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new band "THE MADCAP LAUGHS" has formed

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new band "THE MADCAP LAUGHS" has formed after their members session live at event "暗黒秋櫻〜番外編〜(ankokuakizakura〜bangaihen〜)" at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE at 2012/05/25

Vo.&Gt.aie (the god and death stars, highfashionparalyze)
Vo.&Ba.kiyoshi (ex-THE HUSKY, now in INSIDE ME, ALvino(support))
Vo.&Dr.sakura (ex-L'Arc〜en〜Ciel, now in ZIGZO, Rayflower)


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SET-LIST at 2012/11/20:

01.the mother (composed by aie)

02.[untitled] (composed by kiyoshi)

03.[untitled] (composed by aie)

04.Dizzy Day (composed by kiyoshi)

05.rigor mortis (composed by kiyoshi)

btw ZIGZO Vo.&Gt.TETSU band "THE JUNEJULYAUGUST", Gt.RYO & Ba.DEN band "test-No." & "暗闇でサングラスズ(SUNGLASS IN THE DARK'S)"(ZIGZO) have also performed at that live at Shibuya O-West at 2012/11/20

SET-LIST at 2012/11/20:



02.Last Bullet



05.Japanese Democracy

06.適当です(tekitou desu)

07.Early Glory

08.My Funny Car



02.Get Psyched!

03.ロケットEGO(rocket EGO)





"暗闇でサングラスズ(SUNGLASS IN THE DARK'S)":

01.Strawberry shampoo (ZIGZO)

02.RUSH!!! (ZIGZO)

03.ぶらつく天使(buratsuku tenshi) (ZIGZO)

04.暗闇でサングラス(kurayami de sunglass) (ZIGZO)

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special band "Angels" will hold their first one-man live at Shibuya RUIDO K2 at 2013/05/01


"Angels" members:
Vo.林田健司(hayashida kenji) (EROTICAO)
Gt.夢時(yumeji) (ex-Vivian Velvet Ray-->Mello-->RHYOLITE-->Lc5)
Ba.清(kiyoshi) (ex-THE HUSKY, now in INSIDE ME, THE MADCAP LAUGHS, ALvino(support))
Dr.篤人(atsuto) (ex-Sugar-->SIKA-BAMBI)
Key.荒井司海(arai kazumi) (Natural Hybrid)



btw THE MADCAP LAUGHS plans to record for their new (full?) album in 2013, although release details have not yet been announced

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^ Actually according to his twitter they just finished recording the last song for the god and death stars album not long ago. But yeah, impressive! Hope he can keep up the good quality. :D


/random useless info xD

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