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Found 4 results

  1. So I’m very new to Japanese music (I’ve been delving into it for less than a week), but I’ve started to get the impression that Japanese vocalists place more emphasis on style than technique. I’m not expert on vocal technique by any means, but even I can tell how lacking in technique many of the singers I’ve heard are. However, since I'm new I haven't listened to much (and some of it isn't very recent). The only vocalists who have stood out to me thus far are Gackt, Ruki, and maybe MUCC’s vocalist (have listened to very little at this point). Though I wouldn’t put them in the category of “excellent vocalists,” they’re definitely solid, especially when compared to most of what I’ve heard. Taka is decent, I guess, because at least he doesn’t sound like he’s struggling to hold a note, but he pretty much sounds like a less interesting Gerard Way to me. I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing … He did appear to be struggling with his breathing in the one live performance I watched, though. With an n of 1 that could just be a bad day, but given that the comments were praising his vocals (rather than noting that he was off), it seems like it might be the norm. I Googled something along the lines of “best j-rock singers” and came up with a fan-ranked list, which placed Kyo in first place (the funny thing is that none of the comments were about Kyo's voice, rather that he should be ranked higher than Ruki). Obviously this sort of list is a popularity contest that I don’t put much stock in, but I’ve seen other comments praising Kyo as a vocalist. I’ve listened to a few Dir en Grey performances, but didn’t find them memorable (as in I literally have no recollection of them, even though that was two days ago), which is strange given that Dir en Grey’s music is supposedly really weird and experimental (I do remember the PVs, just not the music). Is he better in certain performances than others? I’ve listened to a number of ballad singers, who are pleasant, but if you put them next to someone like Park Hyoshin, they seem extremely lackluster. Honestly, even SM’s roster of idol singers outdoes them by quite a lot. I’m aware other countries have many lousy vocalists, but there also seem to be more very good ones. I've yet to be really WOWed by any Japanese vocalist, though I do enjoy a number of them. tl;dr Am I just listening to the wrong things and missing the good vocalists, or is Japanese vocal talent a bit subpar?
  2. Airo (Vocalist of UNDER FALL JUSTICE) formed a solo project by title "【死にたい】"【I WANT TO DIE】 At the moment there is no other information, only a PV Spot..
  3. Vocalist Daisuke (The Sound Bee HD) has formed a solo project and will hold its first live on February 18, 2017 at Ikebukuro Cyber in an event sponsored by Starwave Records. Band participants : - Syokudaikakkokai - Kalavinka - Begirama - QEDDESHET - Kasumi Birds Orchestra - Scarlet Valse - Misaruka - DaISUKE DARK SIDE (Details of a new CD or future concerts have not been announced yet.) Source : http://simplog.jp/pub/tw/27796252/32 DaISUKE Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/daisuke_side?lang=it DaISUKE Official Blog (Simplog) : http://simplog.jp/top/2584347799 DaISUKE Official Blog (Ameblo) : http://ameblo.jp/dsb-sync/
  4. Kaya vs sui vs jojo vs yomi vs mao (sid) vs mao (sadie) Pick who ever, how ever as your best
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