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On 3/11/2019 at 10:19 AM, violetchain said:

God, this one is funny on so many levels.



Before I get into it, random disclaimer: I have nothing against women, International Women's Day, or dedicating the entire month of March to women. Go women! Good vibes for females all around.

I feel really bad for that Ambrose dude, and for all guys that find themselves in a similar emotional predicament. A lot of the assumptions and caricatures we make about men like these are rooted in real insecurities. His hostile reaction to this picture really shows it off. The way I'm looking at it, he's not mad that women are getting actively praised and recognized as much as men aren't being actively praised and recognized. And the key word there is actively, which is why I put it in bold it three times.

What's happening globally doesn't always trickle down to the individual experience and this is a great example of that. While men are more privileged than women in many aspects of life, it is possible that this particular man isn't. He doesn't have the tools, the vocabulary, or the emotional maturity to reconcile what the world thinks he is versus what he really is, or how to express that to other people. All he sees is women being lifted up for being women, and wondering why he doesn't get the same treatment for being a man. Of course the reality is more complicated than that, but even a satellite sees at only one angle.

People responded to the post below him reminding him that men have their own day too, but does that really matter? That day doesn't get as much traction as International Women's Day and I can tell you that people weren't thanking me for being me on that day just because I'm a guy.  I can tell you that it's never been the case for my entire life. I think this really speaks to a lack of active and direct support for men in our society. I would bet 50 quid that this guy hasn't received a genuine hug or a compliment from anyone in years and it shows. He might be doing it to himself - he probably is doing it to himself in some ways - but what really matters on a surface level is what is and isn't coming together.

That's why I said actively was so important earlier; I feel like this society has a lot of implicit support for men but only if you meet certain criteria, and that's never really explained to anyone. This guy is lost and confused and there aren't a lot of socially acceptable avenues for him to describe his pain. I was there once too and that's how I recognize it. Active and implicit support is necessary for healthy human development. As a man I feel like I have a lot more opportunities in life, but I also feel like I'm left to figure more things out by myself. I bet his life experiences causes him to double down on his beliefs because according to him, this life is all he knows. I also bet this Twitter exchange gone viral caused a triple down too.  This attitude is what happens when you leave people to figure life out on their own and they come to answers the rest of us don't agree with. I was able to pull myself out of that quagmire, but I couldn't really describe to you how it was done.

Lies. I can and it's called LSD, but I don't recommend it to anyone lightly.

This is something I've been thinking about all month, and not out of a place of hate. Men aren't being petty because women are getting attention. Men are being petty because they are lost. I don't know what it feels like to be praised for being a man, but I do know what it feels like to be praised for being black, and that puts me in a really awkward middle ground where I'm in both groups simultaneously and I see both sides of it, and I understand how both sides are right. From talks with several male friends of mine, ranging from chads to dads, it's not that uncommon of a feeling. All these guys having so many insecurities in common is a bigger issue.

I hope that this November, someone can start a viral campaign for actively supporting healthy expressions of masculinity, to give a lot of guys like this a chance to work out their inner discord in a healthy and constructive manner.

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I can’t think of words to describe this, but I’m going to do my best to personify/objectify the way I’m feeling.


Do any of you get that overwhelming feeling of loneliness, sadness, emptiness and other negative emotions and feelings, and all it feels like in your head and body is that you’re about to explode because of the build up of these feelings, it’s a feeling akin to what I guess a shaken carbonated drink feels like. 


I don't want to talk to anyone close to me about it, because that would make me a burden, and everyone has their own stuff to deal with. I just needed to vent this, and maybe see if anyone else feels this way.

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21 minutes ago, suji said:




"a first world male thinks that slaving away at the most deprived corner of IT-adjacent industry to build a shitty xbox franchise is a civilzation building tier achievement, types all that in and hits "send", look what happens nexT!!!!"

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8 hours ago, Zeus said:

Men are being petty because they are lost.



But it's not just men. It's women, too. It's everybody.


Most people simply do what they were taught to do, whether they learned directly or indirectly. And I'm not talking about academics - I'm referring to how we're being taught to live in general.


When you look at society as a whole, particularly western society - it's clear that what we're doing isn't working...that what we've been learning (and subsequently acting out) isn't good enough. We live in a society that perpetuates, encourages, and even rewards dysfunction. So is it any wonder that we're all depressed, anxious, and stressed out of our minds? These are things WE'RE ALL affected by.


This also raises the question: What and how are we being taught? Do we even have the tools to better educate ourselves? If so, what are they?




Ya know, I've gotten shit for saying negative things about feminism before, as people are quick to assume that anti-feminism = anti-woman or anti female-empowerment, which is absolutely fucking ridiculous. But I'm of the opinion that all of these different social movements can go...be it feminism, men's rights activism, red pill, MGTOW, black lives matter...whatever the fuck. They all appear to be well-meaning movements on the outside, but as they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" - and ultimately, these movements seem more like dysfunctional solutions to a misdiagnosed problem. It's like trying to cure a cancer patient with cyanide. Meanwhile,  they actually have AIDS . Sure, your *intentions* may be to cure the patient (which is great), but your actions are just introducing more toxic elements to an already deteriorating structure - the cause of which has not been fully explored. So from what I can tell, the real problem seems to be much deeper...and it transcends both men and women, black and white, rich and poor, etc.


Whatever it is, it effects society as a whole. And society isn't some nebulous thing. It does exist outside of us, yet we all make up society individually as well. So if men are lost (and we definitely are), would that not also imply that the whole is lost as well? So all I'm saying is that perhaps we should endeavor to take a more balanced and holistic approach to viewing and scrutinizing these important social issues, instead of blindly entertaining all of these divisive ideologies that constantly pit one group of people against the next. Meanwhile, the whole suffers. How is society going to get anywhere if the right leg is constantly at war with the left? The body needs both of them to walk properly.


And so I'm glad that @Zeus brought that point out, because it offers an additional perspective (without demonizing other perspectives) and shows that there's often more going on beneath the surface than we might be willing to explore. These are complicated issues.

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I hate Sundays. I should use this freetime meaningfully and do something fun and relax but I always just end up stressing about the upcoming week and just wasting time.


Also I just checked up that it's actually spelled "free time", as two separate words. It just sounds wrong in my head. I probably make tons of mistakes like this all the time because my Finnish brains just want to write everything as one word.

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the new green monster cans called Ultra Paradise are fucking amazing and ive had like 12 cans within the past 2 weeks or so, the best part if they work with my keto diet  

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