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Found 110 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am a student and I am about to make a research on Visual kei, and for that I am looking for magazines, as many as possible, or even CDs containing interviews/making-of etc. What I need is textual material about Visual kei: it can be Vk members talking about their band, themselves and their work AND japanese (or why not foreign) articles about Vk. If you have an old collection to get rid off, please contact me ! (The best for me would be to have magazines published in various years, in order to get a broad perception, but not to get 20 magazines of the year 2005, or 20 magazines on the same band for example). Also, if you have any contact or bloggers/whatever you know that could help me / sell me stuff, please reply as well! Thank you!
  2. This band just has a different tuning then most of sadie stuff except a smudge of "bleach" and "gangster." They're also reminiscence of songs like gimmick, ever, daydream, grudge of the sorrow, deadly masquerade. Their last realease not so much. But with bops like baby go for it its basically grieving dead soul all over again with addictive riffage Boys just wanna have fun you.
  3. What's your opinion about not japanese Visual kei bands like Crestillion, Seremedy, etc from Sweden for example ! Many people say than they don't be visual kei, only the japanese could be visual kei.
  4. New to this and signed up because these have been lying around my room since i was about 14. Message me if you're interested otherwise they're all just gonna be thrown away and its a waste SCREW Raging Blood x2 -£5 each Wailing Wall x2 - £5 each BIRAN with DVD - £13 SOLD Fusion Of The Core with PV DVD -£20 X-rays - £5 Tour of X-rays and Anaphylaxis CD and all PVS - £35 SOLD DUALITY - £5 JOKER CD/DVD - £10 Merchandise Rui Guitar Pick - £5 Duality Photoset of Band (11 Pictures) - £3 DELUHI LIVE:VANDALISM - £40 2 CDS of Bands last Live and CD the Gazette DIVISION - £5 T-SHIRT IS SIZE SMALL - £25 Versailles Noble - £4
  5. D has partnered up with the popular convenience store chain 7 Eleven to enable customers to print out 36 different bromide photos from their in-store printing kioks. In celebration of their 15th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of their major debut, customers can print out photos from D's live performance for 200Y a print, six different images for each member and six different full-band photos. More info at 7 Eleven's page
  6. Some of you may be familiar with more comedic tag "brutal kei" to describe "heavy" visual kei bands who often use vocals and instrumentals seemingly inspired by "heavy metal" genres and sometimes "extreme metal" genres as well. The origins of the term "brutal kei" was coined by "matsuya89" aka @VkBrutaliaN in 2009 and later popularized by myself in 2010 as more of a "troll". I was inspired by a video which has since been removed on youtube; however, a forum discussion on this video and listing the bands used in the video can be found here: http://rockbandfinder.com/top-9-most-brutal-visual-keij-rock-bands/ . (I later found out the video was made and uploaded by @VkBrutaliaN). But the serious origins of this trend in visual kei began with various "Nu metal" tendencies as early as the mid-90s with bands such as: Aliene Ma'riage, ∀NTI FEMINISM, and 妃阿甦(THE PIASS). Today it has become a less prevalent niche but a handful of bands of this type always seem to emerge only to disband very shortly thereafter. Kept alive by a cult following of an obsessive fandom. Many bands of the current wave of this so called "brutal kei" genre incorporate elements of electronica and mostly stick to a blend of metalcore, deathcore, nu metal, and typical vk melodic rock. The vocalist will almost always use harsh vocal techniques such as: screams, pig squeals, and death growls. Some current examples include: Nocturnal Bloodlust, JILUKA, FIXER, DIMLIM, DEXCORE, and many more. Oh and @Takadanobabaalienmy apologies for not mentioning the legendary most br00tal vk band "Deviloof"!!!!!! Are you a fan of this sound?
  7. I hadn't seen the music video for the title track yet when I made this... where's the rest of the band (the guitarists are still in the band right???)
  8. FAR EAST DIZAIN will hold their first Oneman Tour "Far East Dizain presents ONEMAN TOUR 2018 『The drawing of the ALTERED DIZAIN』" and will perform with 宇宙戦隊NOIZ and NoGoD for "ART POP ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS NoGoD×UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ×FED Tour 2018 『 THE ULTIMATE TRIANGLE 』" http://www.artpop.org/k/sche/03sche.html
  9. For those interested, and by that I mean the only fan they have left (me), bassist 華凛 (Karin) is leaving NoGoD after their live on April 6th at 新宿ReNY. From what I recall, he's been with the band since the beginning, making it 13 years in 2018. From what I could gather from Google Translator lmao, he's having some physical issues and wants to do other things individually. Source and now I'm sad.
  10. I thought it was about time these guys got their own discussion. Easily one of the best bands going in the vk scene right now. Years Active: 2016-Present Members: Vo. 架神(Kagami) Gt. haku (→ Mizaria → AxiL(support) → Alive to Die → Butterfly syndrome → dexcore(support) → DEXCORE) Ba. 澄(to-ru) (→ dexcore(support) → DEXCORE) Dr. 直樹(Naoki) (→ Cena rate → KUSSE → ベリィ → DEATHGAZE(indefinite hiatus),→ DEXCORE) Former Members: Ba. tetsu (→ Vent Croix(Ba.tetsu) → Art for Art's Sake(Vo.) → dexcore(Ba.tetsu) Official Sources: http://dexcore.jp/ https://www.youtube.com/c/dexcoreofficialchannel https://twitter.com/dexcore_info https://www.instagram.com/dexcore_official/ https://itunes.apple.com/jp/artist/dexcore/id1189429264 Discography: [2016.10.28] Hunger (Live limited single) [2016.12.14] The Dead Sea (1st single) [2017.03.06-2017.05.08] 月9コア (ゲツクコア)(getsu9core) (Youtube exclusive album) [2017.12.13] Imitation (2nd single) [2017.12.25] 独り言(Hitorigoto) (Youtube exclusive song)
  11. Hello everyone! I am a Visual Kei solo artist from Portland Oregon and thank you for letting me join i'd love to meet other visual kei artists to do collabs with and guest vocal spots and just hang out, chat and that sort of thing! thank you to those who read my post it means alot! this is a link to my first music video. for fans of d, dir en grey, moi dix mois and metis gretel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=787EMhq5v18
  12. Savage will release their 10th single on 21th March 2018. Title and other details tba.
  13. New girugamesh (ギルガメッシュ) song Samidare (五月雨) (MUCC (ムック) cover) from: [2017.11.22] [V.A.] TRIBUTE OF MUCC - 縁 [en] - For anyone who isn't aware "Samidare" is a new song by the legendary and recently disbanded "girugamesh" under the moniker "左迅×弐×愁×Яyo". This song is a cover and the original is by another legendary vk band "MUCC". vs. girugamesh (ギルガメッシュ) song period from: [2016.07.10] -period- This was "girugamesh's" very last song back in 2016 (well at least until this year lol) and unfortunately they never preformed it live. It still remains their last release under the name girugamesh (ギルガメッシュ). Which one do you think is better?
  14. Even though "gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy" are a newer band I think it's already safe to say they're one of the greatest vk bands of all time. Even if they were to disband tomorrow my opinion wouldn't change. Because their exitisting work I think is already enough to make this judgement. And they're line-up is fucking legendary kazuma (Merry Go Round), aie (deadman, the god and death stars, the studs), kazu (蜉蝣, DIMMDIVISION., the god and death stars, STEREO.C.K), sakura (L'Arc~en~Ciel ). Nagoya gods I'd like to know what everyone else thinks. Are they even in the discussion after only 2 albums, 1 single, And 2 V.A appearances making for only a total of 24 songs? IMO I really do think so. BTW listening to gibkiy×3 while I wrote this Their discography (LIST WITH IMAGES ONLY NO DOWNLOAD): My honest rating ()
  15. My newest translation is one of the most beloved themes by the mythical band Buck-Tick (weird that I didn't found any lyric of theirs here). In general their texts are quite hard to untie, especially this one, so I tried to translate each word at best and as always you can suggest me anything about it. I hope you like it! Kanji: 歩き出す月の螺旋を 流星だけが空に舞っている そこからは小さく見えたあなただけが 優しく手を振る 頬に流れ出す 赤い雫は せめてお別れのしるし 初めから知っていたはずさ 戻れるなんて だけど…少しだけ 忘れよう全てのナイフ 胸を切り裂いて 深く沈めばいい まぶた 浮かんで消えていく残像は まるで母に似た光 そして涙も血もみんな枯れ果て やがて遥かなる想い どれほど悔やみ続けたら 一度は優しくなれるから? サヨナラ 優しかった笑顔 今夜も一人で眠るのかい? 頬に流れ出す赤い雫は せめてお別れのしるし 今夜 奇麗だよ月の雫で 汚れたこの体さえも どんなに人を傷つけた 今夜は優しくなれるから? サヨナラ 悲しかった笑顔 今夜も一人で眠るのかい? Romaji: Arukidasu tsuki no rasen wo yuusei dake ga sora ni matte iru soko kara wa chiisaku mieta anata dake ga yasashiku te wo furu. Hoho ni nagaredasu akai shizuku wa semete owakare no shirushi. Hajime kara shitte ita hazu sa modoreru nante dakedo…sukoshi dake wasureyou subete no naifu mune wo kiri saite fukaku shizumeba ii. Mabuta ukande kiete iku zanzou wa marude haha ni nita hikari soshite namida mo chi mo minna kare hate yagate haruka naru omoi. Dore hodo kuyami tsuzuketara ichido wa yasashiku nareru ka na? sayonara yasashikatta egao konya mo hitori de nemuru no kai? Hoho ni nagaredasu akai shizuku wa semete owakare no shirushi konya kirei da yo tsuki no shizuku de yogoreta kono karada sae mo Donna ni hito wo kizutsuketa konya wa yasashiku nareru ka na? sayonara kanashikatta egao konya mo hitori de nemuru no kai? Translation: When I got away from the moon spiral, only a falling star was dancing in the sky. From there, only you, who seem little, waved gently the hand. The red drops, flowing in the cheeks, are at least a sign of farewell. Since the beginning I should have known that I can’t leave But… only for a little Let’s forget all the knives It’s good cutting the chest and deeply drowning. On the eyelids the afterimages are floating and disappearing As if the light resembles the Mother And all the tears, the blood, the withered things And the feelings become distant. How long I should be sorry So that I get used to be kind? Goodbye gentle smile Will I sleep alone tonight? The red drops, flowing in the cheeks, are at least a sign of farewell. Even tonight my body is wet by the beautiful tears of the moon. For how long I should hurt other people So that I get used to be kind tonight? Goodbye sad and gentle smile Will I sleep alone tonight? Kanji/Romaji from Jpopasia Translation is mine, so credit before posting elsewhere!
  16. Deviloof has teamed up with clothing and toy design company DEADHEARTZ for a line of merchandise. The only caveat? Fans looking to make a purchase need to put in orders before November 6th. LINK TO ORDER
  17. I have been sitting on some CDs and DVDs that I don't listen to or need anymore. They're probably worth something more to other people, so I'm ready to let them go. I honestly don't know what these are worth, so I'm not going to put any prices on anything. If there's something you're interested in, field me a price and we'll talk. Unless noted, everything is in very good shape with obi's and has been sitting in a box for years. If you want pictures of anything, I'm more than willing to provide them. Also, if you want rips of anything on this list, I would also be willing to provide them. This is also a work in progress, so I'll periodically be updating this. —MUSIC— # 12012 – CROM DVD B BLOOD – VENGEANCE for BLOOD 2 the bullet – my pain (limited w/DVD) the bullet – Last quarter (limited w/DVD) – top of case is broken C Coaltar of the Deepers – Penguin e.p D ダリ(dali) – antithesis ダリ (dali) – monophbia ダリ (dali) – inartistic ダリ (dali) – breath ダリ (dali) – core – w/comment/karaoke CD ダリ (dali) – funeral dessin (A Type) ダリ (dali) – funeral dessin (B Type) ダリ (dali) – beautiful dessin ダリ (dali) – the world is mine (Type A) ダリ (dali) – the world is mine (Type B ) ダリ (dali) – Heroine ダリ (dali) – a rope is there and hope is there (Type A) ダリ (dali) – a rope is there and hope is there (Type B ) ダリ (dali) – mind stripper DELUHI – ヴィジュバスリット -VISVASRIT- – w/comment CD DELUHI – マハーデーヴァ -MAHADEVA- – w/comment CD DELUHI – ジャガンナータ -JAGANNATH- – w/comment CD DELUHI – Orion once again (2nd press) DELUHI – FLASH:B[L]ACK – w/Brand X DVD DELUHI – Yggdalive – w/Brand X DVD Dir en grey – Agitated Screams of Maggots (regular) Dir en grey – DRAIN AWAY – case is a little scratched Dir en grey – The Final – case is a little scratched G ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 理性壊乱-乱調型円盤- (Risei Kairan -Ranchou Gata Enban-) ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 本能解放-覚醒型円盤- (Honnou Kaihou -Kakusei Gata Enban-) ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 零-ゼロ- (rei-zero-) ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 13's reborn girugamesh – girugamesh US ver. – case is a little scratched gossip – obscene gossip – Newborn – w/comment page H hurts – 包帯天使-head ache- (houtai tenshi-head ache-) – w/comment sheet K 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) – 愚弄色 (Guroshoku) 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) – 落首 (limited edition) (Rakushu) N Nadir – 二人 で 見た 日々(ni nin de mita hibi) Nadir – spoonful P PuppetMammy – 心情色彩集 (shinjou shikisaishuu) S サディ (Sadie) – 溺哀-dekiai- サディ (Sadie) – GRUDGE OF SORROW サディ (Sadie) – THE SUICIDE MACHINE 1st press サディ (Sadie) – The Trend Killer SCISSOR – NUMBER CUT #2 SCISSOR – NUMBER CUT #3 SCISSOR – 館~Tour Final~ LIVE at LIQUIDROOM ebisu 2005.06.07 DVD SCISSOR – FINAL CUT 2005.11.30 SHIBUYA O-West DVD SCISSOR – FAREWELL Siva – 供華絢爛記 (kyou hana kenranki) Siva – 下の刻 (shita no koku) Suicide Ali – This New Order Suicide Ali – Representa – sealed with photo card Suicide Ali – 受継がれた指輪 (Uketsugareta Yubiwa) – sealed Suicide Ali – さらう笛と約束 (sarau fue to yakusoku) – sealed U UnsraW – -9- UnsraW – Gate of Death UnsraW – Spiral Circle (Type A) – w/comment CD UnsraW – Spiral Circle (Type B ) – w/comment CD UnsraW – Dust to Dust – super rare mail-in CD UnsraW – Abel V/A Omnibus – SHOCK WAVE CD the SELECT [D'espairsRay, ドレミ團 (Doremidan), MASK, カレン (Kalen), アンティック珈琲店 (An Cafe), Clavier, SCISSOR, Phantasmagoria, アヤビエ (Ayabie), KuRt, 12012, ヴィドール (Vidoll) Omnibus – Visual-DVD Magazine Volume 2 [姫苺 (hime ichigo), chariots, SMILE, SuG, SaTaN, MixSpeakers, Inc. Mana's Not Dead, Moi dix Mois] Omnibus – Visual-DVD Magazine Volume 3 [ヴィドール (Vidoll)), Kaya, 摩天楼オペラ(Matenrou Opera), Sugar, ネガ(Nega), lynch. Ra:IN] —OTHERS— BLOOD armband – 2 available DELUHI cheki case, sticker sheet, phone strap, towel, and t-shirt (M size) – never worn or used DELUHI yggdalive photo set サディ (Sadie) Tour Towel – Tour Grudge of Sorrow
  18. Hey Guys so last night I saw Virge live for the first time and they were amazing! So I thought I would come here and talk about their live on their Artist post but they didn't have one So I thought I would start one and talk about the live I went to last night! For starters here is their new Look and list of their current discography! 遼-ryo- 紫月-sizuki- 沁-shin- 或-aru- Discography 1st Mini Album ~ UTOPIA [2017.05.03] 1.琥珀 (Kohaku) 2.恨ミ言 (Uramigoto) 3.夜明け、灰色の呼吸 (Yoake、haiiro no kokyuu) 4.ボクノ悪イ癖 (Boku no warui kuse) 5.蓮華 (Renge) 6.ユートピア (UTOPIA) Like an Edison: Bonus CD 「暁」(Akatsuki) 1.暁 (Akatsuki) Live-limited and Like an Edison CD ~ 不透明な雨 (Futoumeina ame) [2017.07.26] 1. 止マヌ雨 (Tomanu Ame) 2. 凶夢 (Kyoumu) 3. 二枚舌 (Bonus Track) (Nimaijita) Ikebukuro Black Hole Live-limited CD ~ 紅いドレス [2017.10.21] 1. 紅いドレス (Akai Dress) 1st Single ~ 夜想 [2017.11.01] CD 1.夜想 (Yasou) 2.お人形遊び (Oningyou Asobi) 3.泡沫 (Utakata) 4.凱歌 (Gaika) DVD 1.夜想 (Yasou) Music Video Like an Edison Version Bonus CD: 「fated」
  19. The other day I met YOSHIKI. I was at a showing of We Are X in Oslo, Norway. Norway doesn't have a huge VK scene so I was happy he had come. It turned out to be his first time in Norway. I asked him "Can western bands be visual kei?" - He laughed and replied "Of course!" So I followed up with "If a western band is to be visual kei, is there something they must adhere to, in terms of style or aesthetic?" He explained VK is more of a mindset, born out of them feeling like they didn't really fit in anywhere. As he said, they played "super heavy" and "super soft" music. He also told me about a festival he hosted recently where the bands were everything from metal to pop, and there was even a band that didn't play music (that got some laughs around the room). He summed everything up by saying it really isn't a genre, but more of a mindset allowing yourself to be as creative as you want. And it also generally has makeup. I am summing these things up from memory. So here's my take on VK: 1. You must be influenced by Japan/Japanese music (because after all, it originates from Japan). 2. Make creative use of makeup/visuals. 3. Be somewhat diverse in terms of style. 4. Be doing your own thing confidently (basically: be true to yourself, because people and fans can see through you being a cookie-cutter). So basically, no you don't have to have a lolita in the band. One member doesn't have to wear a surgical facemask at all times. You don't have to have death-metal growls in your music. Some music fans within genres and subcultures get really elitist and that gets irritating, especially when people say that VK is only Japanese (so is glam-metal only truly American? Can you not make Brazilian samba music if you aren't from Brazil?). VK is unique in that it is vague but also has a meaning. A band alone isn't just "visual kei" but "visual kei rock" would be a better indicator. I think in that sense, the addition of the term "visual kei" before "rock" to me would indicate the above traits I listed, like being influenced by Japan, be somewhat "different" in terms of makeup/visuals and potentially have a diverse musical style. I had a blast meeting YOSHIKI. He's a funny and nice guy, and it was an honor having him in Norway.
  20. So @emmnywrote the definitive Kagerou piece about their best era.... but the timeframe discussed there left out one of my fave Kagerou songs! (And I wanted to talk about what Kagerou meant to me a little bit...)
  21. My newest translation is from one of the best songs by Grieva (I still can't believe that they will disband), because of its peculiar style, really different from what they accustomed us to. I hope that you like it. Kanji: 3月7日の朝 君は 空へ堕ちてしまったね… 君はいつも笑顔で 辛い心 隠していたの? もうすぐ君の元へ行くね 不思議と怖くはないよ 君がいない世界で 生きる意味を見出せないから もしも君のその悲しみに 気付くことが出来たのならば… そっと目を閉じれば 僕を呼ぶ君の声が 聞こえてきて 二人手を繋いで 歩いたあの帰り道が 壊れそうなほど辛い もしも君のその悲しみに 気付くことが出来たのならば… そんな事を考えても もう君は戻らない… 明日 君の元へと 行くと決めた夜の事 君の部屋の 机の隅の日記 そっと中を見てみると 僕へ宛てた言葉が 「どうか、私の分も貴方は生きてください。 いつもいつも我が儘ばかり言って本当にごめんね、 でも最後の我が儘を聞いて…」 ありがとう… ごめんね… 強く生きるよ いつでも隣に 君がいる気がするから Romaji: Sangatsu nanoka no asa kimi wa sora e ochite shimatta ne… kimi wa itsumo egao de tsurai kokoro kakushiteita no? Mou sugu kimi no moto e yuku ne fushigi to kowaku wa nai yo kimi ga inai sekai de ikiru imi o miidasenai kara. Moshimo kimi no sono kanashimi ni kidzuku koto ga dekita no naraba… Sotto me o tojireba boku o yobu kimi no koe ga kikoete kite futari te o tsunaide aruita ano kaerimichi ga kowaresou na hodo tsurai Moshimo kimi no sono kanashimi ni kidzuku koto ga dekita no naraba… sonna koto o kangaetemo mou kimi wa modoranai… Asu kimi no moto e to yuku to kimeta yoru no koto kimi no heya no tsukue no sumi no nikki sotto naka o mite miru to boku e ateta kotoba ga “douka, atashi no bun mo anata wa ikite kudasai. itsumo itsumo wagamama bakari itte hontou ni gomen ne, demo saigo no wagamama o kiite…” Arigatou… gomen ne… tsuyoku ikiru yo itsu demo tonari ni kimi ga iru kigasuru kara. Translation: The morning of 7th March You fell in the sky You always smile Did you hide a painful heart? Soon I will go to your place I am not afraid of it In a world where you are not there I can’t find the meaning of life. If it is your sorrow… If you can notice it… If I softly close my eyes Your voice is calling me You can hear it Hand in hand We walk in the way home It’s so hard to break. If it is your sorrow… If you can notice it… Even if I think about it You won’t return anymore… Tomorrow I will come to you In the night when I decided to go In your room A diary in the corner of your desk When I gently looked at it The words addressed to me were: “Please, please live even for me. I am sorry if I always say the best But you are listening to my last moment…” Thanks… Sorry… I will live strongly Always closer Because I feel like you are there. Kanji/Romaji from Jpopasia Translation is mine, so credit me before posting elsewhere!
  22. Apparently 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani∞, a group from Johnny's) decided to cover visual kei in their show yesterday and it was actually really good?! 鬼龍院翔 from ゴールデンボンバー, as well as DAIGO and 1/2 of SID were the musicians invited to talk about VK history and where the scene is today. And even more importantly, they were there to give praise to the greatest VK band ever, LUNA SEA. #recognizeit Here's the full show (in Japanese w/o subs: Interesting parts: Kiryuin Sho is actually a super knowledgeable guy. Who would have thought that someone from Golden Bomber would be the best and biggest spokesperson for VK in 2017? They split visual kei in decades in a fairly usual manner: 80's as creation, 90's as the boom, 00's as neo visual kei and 10's as nothing is happening and no one is famous or good enough to break into the mainstream DAIGO was a member of 黒夢's fanclub back then and was a huge 清春 fanboy They discuss whether L'Arc~en~Ciel and GLAY are visual kei bands; Laruku doesn't really get mentioned a lot, but GLAY is described by Kiryuin Sho as "VK to show your parents" which is 100% accurate Meanwhile, DIR EN GREY is "VK you enjoy by yourself" which even then is a stretch They play "I for you" by LUNA SEA and it sucks; Mao from SID is the best vocalist out of the three by a mile Forgot any other cool tidbits, so just watch it! It's honestly worth it. Thanks to @cvltic(emma, if this isn't you, blame @itsukoii) for pretty much all the info (I'm lame and don't speak Japanese at all).
  23. Here it comes another translation, this time of a song by the freaking band Liphlich. Despite some cryptic parts, I tried to bring out the best meaning from each line and if something is wrong you can write here. I hope that you like it. Kanji: GREAT NONSENSE ああ 万象というなぞなぞ GREAT NONSENSE ああ 不可解という解答 皆が信じる彼の受けた苦しみのことどれくらいなのだろう 彼女が愛してる僕らの悪い人はたくさん子供を助けた ある日ドブネズミが美しくなることもある 問題は自分がそのドブネズミかってことさ 唯一のシャングリラ 君のシャングリラ たとえば僕が知ったとしても どうでもいい僕らにとっては それより今早くしよう 唯一のシャングリラ 僕のシャングリラ 生まれた時は何もないし さよならに何もないように 口がない君にKISSして GREAT NONSENSE ああ 万象というなぞなぞ ある日君は言った これが分かりますかと なぜ愛と机は似てる? もう聞き飽きたことさ それならこう返すよ なぜ愛と僕らは似てる? 息をするように殺し続けてた人もいて それが今の僕らに関係あるかってことさ 唯一のシャングリラ 君のシャングリラ 必死に探そうとしてるものは 落としたら割れるティーカップ くらいなものかもしれない 唯一のシャングリラ 僕のシャングリラ だから大事そうに棚にしまう ホコリにまみれることすら 恐れたらアリスみたいだね 唯一のシャングリラ 君のシャングリラ そのうち知れたならいいよね 今僕の確かなものだけ 歌うよ 吹く風のように 唯一のシャングリラ 僕のシャングリラ 愛しているとかいないとか くだらないことをただ君へ 耳がない君へ歌うよ GREAT NONSENSE ああ 万象というなぞなぞ GREAT NONSENSE ああ 不可解という解答 Romaji: GREAT NONSENSE aa banshou to iu nazonazo GREAT NONSENSE aa fukakai to iu kaitou. Mina ga shinjiru kare no uketa kurushimi no koto dareka kurai na no darou kanojo ga ai shiteru bokura no warui hito wa takusan kodomo o tasuketa. Aru hi dobunezumi ga utsukushiku naru koto mo aru mondai wa jibun ga sou dobunezumi katte koto sa. Yuiitsu no shangurira kimi no shangurira tatoeba boku ga shitta to shite mo dou de mo ii bokura ni totte wa sore yori ima hayaki shiyou. Yuiitsu no shangurira boku no shangurira umareta toki wa nanimo nai shi sayonara ni nanimo nai you ni kuchi ga nai kimi ni KISS shite. GREAT NONSENSE aa banshou to iu nazonazo. Aru hi kimi wa itta kore ga wakarimasu ka to naze ai to tsukue wa niteru? mou kikiakita koto sore nara kou kaesu yo naze ai to bokura wa niteru? Iki o suru you ni koroshitsuzuketa hito mo ite sore ga ima no bokura ni kankei aru katte koto sa. Yuiitsu no shangurira kimi no shangurira hisshi ni sagu sou to shiteru mono wa otoshitara wareru tiikappu kurai na mono kamoshirenai. Yuiitsu no shangurira boku no shangurira dakara daiji sou ni tana ni shimau hokori ni mamireru koto sura osoretara arisu mitai da ne. Yuiitsu no shangurira kimi no shangurira sono uchi shireta nara ii yo ne ima boku no tashika na mono dake utau yo fuku kaze no you ni. Yuiitsu no shangurira boku no shangurira ai shite iru to ka inai to ka kudaranai koto o tada kimi e mimi ga nai kimi e utau yo. GREAT NONSENSE aa banshou to iu nazonazo GREAT NONSENSE aa fukakai to iu kaitou. Translation: Great Nonsense, oh, defined the enigma of all the created things Great Nonsense, oh, defined an incomprehensible solution. I wonder how much pain I had received for what everyone believes in Our evil that she loves helped many children. One day that rat will probably become beautiful But the problem is that I am the rat. The only Shangri-la, your Shangri-la, even if for example I would be aware Now let’s make it better and profitable for us, whatever it takes. The only Shangri-la, my Shangri-la, when I was born it was empty I don’t have anything more if not saying you goodbye and kiss you. Great Nonsense, oh, defined the enigma of all the created things. One day you told that I understand this Why the love and a desk are similar? Now if I become tired of listening, I will return to ask Why the love and we are similiar? Some people continue to kill in order to breathe This relates to us. The only Shangri-la, your Shangri-la, what I am trying to search desperately It would be known to be a tea-cup which breaks when it drops The only Shangri-la, my Shangri-la, so much important to be kept in the shelf. It seems Alice who is afraid to be covered by dust. The only Shangri-la, your Shangri-la, if I had understood it before Now I will certainly sing something in order to blow the wind The only Shangri-la, my Shangri-la, among the other things I love you. I will sing for you only stupid things, you who don’t have ears. Great Nonsense, oh, defined the enigma of all the created things Great Nonsense, oh, defined an incomprehensible solution. Kanji/Romaji from Jpopasia Translation is mine, so credit me before posting elsewhere!
  24. Shoutout to @doomsoul136for starting a thread about this band (with much more info than I'm able to provide in the video) just this weekend!
  25. MASS CONTROL 作詞: ガラ 作曲: ネロ 犬型真性MASOCHIST (Inugata shinsei MASOCHIST) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 gaudy 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 平日の女 -A面- (Heijitsu no onna -A-men-) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 Black flag symptom 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 健一 傘と雨 (Kasa to ame) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 F.J.P 作詞: ガラ 作曲: ネロ Happy life -reprise- 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 健一 SIGHT GLASS 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生 エムオロギー (M-ology) 作詞: ガラ 作曲: 結生