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Mr Bacon

WERKMARE (ex-√eight, 2nd awake)

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WERKMARE was a japanese Rock/Metal band from Hokkaido, signed under the Anarchist Records label. They formed in late 2000 and disbanded halfway 2004. They held a one-day revival live in 2008. Most of the band's songs were written by drummer Hiyoka, but guitarist Nachi also composed several songs such as -13- and Awake.

After disbanding, vocalist Aika went solo, and then formed the jazzrock band Rodwell. After that he formed the electronic rock band 2nd awake with drummer Hiyoka.

Nachi and Mukuro formed the band √eight, and in 2010 joined The Piass. IN 2011 they also formed HAZE.

Kagetsu and Hiyoka joined the band Sons of New School after WERKMARE's disbandment, but left in 2008. Hiyoka also played support drums for many bands until forming 2nd Awake with Aika.

Vocals: 藍架 (Aika) (R・A・I・D → WERKMARE → グリッド → -aika-(solo) → ロドウェル → グリッド小学校, R・A・I・D, 2nd awake)

Guitar, vocals: 那智 (Nachi) (MUSE → NEIGE → WERKMARE → √eight → 妃阿甦, HAZE)

Guitar: 花月 (Kagetsu) (楓→ WERKMARE → Sons Of New School)

Bass: 骸 (Mukuro) (WERKMARE → √eight → √eight、弾丸少女, → 妃阿甦, HAZE)

Drums: 卑妖華 (Hiyoka) (R・A・I・D → WERKMARE → SHAKE IT CANDY → Sons Of New School, ロドウェル → R・A・I・D, 2nd awake)


2000.XX.XX ELEGY (demotape)

2001.XX.XX Psychopass (demotape)

2001.07.XX 思考回路と遮断神経 (demotape)

2001.12.14 ~mobidity~ (live distributed)

2001.12.31 Create of a new Plague (mini-album)

2003.09.01 NeoCrimes (mini-album)


2001.11.11 Monochrome Vol.1 (ディバイド)

2002.01.XX LOVE CENTURY PUB 2002 ( -サイシカル-)

2002.03.14 Decadance 2002 (- 「awake」 -)

2002.05.12 Anarchist Records IV~絆~ (「メスト」)

2003.01.XX LOVE CENTURY PUB 2003 (-「awake」- live take)

2004.01.XX LOVE CENTURY PUB 2004 (ウイルス live take)


2004.07.01 WERKMARE

Man, I love these guys. I only found out about them after I heard √eight, but they were good. VK-standard good of course, but still. Awake and -13- are two of the best songs Nachi wrote.

I hadn't listened to these guys in ages and then found out someone uploaded their entire WERKMARE videotape onto youtube, yay!




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Love love love love love love. I might start collecting their CDs soon, after I finish getting all of Misa's (like that'll ever happen...).

I wish their Psychopath demo tape was re-recorded, because that is easily one of their best songs even if it sounds like it was recorded underwater.

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@Peace I always thought Psychopass was one of their lesser songs... actually I find all of their songs pre-Create of a new Plague not that good. All the stuff after is good though!

@Cat you should! I recommend NeoCrimes, it has some of their best songs. I'll upload it in the DL section.

By the way, the PV versions of Awake, Mest and COANP are re-recorded so different from the originals.

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I so wish i had their stuff, i can only find their 2 mini albums, which i better buy before they're gone. But their demo's.. god they're going to be though to find, especially that... is it a vhs or dvd? x'D

Epic! The re-recorded version of awake is flawless... *hysteric fan mode activate!*

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Yea their 2 minis are findable, the rest is really hard. And for your other question, I also own their 思考回路と遮断神経 demo but I'm not uploading it, sorry :( It was a pain in the ass to find and really expensive.

I do have most of their other songs on my pc, could upload a few soon.

And yea, the new Awake is even better than the old one!

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Do you have scans or at least album art of their demos? I've been looking on Yahoo.jp on and off for about a year and a half and haven't been able to find anything aside from their self titled or NeoCrimes.


The only demo I own by them is 思考回路と遮断神経, and other than that I only have CONP and NeoCrimes.

I used to have scans on my old laptop but it died some time ago, and now I have no scanner...sorry!

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