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random thoughts thread

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just forget it.....

and something else my sister(who i fucking hate forever) and her stupid friends

ate like the half box ramen.... seriously half of the fucking box is gone...!!

i just fucking got them!! and shes a fucking thief causes she took some...too..

ugh i fucking hate her so much...

so i might kill her next time if she does it again....so you guys might see me on the news!!


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still searching for some retro games for my mobile and some singles of craze

it is very difficult to find, my dad and i asks download stores but they had given up

i think i saw new emoticons in this forum but i dont how where they are

when i finish a place in mafia wars, after a few days there will be a secret place

mafia wars 2 is better but it loads long like cityville, zombie lane, sims social, empires and allies,etc

digital chocolate games are visually childish but still like it, want to download more games from namco, ea, digital chocolate, iplay, infusio, player one, etc

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There's two people on the opposite side to me in IT class

They use "lol" and "epic win" in general conversation

I want to murder them.

*smiles and dances in front of Jawshie*

Yeah boy beat me down <3

I liek to uzze "lol" and "durp" when I haer teh zings I liek : 3333333

// just kidding ,that was the 9th grade anyways

What else should I say? I'll be joining the forces in 2013 - the armed forces I meant (compulsory stuff ya know, since I don't want to waste my time with civil stuff)

My "serving" place has an arcade hall :spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:

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i just downloaded BAAD's [the band who performed the 1st SLAM DUNK Opening Theme] self-titled album (i actually thought it was rare), cannot find Galla's [the one who performed two of the opening and ending themes of INITIAL D besides from m.o.v.e.] albums. waiting for CRAZE and 44MAGNUM's songs from my dad's friend.

i also discovered HIDEKI from SIAM SHADE's other bands (ACID, DETROX and solo). ill download these too. :lol:

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