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Review Forum RULES

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To ensure a minimum quality of the reviews, this forum is under moderation queue, i.e. your posts have to be approved by a mod before they show up. So make sure you follow the rules below.

- When discussing a release, try to limit any discussion not about the music to the band. So if you're talking about the GazettE, refrain from worming Dir en grey in there.

- Refrain from too much profanity because it makes everything sound less classy.

- Ratings are optional - we should be able to tell how you feel based on what you say. If you don't know how you feel yet you shouldn't be writing a review.

- No empty topics - if you're going to start a topic write a review up for it.

- We don't expect mammoth paragraphs but we expect some explanation for why you feel a certain way about a track and album. A few well-worded sentences should suffice. Just saying "this sux" in response to the entire release is not useful at all. If you can't do better than that you shouldn't be writing a review.

- The track by track format is popular here so feel free to do that if you wish. An alternate but accepted method would be the inclusive method (viewing the work as a cohesive whole and not picking out every single track one by one).

- You can discuss reviews made by others, but make sure to discuss the review, not the reviewer. Ad-hominems or intellectual laziness like "You're a fan of band xxx, hence your opinion is void" will not make it past the mod queue, so don't bother.

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