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Hi Dears !

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Okay so, I start /o/ Bonjour roses ! I’m Machayu, and I’m French. I can “speak” English, Italian and Russian( Just few words in russian xD ). I learned Japanese too, but I didn’t have time so I stopped. I love Japanese culture, mangas and J-music, especially Visual kei. My favourite band is Versailles, but I listen to Kaya, MEJIBRAY, Phantasmagoria, Malice Mizer, RENTRER EN SOI, LAREINE, Jakura , Hizaki Grace Project, Node of scherzo, GPKism, D, Daizystripper, LM.C, Aikaryu, D=OUT and more. I like a lot of things, like Chocolate or yaoi. I hate a lot of things too, like K-pop, idols or beans :3.  I play Electric Guitar ( I just started 2 ~ 3 month ago x) ) and I draw since 2008. 

This is my twitter, if you want to follow me : @Machayume

And my Tumblr : http://machayume.tumblr.com/   :3


Ask me if you have any questions ! 

I think that’s all…. Ow, sorry for my bad english ;_;.


Bye bye ♥

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Bonjour Machayume! /end of French vocabulary. Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll have fun here, and don't be afraid to hang out with the regulars in the chat :)

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