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Alice Nine

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Alice Nine


alice nine.(?????.)is one of the fastest growing Japanese indie bands, which consist of five young members, ranging from ages 21-26: Shou as vocalist, Hiroto and Tora on guitars, Saga on bass, and Nao on drums. The boys from alice nine. are signed to a well-known record label, PS Company (also a label for Miyavi, Gazette, Kagrra,, Kra, and BIS). The band started out as an indies band (and still are), but they gained popularity after a couple of live performances.

alice nine. was formed by Nao, the drummer, in April 2004. Their first live was held at Ikebukuro Cyber in May 11, 2004. After a few lives, they started small tours with the boys from other j-indies and major bands band such as Ayabie, Karen, Kagrra, Kra, and BIS. From August 08 to August 31, 2005, alice nine. had their first ever solo performance for their many fans in Japan.

Aside from the lives, they sold many of their singles and mini albums. Their first ever copy they sold was a Maxi single Namae wa, Mada Muhi, with two songs Time Machine and Hana Ichi Monme, released on July 05, 2004. Soon they released other records such as Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru, Gin no Tsuki, Kuroi Hoshi, Yami ni Chiru Sakura, and Yuri wa Aoku Saite. The boys' music is finally recognized by almost everyone now, and they are considered a semi-major band. alice nine pretty soon came up with Alice in Wonderland, and filmed their live for their DVD called Alice in Wonderfilm. Recently, they have released three singles: Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show-, Fantasy, Akatsuki/Ikuoko no Chandelier. Their first full length album, Zekkeishoku, was released April 26, 2006.

I like Alice Nine, they have some really good songs. The song that got me to like them the most was "VELVET" and then I went back and re-listened to all the songs I already had, and then I fell in love with "Time Machine". They have some really good songs though, they just had a new single come out too, like last week.

Does anyone else listen to them?

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OMG, I just listened to Zekkishoku or whatever their newest album was just over the weekend, and it was so much better than I remembered. I forgot how much I loved Alice Nine, I can't wait till their next single. I think it's called "White Prayer".

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Yeah, I have their Album Zekkeishoku but I couldn't see it anywhere now :(

I zipped all my files coz I'm aving a ComUpgrade

then I coudn't locate it now...

I was planning to Upload it in the Downloads part but I lost it...

And I'm still looking for it.

I'm also looking forward to their single White Prayer, Can't wait!!

btw, I s Zekkeishoku already in the Downloads section?

too lazy to check. :D

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good thing everybodeh knows it. XDDD

ok u own saga and tora. XDDD

nao's for leil .. XDDD

so many *XDDD* u know what i mean

getting crazy again. x.x cant stop it.

its addictive. XDDD *see?*

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hiroto is within me. :blink:

yea really. :D

im afraid he's goin to be half-naked again.

i cant do that. lol.

it would be good if he's in front of meh. <33

not within me bcoz me too will be half-naked. lol. O_O

dont want you to see it. haha. !

see? he's half-naked and he's sexy. XDD

zyre gave this pic to meh and i also have a different version of it. o.o


anyway, everybody loves miyavi.

and leil does.


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