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(Bass) Killing Boy - Frozen Music

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This bass line - playing it is beyond fun. No wonder it's pretty much the only thing he plays in the song.

Video, for ye who haven't heard:

Super fun, super awesome.

Killing Boy - Frozen Music

Standard tuning EADG

Main line


Sometimes he adds an octave after the B note (5th fret) on the A string, 
which would be the 7th fret on the G.

Middle section, at around 3 minutes

This three times

Then it goes into this somewhere
(Something like that, it sounds like he just kinda winged it there)

Then it returns to the line that lead into it, and eventually returns to
the main line. Theres a section at the very end of the song, when it starts
to wind down, and the bass is essentially the same thing as the line in the
mid section, except it originates on the E string instead of the A.

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