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Found 5 results

  1. This thread is made for everyone who wants to look Visual Kei! Let's help each other out by giving advice, tips and tricks. In this thread you can also post links to clothes, makeup products, hair products, jewelry etc. Also, if you want to look like your favourite artist but don't know how to get the look etc we might be able to help you find the right clothes and products! ---------------------------------------------------------- I start with my tips and tricks! I usually get my clothes from Aliexpress. Sometimes I customize regular clothes. Aliexpress is great! Just read the reviews before you buy. I own most of the clothes I post on here! Something I like to do is to get regular cheap pants from H&M or something like that. I only care about the fit and the color of the pants. Then I get some metallic fabric paint, and by using a sponge I just paint the pants to make them look unique. Sometimes I use stencils to make an interesting design on them! Easy way to customize clothes, this works on shirts as well. I also paint on shoes or boots! Here is an example of what the pants could look like when painted: Now over to aliexpress! Very cheap clothes but you can put together great outfits using them! I will link all the clothes under the pictures! Most of those comes in different designs and colors! Shirts and blazers: https://a.aliexpress.com/BmHk99AY https://a.aliexpress.com/eueEm2VE https://a.aliexpress.com/ey7ruNkk https://a.aliexpress.com/em2cTe1w https://a.aliexpress.com/tmEJKPY8 https://a.aliexpress.com/FEkyrOG0 https://a.aliexpress.com/rsxs8RzI Pants: https://a.aliexpress.com/p2zIx7ky https://a.aliexpress.com/2CueBzZA https://a.aliexpress.com/tesYw6zK If you scroll down on the pages for each clothing item you will find related clothes, that way you might find even cooler items! Biker jeans works great for visual kei, also just simple shirts and focusing more on the jewelry, hair and makeup will make you look visual kei!
  2. I have been thinking a lot about why the Visual Kei "trend" outside of Japan faded, just like the emo/scene kid trend did. I miss the old days a lot, I am so tired of all those Kardashian wannabes... no originality, everyone is dressing up the same way and everyone is listening to Ariana Grande etc. It feels like all the subcultures are gone. Feminists are the only ones you see these days who has piercings and colorful hair... which is sad. If you went to the mall about 10 years ago you would see huge gangs of Visual Kei fans hanging out. They were everywhere playing music out loud from their phone speakers, talking about how to get their hair perfectly straight or teased to perfection, the hottest member of their favourite band and they had cute pins on their shirts with band names. I hope I'm not the only one who is missing the old days. I want it back, and I hope you can help me make Visual Kei popular again :(! What caused it to become so popular? I think this question is very important to be able to bring it back again! My thoughts on this is that some people outside of Japan discovered Visual Kei on the internet. Then they started to dress that way. People saw those people in public or in schools etc, and thought they looked cool, asked them what it was all about and then it kind of spread. I saw that happening a lot, me and my friends showed up in school after the summer break 2007 in 7th grade dressed up in Visual Kei after we had discovered Phantasmagoria a month or so earlier through a friend of a friend who was into Visual Kei. After that more and more people at my school started to dress in visual kei and it became super huge in my city. Online we got in touch with other fans across the country and it felt almost religious! Sadly it faded away around 2010... only a small percent is still holding on to it. It's sad! It started to fade when Facebook became more and more popular, I believe. Before that everyone just spent their time online in old forums etc you know. I believe facebook, instagram, twitter and stuff like that killed the subcultures because everyone is exposed to the mainstream and everything that isn't mainstream gets filtered away because people tend to upvote Kardashian related things etc which makes visual kei related things etc harder to discover. I am a member of a lot of visual kei groups on facebook, I follow pages of my favourite artists etc... but when I scroll through my feed about 90% of everything I see is just posts with 100K+ likes about Ariana Grande and things like that. No wonder why Visual Kei is fading more and more, social media etc filters it out even for the most hardcore fans. Same thing on youtube, I use youtube mostly to listen to Visual Kei music or watch art channels. In my feed, recommended videos and related videos I only get videos about James Charles and "10 things you didn't know about Kylie Jenner"... I never even watch or care about that shit. Are we getting brainwashed into becoming mainstream? What is it that Visual Kei doesn't have that James Charles, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande etc has? I mean... they seam to be so important to everyone and I am getting forced to know everything about them because social media won't show me the stuff that I am interested in, even though 70% of everything I ever do on the internet is Visual Kei related... >___> The new generation can't discover it like we did because social media filters it out! It feels like they want Visual Kei to be forgotten. I mean... we still hear scene kid music playing on the radio, we still hear 90's grunge playing on the radio... but not Visual Kei even though it was just as mainstream back in the day as grunge etc was. Only difference is that Visual Kei isn't dead and new bands are still popping up and the genre is changing/evolving which makes it new and fresh unlike grunge and scene kid music which is exactly the same as it was back then(just more dead). How do we change this? What if we all dress up as visual kei as possible, take the hottest and coolest pictures ever and post everywhere, link Visual Kei related things all over the web and go outside and inspire people? Is that what it takes to make it popular again? Who sets the trends? Who decided that Visual Kei should fade right after it's peak in 2009? Would you be happy if Visual Kei became popular again? Why/why not? What are your thoughts?
  3. kumika

    Hello everyone, I'm selling a huge collection of CD, DVD in Japanese Rock, Pop and Corean Pop. You can watch my list with the following link : https://1drv.ms/x/s!AgDBJ4FX-ikog7wvNiOAkLXN5hSjNA Please contact me if you need something at kumika@live.fr I'm shipping all over the world and making special prices for big orders.
  4. I found a pretty new VK webshop today. It's called Chaotic Harmony and the have some pretty well priced goods from a handful of VK groups. They have a special deal going on now too for 10% off if you use the code Vkei10 at checkout. http://www.chaotic-harmony.net I really like the prices and I think some of the items can only be bought at lives.
  5. Minami

    Since im passion stalker of every new band you should not suprise that you dont know this or that band... And since im not a good reviewer just my little comments This is my Top-10 releases which made my year 10) Didius - Addict [29.11.2015] This synth music with really good vocal and nice melody makes my ears dissolve because of pleasent ... 9) IV - ミーティア [21.11.2015] Maybe these songs are really standart for visual-kei and not-so-original, but they will rise your mood up to 100% .. My favourite song is tot et moi .. 8 ) LOG-ログ - Adore you~キミヲ想フ声~ [25.03.2015] When i first watched their PV i said myself "I NEED THIS CD"!!!!!!! So I have a physical of this CD .. and still listen to them very often ... My favourite is .自信ない僕、強気な僕。 7) The♡Valentine - 処女の照れくさい気持ち [02.11.2015] There were my two favourite band Fi`Ance and TRUST.. after both disbandments vocalist from Fi`Ance and Trust members formed this group .. It is very different from origin ... Oshare-kei sound, pretty look .. What I need else? 6) Blaive - イグサレーション [16.09.2015] I think this is the most harmonic look of my list.. This blue color is really attractive .. and the look of the memebers is also smart) The MV represent my favourite song from them 5) VEXENT - オメガ [02.11.2015] ITS TIME TO REAL ROCK! Very powerful songs from this single make my head doing like this :headbang:My favourite is Dystopia .. but here there is MV of Omega 4) WEED - AK-47 [28.07.2015] This is another my favourite hard release with a lot of screaming and growl ... I JUST WANNA SCREAM WITH THEM! BUM-BUM-BUM THIS IS TOP-3 3) Azlina - Gladius [28.10.2015] Oh .. This tune just bite my soul.. A litlle bit melancholic song open my old memories .. 2) A≠ris - Fake romancer [18.01.2015] Just solid realese.. especially song Mask .. electronic masterpiece 1) DiCE - 色彩 [20.05.2015] I wanna listen and listen and listen to them!!!!!! My top.. my NUMBER-1
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