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Looking to make a band in Florida!

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Hi everyone! My name's Hanabi and I'm looking to start a band in the Orlando area.

I'm a vocalist looking for a drummer, guitarist(s), bassist(s), and a keyboardist. I'm not looking to make a extremely strict and serious band (that is unless the members will want to be, then I'm all for it lol) but to be more of a cover band. I do need the band members to at least be a bit experienced with the instrument they're playing. I want this band's song genres to be anywhere in the range of Jrock, visual kei, heavy metal, and anisongs. The reason for the anisong genre is because I perform at conventions as a Jrock/Jpop/anisong singer and dancer and I'd love to have a band to perform with.

The band members can, of course, be of any gender (I'm a girl), and I'd like the age range to be somewhere from 14 to 20 (I'm 16). If you're not in that age range, contact me and maybe we can work something out. Like I said before, I'm lot looking for something crazy serious unless wanted by other members. I myself am a pretty laid back person so if there are any issues, you can contact me and we'll work something out. I'm in the Orlando/ Winter Park area so pretty much anyone the Orlando or surrounding areas are up to join. I'm looking to hear from you all! :)

email: hanabiflare@gmail.com

facebook: facebook.com/hanabiflare

youtube: youtube.com/HanabiFlare

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