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Who's that scary lady dude dancing along with them?


Being serious, he's Shazna vocalist, IZAM. De originar Merty Rav beib.

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Now that I've found my buddy @Kotori, time to revive this abandoned topic.


So, they're back and I hope in great shape.

Still can't deal with the heavy price of the limited edition xD damn you mgms!


Ryohei has posted some photos on his blog, it'll be probably for the photobook.

Can't wait to see all the pictures! And a MV spot as well.






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Ready to revive this topic with you mate ! ;)


They took a "hiatus" for that so let's hope so ! But I trust them since their latest releases were really good.


They let you one year to save the money to buy this release in fact ahaha.


Me too !! But I feel like we will have the spot just one or two weeks before the release as usual.


Ah this photo, yes it was when he took the photos with Intetsu and complained because he was bitten by mosquitos (This is what you get for wearing a skirt with this kind of tights poor baby).


Yes we need more people to support them ! They also said several times that they wanted to be listened overseas too.


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I was a big fan when they first formed (having followed Ryouhei from his Ayabie departure).

I bought all of their music up till 「Swan Song」I believe, but I fell out of interest in them

and gave all of my Megamasso CDs to a friend who wanted to learn Japanese lol


I really appreciate them as a band and love to see that they're still around even today.

They're a reminder of how long I've been a visual kei fan.


Their new single doesn't appeal to me, though, personally.

But I'm glad to see they're still popular.

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