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Found 122 results

  1. Ex. FIXER and Ex. LIM members session band will perform at 高田馬場(Takadanobaba) AREA at a live event titled "Takadanobaba AREA presents コスモタウン夏休み~初日~ (Cosmo Town Summer Vacation-First Day-) on 2019.07.20. Members: Vo.タツミ(Tatsumi) (ex.LIM) Gu.優真(Yuhma) (ex.FIXER) Gu.宗馬(Souma) (ex.LIM) Ba.なお(Nao) (f.k.a. 70. (f.k.a ナオ(Nao.)(ex.FIXER) Dr.知哉(tomoya)(formerly written 朋弥(tomoya)(ex.シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain) ex. FIXER (support) https://www.pikarin.jp/contents/243314
  2. Uraraka

    DIAURA was formed in 2010 by Vocalist Yo-ka and guitarist Kei (both former Valluna members). Their PVs/MVs and songs have become gradually darker since their first releases. They are the main band of the record label Ains. Vocals: Yo-ka Guitar: Kei (佳衣) Bass: Shoya (翔也) (since 2011) Drums: Tatsuya (達也) (since 2013) Official Website Their latest Release is "月光" from August 3, 2016 and they have an upcoming Album "My Resistance" issued for November 2016. Some of their songs: What do you think about them? And what are your favourite songs/albums?
  3. Mamo

    I thought it was about time these guys got their own discussion. Easily one of the best bands going in the vk scene right now. Years Active: 2016-Present Members: Vo. 架神(Kagami) Gt. haku (→ Mizaria → AxiL(support) → Alive to Die → Butterfly syndrome → dexcore(support) → DEXCORE) Ba. 澄(to-ru) (→ dexcore(support) → DEXCORE) Dr. 直樹(Naoki) (→ Cena rate → KUSSE → ベリィ → DEATHGAZE(indefinite hiatus),→ DEXCORE) Former Members: Ba. tetsu (→ Vent Croix(Ba.tetsu) → Art for Art's Sake(Vo.) → dexcore(Ba.tetsu) Official Sources: http://dexcore.jp/ https://www.youtube.com/c/dexcoreofficialchannel https://twitter.com/dexcore_info https://www.instagram.com/dexcore_official/ https://itunes.apple.com/jp/artist/dexcore/id1189429264 Discography: [2016.10.28] Hunger (Live limited single) [2016.12.14] The Dead Sea (1st single) [2017.03.06-2017.05.08] 月9コア (ゲツクコア)(getsu9core) (Youtube exclusive album) [2017.12.13] Imitation (2nd single) [2017.12.25] 独り言(Hitorigoto) (Youtube exclusive song) [2018.04.04] BLACK PIG (Digital Single) [2018.06.27] NEW ERA (3rd Single)
  4. The poll question says it all really... whats the best jrock/VK song that has the classic [censored] beep in it? I don't really think Japan has an RIAA/FCC as such (and it's not like these indie VK bands are trying to get mainstream radio airplay with these songs), so these are instances of the band censoring words as a stylistic choice. And I really like all these songs... so hopefully you have examples of others to share! Deg's Mazohyst of Decadence is probably the most famous of the songs listed if you need an example of what I'm talking about. I voted for Merry Go Round's track myself... one of my fave songs.
  5. alehandroll

    Panic Channel (パニックちゃんねる) was a visual kei band formed in November 2002 by vocalist MEGURU (ex. Garasu), Kana (ex. Virtione), Tsubasa (ex. Cynical Biscuit), Tara (ex. Virtione) and Yuusuke (ex. RAVAGE) . It was characterized by having an alter-ego, called "PANIC☆ch", which had a melodic and catchy sound, unlike "Panic Channel", with heavier songs and linked to kote kei. Does anyone remember them?
  6. My general idea for this thread is for it to be a place for people (like me) who have some jrock/VK odds & ends that they want to get rid of to pass them along to others who may want them. So everyone that has some old flyers you're never going to hang up, or magazines you really don't need taking up space on your shelf; post away! If there are any 'rules' they are: 1. You can only charge shipping. 2. No posting an offer to buy something after it has been claimed. If someone posts something, they've committed to giving it away. 3. Only claim something if you want it for yourself, don't try to resell something somebody gave you. (I certainly can't police this, but c'mon, don't be a jerk) Everything is spoken for... thanks for the help cleaning everybody.
  7. GAZTREA is a band from Germany somewhere between Metal, Pop and Visual Kei influences. http://www.gaztrea.com Vocals: Kal Guitar: Sai Guitar: Momo Bass: Cozmo Drums (Support): Daniel
  8. igithespy

  9. yakihiko

    Band created in 2014 with some secrets lives before get finally announced formally on October 31th - November 1st. Members are Vocal: よしあつ/Yoshiatsu birthday: 05/20 Guitar: 太嘉志/Takashi birthday: 03/16 Bass: 金木朋宏/Tomo birthday: 01/30 Drums: 裕介/Yusuke birthday: 07/27 Releases: Albums: dadaism♯1 (mini-album) 2015.2 - 2015.7 (sold out) 01. SE 02.「溺れる魚」 03. MONEY 04. モルヒネ♯1 05. SEX! 06. モルヒネ♯2 07. ベルカとストレルカ dadaism♯2 (mini-album) 2016.1.13 01. ハイアンドロー 02. モルヒネ♯3 03. Ars amatoria 04. 地面 05. KURT 06.「ルシッド•ドリーム」 スタンチク (best album) 2016.06.15 01. オープニング 02.「リズリーサーカス」 03.「最終電車」 04. トレンドアイデンティティ 05. 融け込めないざらざらな芸術を君が殺してくれないか 06.「雨のワルツ」 07. ベルカとストレルカ (rerecorded version) 08. モルヒネ #1 09. モルヒネ #2 10. SEX!! 11.「溺れる魚」 12. MONEY 13. 月のうた 14. imitation hero. 15.「ルシッド・ドリーム」 16. KURT (Piano version) (regular edition content only) MV for 「リズリーサーカス」 (limited edition content only) dadaism♯3 (mini-album) 2017.04.19 01.「MATUBATION」 02. 愛してると言ってよ 03. NPD 04. ロマンスグレー 05. 狼少年と毒林檎 06. 私、バンギャじゃないわ MV for the first song (limited edition content only) 「This is LIVE」 2018.03.07 1. ファントムペイン 2. 白いゼラニウム 3.「THE KINKY」 4. イノセント・ホリック 5. ある日、世界は美しいと思った。 6. KIDS WAR (regular edition content only) MV for the third song (limited edition content only) Singles: 「雨のワルツ」 (single) 2015.07.15 01.「雨のワルツ」 02. 愁いリビドー 03. 腐ったミカンの方程式 (regular edition content only) LIVE DVD (limited edition content only) 「最終電車」 (single) 2015.09.02 01.「最終電車」 02. アパシー・ヒューマン 「HAPPY HALLOWEEN」 (live limited single) 2015.10.01 - 2016.03.19 (sold out) 01.「HAPPY HALLOWEEN」 「螺子」 (live limited single) 2016.03.13 (perhaps sold out) 01.「螺子」 「夢タラレバ」 (single) 2016.09.14 01.「夢タラレバ」 02. ブリキ 03.「HAPPY HALLOWEEN」 (remastered version) (regular edition content only) MV for the first song (limited edition content only) 「造花とカラシニコフ」 (single) 2016.12.07 01.「造花とカラシニコフ」 02. ディレンマとキャンドル 03. クワイエットレッド (regular edition content only) MV for the first song (limited edition content only) 「ポルノグラフ」 (single) 2017.07.12 01.「ポルノグラフ」 02. 別れのうた 03. ちょっとおかしな恋愛観 (regular edition content only) MV for the first song (limited edition content only) 「いいくすりと、わるいくすり」 2017.11.01 01. 「いいくすり」 02. 「わるいくすり」 03. アリス・イン・アンダーグラウンド (black edition content only) 03. 2017年 7月 21日の日記 (white edition content only) MV for 「いいくすり」 (black edition content only) MV for 「わるいくすり」 (white edition content only) 「僕はアンドロイド」 2018.07.18 1.「僕はアンドロイド」 2. 汚れる前に私を抱いて 3. FAKE (regular edition content only) MV for 「僕はアンドロイド」(limited edition content only) DVD: 3rd Anniversary ONEMAN TOUR FINAL「This is "LIVE”」 2018.03.21 東京キネマ倶楽部 2018.07.18 1. ファントムペイン 2. MONEY 3. 私、バンギャじゃないわ 4.「MASTURBATION.」 5.「THE KINKY」 6. イノセント・ホリック 7. トレンドアイデンティティ 8. ロマンスグレー 9. モルヒネ♯2 10.「わるいくすり」 11.「溺れる魚」 12.「雨のワルツ」 13. 月のうた 14. 融け込めないざらざらな芸術を君が殺してくれないか 15. 白いゼラニウム 16. ベルカとストレルカ 17.「夢タラレバ」 18.「リズリーサーカス」 19. クワイエットレッド 20.「ポルノグラフ」 21. KIDS WAR 22. ある日、世界は美しいと思った。 -BONUS- マルチアングルLIVE映像 (Multi Angle Members) 01.「リズリーサーカス」(よしあつ Angle Version) 02. モルヒネ♯2 (太嘉志 Angle Version) 03. イノセント・ホリック (朋 Angle Version) 04. ベルカとストレルカ (裕介 Angle Version)
  10. inartistic

    Twitter 🌹 Patreon 🌹 Discord 🌹 YouTube 🌹 Facebook 🌹 RSS 🌹 Goods ✨vk.gy✨ (ブイケージ, like “v-k-jee” or “v-cage”) is a visual kei library powered by fans like you. It houses years of vk news, thousands of artist profiles, extensive discography information, and much more. (We've recently added official videos, so soon you'll be able to browse those in one place too!) We have exclusive information and images that you won't find anywhere else, as well as special features directly from the bands. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ After joining, you can create your custom vk avatar, which will appear around the site. You can export your avatar as an icon to use at other sites, or as an auto-updating signature banner (which you've seen used by people here at MH). Of course the icon and banner are available in light or dark versions 🌚 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ vk.gy is integrated with Mp3tag, so you can quickly and easily tag any CDs that you rip (and it automatically grabs cover art too). Simply download the script from your account page, drop it into the appropriate folder, and then you can utilize the full vk.gy database. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ There are lots of other random features. If you just hate seeing romaji, you can toggle the site to Japanese mode at any time. If you're online 24/7, you can save your eyes by switching to dark mode in your account settings. There's a flyer of the day, artist of the day, weekly band access ranking, artist tagging, release rating, the ability to track releases that you own, and more. vk.gy is under active development (shoutout to co-developer @Peace Heavy mk II), and we do consider suggestions/requests from the community. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ If you'd like to support vk.gy, you can upgrade your account to 👑VIP status through Patreon. VIP members get almost-daily development updates, access to a limited Discord channel, exclusive avatar options, beta access to new features, priority support, priority consideration of feature requests, and more. For any exclusive images around the site, VIP members get access to the full-res, unwatermarked versions (and this extends to Mp3tag as well). You'll also get a “VIP” badge beside your username, and a ★ by your username in your forum banner. There are occasional physical rewards too! All Patreon supporters are listed on the main page of vk.gy. They're responsible for keeping the site running, and for funding occasional events such as our t-shirt giveaway, New Year postcards, and free stickers. So shoutout to all of the amazing Patreon supporters, and special shoutout to RarezHut and 666 Bistro, who support at the advertiser level! ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ ✨If you would like to help✨ If you want to add information to the site, just let me know your username and I'll set you up. Or, pop into our Discord and tell us what you know. The Discord is also the best place to let us know about any bugs, or to make feature requests. We're also looking for people who can help translate the Japanese press releases/live reports that we get, or for people who can help manage our social media accounts. Of course, you can also help the site just by using it. Leave some comments, tag some artists, rate a release or two, or check a random band in the database and learn something new. If you've read through all of this, thank you for your time m(_ _)m ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ ✨vk.gy✨ Twitter 🌹 Patreon 🌹 Discord 🌹 YouTube 🌹 Facebook 🌹 RSS 🌹 Goods
  11. Yukimoto

    Hey Guys so last night I saw Virge live for the first time and they were amazing! So I thought I would come here and talk about their live on their Artist post but they didn't have one So I thought I would start one and talk about the live I went to last night! For starters here is their new Look and list of their current discography! 遼-ryo- 紫月-sizuki- 沁-shin- 或-aru- Discography 1st Mini Album ~ UTOPIA [2017.05.03] 1.琥珀 (Kohaku) 2.恨ミ言 (Uramigoto) 3.夜明け、灰色の呼吸 (Yoake、haiiro no kokyuu) 4.ボクノ悪イ癖 (Boku no warui kuse) 5.蓮華 (Renge) 6.ユートピア (UTOPIA) Like an Edison: Bonus CD 「暁」(Akatsuki) 1.暁 (Akatsuki) Live-limited and Like an Edison CD ~ 不透明な雨 (Futoumeina ame) [2017.07.26] 1. 止マヌ雨 (Tomanu Ame) 2. 凶夢 (Kyoumu) 3. 二枚舌 (Bonus Track) (Nimaijita) Ikebukuro Black Hole Live-limited CD ~ 紅いドレス [2017.10.21] 1. 紅いドレス (Akai Dress) 1st Single ~ 夜想 [2017.11.01] CD 1.夜想 (Yasou) 2.お人形遊び (Oningyou Asobi) 3.泡沫 (Utakata) 4.凱歌 (Gaika) DVD 1.夜想 (Yasou) Music Video Like an Edison Version Bonus CD: 「fated」
  12. Mamo

    I feel like the exact opposite of this statement is true. They started coping DEG with the release of "Cold Blood" but before that they had their own original sound.
  13. CAT5

    Yeah, I know. You'd think a thread like this already existed here, but somehow, it doesn't. (well, there was this old thread, but that's not exactly the same thing.) So yeah, what are some of your favorite guitar solos in J-rock? You know, those solos that are so damn soulful that they sucker punch you right in the feelz, those solos that absolutely melt your face off with their sheer technical prowess, or those solos that are just inexplicably memorable! Whatever the reason, what are some of the guitar solos that have spoken to YOU? .... A somewhat recent solo that's become a favorite of mine is in "PHANTOM" by lynch. It actually caught me off guard, since I wouldn't typically expect it from this band, but man, I found this one to be pretty powerful. It's very clean and traditional, but it's also very soulful. They definitely hit all the "right" notes, and for me, the solo is the apex of this song. Listening to this was what initially prompted me to search for a thread like this, and subsequently make this one. The solo starts at about 2:48. This is probably the most recent J-rock solo that's cemented itself in my head. Though I'll probably post more at a later date. What are some of your favorites? (also, please use spoilers if you add video)
  14. YuyoDrift

    Band Members: Vocals: Loki Guitar: JUDY Bass: En'ya Drums: Yune Supporting Members: Piano: yamamitsu (山光) I've listened to both of their singles, and honestly they sound really great with their pianist.
  15. Milla

    does Anyone like HIzaki and just generally wanna talk about him? I don't know if I know too much bcs no one else I know likes him but I'd love to share stuff and just geek over him.
  16. Even though "gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy" are a newer band I think it's already safe to say they're one of the greatest vk bands of all time. Even if they were to disband tomorrow my opinion wouldn't change. Because their exitisting work I think is already enough to make this judgement. And they're line-up is fucking legendary kazuma (Merry Go Round), aie (deadman, the god and death stars, the studs), kazu (蜉蝣, DIMMDIVISION., the god and death stars, STEREO.C.K), sakura (L'Arc~en~Ciel ). Nagoya gods I'd like to know what everyone else thinks. Are they even in the discussion after only 2 albums, 1 single, And 2 V.A appearances making for only a total of 24 songs? IMO I really do think so. BTW listening to gibkiy×3 while I wrote this Their discography (LIST WITH IMAGES ONLY NO DOWNLOAD): My honest rating ()
  17. I have noticed a lot of people talk about how all the new vk groups sound the same or are copying older groups, but no one ever talks about the unique or more interesting sounding new vk groups. What are your fav new vk groups? And I mean new as in they have only been around a couple years or less lol 😜 My favorite newer group is probably kizu, I think their concepts are interesting and I find them over all intriguing
  18. sarahphinas

    Hey! I'm new to the forum! Stumbled across the site a couple days ago, and I wanted to know if other people felt the same way or noticed this too. (PLEASE, link me to the thread if this topic already exists!) Has anyone else noticed the increasing usage of a harpsichord-like sounds in J-rock/V. Kei songs? If possible, it would be great if we could pin point the exact time when this trend started arising. The first time I really noticed it being used a lot was in songs by Royz, but below I'll link some quick examples of what I mean. Sick2 - CRAZY TOKYO (1:33) Royz - Egoist (1:18) (more recently) Razor - Knot Invisible (1:15) Was there a specific group that started using this sound a lot in their music and it branched out from there, or am I just over-analyzing things..
  19. Hey So I'm selling some of the stuff I have [CDs are Japan Edition unless it's said to be EU] [shipping fees are: depends of the amount of CD you buy Ask for Pictures if you need it Everything gets shipped from France FOR LATIN AMERICA BUYERS: your post offices in Latin America seems to be shit (like really) so please understand that parcel may take a huge amount of time to arrive, and they don't seem to give a shit about tracking codes and don't scan it as they arrive so it doesn't get updated anymore. Furthermore as long as the parcel leaves France, I can't be held responsible for any loss Please note: I can't be held responsible for any broken case, when CDs leave my house, they are in great condition, if not like new, and I wrap them carefully to prevent any damage. It happened before that CDs arrive completely broken, this is most likely due to post offices putting heavy stuff on letters and small packages, result is broken cases. Everything is now in a google sheet, easier to read and keep track of ! enjoy the more than 480 CDs on this list ! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19RE1gmDJEe2uH_ujdOMksgymp_Yp1HoifFcJWbkmnG0/edit?usp=sharing Koda Kumi Bon Voyage Fanclub Edition 20€ Bon Voyage CD+DVD edtion 10€ Live Tour 2011 Déjavu (Live CD) 10€ Live Tour 2013 Japonesque (Live DVD) 15€ Hall Tour 2014 Bon Voyage (Live DVD) 15€ Goodies (shirt, hoodies etc) ペンタゴン / Pentagon T-Shirt onesize 25€ Chekis & Photos All Chekis & photos can be seen here, prices are put on the pictures. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10208007964179904.1073741830.1322358660&type=1&l=5a043bce6b PM me if you want to buy any of those, thank you Please PM an offer for the Tenten cheki if you are interested in it, there's no fixed price yet. Payment can be done by Paypal only for now
  20. Heya everybody! So a week or so ago, I promised I was in the works of something special for the site, and here it is! Okay, so I associate with a good amount of guys who were active in the visual kei scene. Most of them retired, some of them are still active. So, I decided to reach out to figure out what their top 5 visual kei bands were! I've gotten several responses, so I thought I'd share them with you all, since maybe some of you would be interested, especially those who are super hardcore into old school kei like I am. Enjoy! Mar (also known as Michael) ::(PROFILE):: ~CHILD HOOD'S END/CHILD (1996~2003)~ ~Indigo7 (2003~2005)~ ~NICK (2006~2007)~ ~High Speed Boyz (2008~2010)~ ~FREEDOM BEATS ORCHESTRA (fbo) (2011~Present)~ Mar's/Michael's top 5 1. X JAPAN 2. AION 3. LADIES ROOM 4. hide with Spread Beaver 5. BUCK-TICK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yohey ::(PROFILE):: ~E-QAL/Hyuge (1995~2001)~ ~RED JAPES (2002~2004)~ ~BananaBazooka (2008)~ ~Burnny Crisis (2008~2009)~ ~arms never rust (2011~2012)~ ~noodloop (2013~2019)~ Yohey's top 5: 1. LUNA SEA 2. X JAPAN 3. MIYAVI 4. Plastic Tree 5. SEX MACHINEGUNS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kazz ::(PROFILE):: ~STRAIGHT (1999~2002)~ ~ROXXANE (2008~Present)~ Kazz's top 5: 1. Sid (シド) 2. MIYAVI 3. Gackt 4. L'arc-en-Ciel 5. Janne Da Arc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Toshiya ::(PROFILE):: ~Sleep My Dear (1991~1992)~ ~L'amour Fou (1993~1999)~ ~The Raindrops (2003~2006)~ ~Kyo-zon (共存) (2006~Present)~ Toshiya's top 5: 1. BUCK-TICK 2. Up-Beat 3. KATZE 4. LUNA SEA 5. L'arc-en-Ciel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tamaki (環) ::(PROFILE):: ~Six O'clock (1989~1996)~ ~ORANGE JAM (1998~2000)~ ~Jack Dinosaur (ジャックダイナソー) (2001~2004)~ ~Liberty (2005~2009)~ Tamaki's top 5: 1. DEAD END 2. Oblivion Dust 3. Valentine D.C. 4. LADIES ROOM 5. THREE EYES JACK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atsushi ::(PROFILE):: ~ZELIACORT (1995~1996)~ ~CLeiR (1996~1998)~ ~THE CLOCK WORK ORANGE (1999~2010)~ Atsushi's top 5: 1. DEAD END 2. Gargoyle 3. 44MAGNUM 4. KATZE 5. JOLLY PICKLES (ジョリーピックルス) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asaki ::(PROFILE):: ~GUNIW TOOLS (1994~2000, 2014~Present)~ ~AGE of PUNK (2001~Present)~ ~BUG (2002~2012)~ ~vez (2012~Present)~ ~ROLL-B DINOSAUR (2015~Present) Asaki's top 5: 1. BUCK-TICK 2. SOFT BALLET 3. THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS 4. SCHAFT 5. hide ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kazunori (和教) ::(PROFILE):: ~SHÖBIT (2001~2003)~ ~Shonen Kamikaze (少年カミカゼ) (2004~2008, 2011~2016)~ ~ANIME GIRL (2015~Present)~ Kazunori's top 5: 1. CASCADE 2. LUNA SEA 3. Laputa 4. ROUAGE 5. PIERROT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donni ::(PROFILE):: ~sonic pop goes nowhere (1992~1995)~ ~Acid Bell (1995~1997)~ ~superbrunch (1997~2001)~ ~HELP (2001~2002)~ ~DOVERMAN (ドーベルマン) (2002~2004)~ ~Matsudo Rocks (松戸ロックス) (2004~2007)~ ~Brother42 (2007~2013)~ ~loco hermanos (2013~Present)~ Donni's top 5: 1. X JAPAN 2. YOUTHQUAKE 3. ZI:KILL 4. SEX MACHINEGUNS 5. ROSEN KREUZ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yasunori (泰典) ::(PROFILE):: ~Black Berry (1998~2003)~ ~Jitterbug (ジルバ) (2004~Present)~ Yasunori's top 5: 1. SHULA 2. Uchuu Sentai NOIZ (宇宙戦隊NOIZ) 3. UILUS 4. PLUSxCANNER 5. MAGGIE MAE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hava ::(PROFILE):: ~JACK UP (1990~1999, 2014~Present)~ Hava's top 5: 1. LUNA SEA 2. L'arc-en-Ciel 3. Kuroyume (黒夢) 4. La'cryma Christi 5. Sleep My Dear ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shizuru (静流) ::(PROFILE):: ~VEIRL (1995~1997)~ ~PLEIADES (1997~1999)~ ~INTELLIGENT SEE THROUGH (2000~2001)~ ~GRAND ZERO (2002~2004)~ ~閃-hirameki- (2008~2012)~ ~御剣 -Mitsurugi- (2015~Present)~ Shizuru's top 5: 1. LUNA SEA 2. X JAPAN 3. Silver~Rose 4. Gargoyle 5. MERRY (メリー) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Takashi (岳) ::(PROFILE):: ~Puzzle (1995~1999, 2017~Present)~ ~Gringo (グリンゴ) (2000~2011) Takashi's top 5: 1. DEAD END 2. GASTUNK 3. D'ERLANGER 4. ZIGGY 5. REACTION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hikaru (光) ::(PROFILE):: ~BIIR (1994~2002)~ Hikaru's top 5: 1. LUNA SEA 2. THE YELLOW MONKEY 3. L'arc-en-Ciel 4. MALICE MIZER 5. SIAM SHADE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ken (健) ::(PROFILE):: ~Ba-Ira (1992~1997)~ ~couch>>case (1998~2003)~ ~add9s (2014~Present)~ Ken's top 5: 1. BUCK-TICK 2. LUNA SEA 3. MALICE MIZER 4. Kuroyume (黒夢) 5. ZIGZO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sammy ::(PROFILE):: ~DANGER (1986~1988)~ ~BILLY & THE SLUTS (1988~1997, 2009~Present)~ Sammy's top 5: 1. X JAPAN 2. COLOR 3. Dir en Grey 4. ZI:KILL 5. LADIES ROOM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. New to this and signed up because these have been lying around my room since i was about 14. Message me if you're interested otherwise they're all just gonna be thrown away and its a waste SCREW Raging Blood x2 -£5 each Wailing Wall x2 - £5 each BIRAN with DVD - £13 SOLD Fusion Of The Core with PV DVD -£20 X-rays - £5 Tour of X-rays and Anaphylaxis CD and all PVS - £35 SOLD DUALITY - £5 JOKER CD/DVD - £10 Merchandise Rui Guitar Pick - £5 Duality Photoset of Band (11 Pictures) - £3 DELUHI LIVE:VANDALISM - £40 2 CDS of Bands last Live and CD the Gazette DIVISION - £5 T-SHIRT IS SIZE SMALL - £25 Versailles Noble - £4
  22. DavidB.Rockin

    Has anyone seen the Dynamite Tommy rap video on youtube ? I'm trying to look for it and show it to a friend.
  23. UPDATE: EVERYTHING SOLD, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Albums - greedy dead souls (first press ltd. edition with bonus track, with Obi, extremly rare) SOLD - underneath the skin SOLD - THE AVOIDED SUN (Ltd. Edition, cover made of cardboard, slightly damaged) SOLD - THE BURIED (EU Edition with bonus track) SOLD - SHADOWS (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - I BELIEVE IN ME (Ltd. Edition; comes with a bonus DVD, a postcard and a sticker) SOLD - INFERIORITY COMPLEX (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - EXODUS-EP (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - GALLOWS (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs) SOLD - 10th Anniversary 2004 - 2014 The Best (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs and two posters) SOLD - D.A.R.K. (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs, a note pad and two posters, one of them signed by all 5 members) SOLD - AVANTGARDE (Ltd. Edition, comes with a bonus DVD and a bonus CD and a ticket holder) SOLD - SINNERS-EP (Ltd. Edition, comes with a bonus DVD) SOLD Singles - a grateful shit (rare, didn't come with an Obi) SOLD - roaring in the dark (with Obi) SOLD - enemy (Ltd. Edition with bonus track, with Obi, quite rare) SOLD - forgiven SOLD - Adore (Ltd. Edition with DVD) SOLD - Ambivalent Ideal (Ltd. Edition with DVD) SOLD - A GLEAM IN EYE SOLD - JUDGEMENT (Ltd. Edition, with Obi) SOLD - MIRRORS (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - LIGHTNING SOLD - BALLAD (Comes with a bonus DVD) SOLD - EVOKE (comes with a picture (slightly damaged) and a sticker) SOLD - ETERNITY (comes with a picture and a sticker) SOLD - BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURE (Ltd. Edition, includes a photobook and a Blu-Ray, comes with an extra key chain) SOLD - ANATHEMA (was only available during their NITE BEFORE EXODUS tour when bought at the venue) SOLD Live DVDs/Blu-Rays - Official Bootleg I SOLD - Official Bootleg II SOLD - Official Bootleg III (Fanclub only, so very rare) SOLD - THE SHADOW IMPULSE (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - il inferno (Ltd. Edition) SOLD - Tour ‘14 to the Gallows (Ltd. Edition, comes with a (slightly damaged) poster) SOLD - Hall Tour ‘15 The Decade of Greed (Ltd. Edition, comes with a poster and an A4 postcard) SOLD - IMMORTALITY Blu-Ray (Ltd. Edition, comes with a poster and an A4 postcard) SOLD Merchandise - Small Cat Pouch “My little devil” SOLD - Omamori from their New Years Live this year SOLD - T-Shirt from their ‘14 To the Gallows Tour, white, size L (EU size M, little washed out) SOLD - T-Shirt from their ‘16 Dark Darker Darkness Tour, black, size L (EU size M) SOLD - T-Shirt from their Comeback Live 2017, size L (also EU size L, they changes sizes) SOLD - T-Shirt from their ‘17 The Sinner Strikes Back Tour, size XL (=EU XL) SOLD - Signed Birthday Card from the fan club (with their Black Triangle CD release as a bonus) SOLD - Signed New Years Card from the fan club (with Anemone as a bonus) SOLD - Hazuki’s Photobook with CD, signed SOLD - Flyer Set from some of their tours, album promotion etc. SOLD - Shirt from their fan club only live tour “Deadly Deep Kisses” 2017, so kinda rare, size M, 20€ (pic here) SOLD - guitar pic from Yuusuke SOLD - tote bag from their “The Sinner Strikes Back” tour in 2017, faux leather, looks really high-quality actually, could for example be used as a laptop bag (fits a 15″ one easily), 30€ (pic here) SOLD Magazines - Rock and Read #42 SOLD - Rock and Read #61 SOLD - Rock and Read #67 SOLD
  24. For those interested, and by that I mean the only fan they have left (me), bassist 華凛 (Karin) is leaving NoGoD after their live on April 6th at 新宿ReNY. From what I recall, he's been with the band since the beginning, making it 13 years in 2018. From what I could gather from Google Translator lmao, he's having some physical issues and wants to do other things individually. Source and now I'm sad.
  25. BrenGun

    Twitter Facebook Instagram Any fans of this band over here? Junichi really made a nice band to listen too.
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