But you may call me however you want as long as it's not too stupid. :D

I'm 14 (after this weeks wednesday 15) years old and I live in the little 'town' next to Cologne, Germany.

I think I really discovered Visual Kei when An Cafe came to Germany the first time. They've been on tv (the show is called 'KIKA live' xD) and I liked how they looked and their music (they played 'My '♥' leaps for 'C''). I was really young (like .. Elementary school or something? XD) and I found them cute and funny but didn't reasearch. Then, later in Secondary school (I'm in year 9 of Gymnasium right now), my interest for Asia grew and somehow I discovered it's music and fashion. So .. also VK of course. 

I guess my first favorite bands were An Cafe and Versailles (which is my #1 forever (...)). 

I go to VK concerts since 2012 (I was too young before that ._.). I've seen ScReW, An Cafe, Black Line, ZIZ, Speecies.. I think that's it! Next month I'll also see AMARANYX! 

Some of my favorite bands are: Versailles, A, Black Line, the GazettE, Alice9, ONE OK ROCK, An Cafe, Kaya (though he's not a band XD), Satsuki (same here :D), MEJIBRAY, ScReW, SuG, Piko (also solo of course :D) and Matenrou Opera!

Currently I really love DaizyStripper, Lareine and FEST VAINQUEUR!

A bit more of me now .. I also have a great interest of South Korea next to Japan and I'm planning to go on a student exchange for a year there. Also I have been to Australia for five weeks in year 7 and my gran lives in the UK which is why I speak quite good English. I learned the violin and currently I'm thinking of beginning with singing, bass or guitar lessons, I just don't know yet. Oh, and I'm learning Korean and after that I want to learn Japanese and Mandarin. In school I also learn English (oc), French and Latin.


I'm happy to get to know all of you here!! Go ahead and talk to me :)



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Hi HIME :D Nice to see you made an introduction thread! I hope you'll keep joining the chat in the future and that you'll have fun on the forum! I love Alice Nine and A too.

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Thanks for the nice welcoming!!

Well, I started learning French in year 8 but I've done the Delf exams so .. yeah ;D

Yay! The chat yesterday was funny btw xD

Yes! The ZiZ & Speecies members were soooo nice at the handshake! (I love how they thought I was Asian and I was like .. umm no, I'm realy German XD)

And Black Line are mega nice! Yudai even remembered me after the concert!!

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