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Found 74 results

  1. I've been designing some Jrock/Visual Kei Shirts if anyone is interested and I also take requests for T-shirt Designs. They are located at A design for the band Dezert, you can purchase at: A shirt design for the band Gossip (ゴシップ), you can purchase at: Here is a Mejibray Shirt I designed, you can purchase it at: I decided to design some X Japan Shirts. You can find the shirts at: X Japan Shirt Including Taiji There is also few Buck Tick Shirts I designed. Also a Miyavi Shirt I designed. Was asked to design this T-shirt for the band CHILD. Was asked to create some Merry Shirts, here are a few I came up with: Was asked to create Kuroyume shirt using an album cover: Hope you check them out and if anybody has any requests for band T shirts then just let me know. Too many great band not enough great T-Shirts. Thanks
  2. Band created in 2014 with some secrets lives before get finally announced formally on October 31th - November 1st. Members are Vocal: よしあつ/Yoshiatsu birthday: 05/20 (ex. Since1889, ex. ぷっちビジュ, ex. Crazy★shampoo) Guitar: 太嘉志/Takashi birthday: 03/16 (ex. NAINE) Bass: 金木朋宏/Tomo birthday: 01/30 (ex. Clarias, ex. ReViel/support, ex. LucaRia, ex. NovA/support, ex. SUPER-BOYS) Drums: 裕介/Yusuke birthday: 07/27 (ex. Quinstet, ex. NAINE) Their Releases: Albums: dadaism♯1 2015.2 - 2015.7 (sold out) 1. SE 2. 「溺れる魚」 3. MONEY 4. モルヒネ♯1 5. SEX! 6. モルヒネ♯2 7. ベルカとストレルカ dadaism♯2 2016.1.13 1. ハイアンドロー 2. モルヒネ♯3 3. Ars amatoria 4. 地面 5. KURT 6. 「ルシッド•ドリーム」 スタンチク 2016.6 Type A 1.オープニング 2.「リズリーサーカス」 3.「最終電車」 4.トレンドアイデンティティ 5.融け込めないざらざらな芸術を君が殺してくれないか 6.「雨のワルツ」 7.ベルカとストレルカ(Rerecorded) 8.モルヒネ #1 9.モルヒネ #2 10.SEX!! 11.「溺れる魚」 12.MONEY 13.月のうた 14.imitation hero. 15.「ルシッド・ドリーム」 Type B All 15 songs + 16.KURT (ピアノ) Singles: 「雨のワルツ」 2015.7.15 Type A 1.「雨のワルツ」 2.愁いリビドー 3. LIVE DVD Type B All 2 songs + 3.腐ったミカンの方程式 「最終電車」 2015.9.2 1.「最終電車」 2 .アパシー・ヒューマン 「HAPPY HALLOWEEN」 2015.10.1 - 2016.03.19 (sold out) 1.「HAPPY HALLOWEEN」 「螺子」 2016.03.13 1.「螺子」 Do you like the band? What is your favorite member? Your thoughts about the band?
  3. As there aren't translations of this great song, I decided to do that as my first whole song translation! I tell you that my Japanese is quite basic and I tried to do an understandable translation, so you are free to comment anything about it! Kanji: 耳鳴りが止まない 「頭が割れそうになる」 このvisionだけを見せるなら 「いっそ殺して」 for you そっと呟いた ここには何も残らない 噎び泣いた後 景色は闇に消えていく 幾つ夜を超えればいい? 消せぬ痛みを帰す場所が無い 絶望の雨が「君」を押し潰した きっと… この夜には救えない 独吟すれば少しは紛れると思った 悲しみは消えなくて 飲み込まれる この悲愴に 唯 唯 僕は見ているだけ 独裁の雨が「君」を縛り付けても 優しい記憶は消さないで 絶望の雨が 「君」を切り裂いた 今も… 打ち拉がれるようにそっと崩れてく 切望した未来 殺した感情 もう要らない 消えかけた僕には見えないから 絶命寸前の「君」に何ができる 僕には触れられもしないから Romaji: miminari ga yamanai "atama ga waresou ni naru" kono vision dake o miseru nara "isso koroshite yo" for you sotto tsubuyaita koko ni wa nanimo nokoranai musebinaita ato keshiki wa yami ni kieteyuku ikutsu yoru o koereba ii? kesenu itami o kaesu basho ga nai zetsubou no ame ga "kimi" o oshitsubushita kitto... kono yoru ni wa sukuenai dokugin sureba sukoshi wa magireru to omotta kanashimi wa sou kienakute nomikomareru kono hisou ni tada tada boku wa miteiru dake dokusai no ame ga "kimi" o shibaritsukete mo yasashii kioku wa kesanai de zetsubou no ame ga "kimi" o kirisaita ima mo... uchihishigareru you ni sotto kuzureteku setsubou shita mirai koroshita kanjou mou iranai kiekaketa boku ni wa mienai kara zetsumei sunzen no "kimi" ni nani ga dekiru boku ni wa furerare mo shinai kara. Translation: "The rain of despair falling on you" The buzzing doesn't stop "My head will crack" If this vision showed me only this "Kill me rather" For you Softly muttered Nothing remains here. After I cried The scenery vanished in the dark How many nights I should go over? There isn't a place where to return an indelible pain. The rain of despair has crushed "you" Surely... I can't save this night If, singing by myself for a while, I thought of being lost The sadness won't disappear Swallowed In this pain Absolutely I am only looking for it Even if the rain of despotism has tied down "you" Don't erase the gentle memory The rain of despair has torn "you" Even now... It softly crumbles as it has been struck A longing future Killed emotions I don't need them again Because I can't see it fading from me What you can do before your death Because I won't be touched. Kanji/Romaji from Jpopasia Translation: my work, so credit me before posting elsewhere!
  4. So I've decide to show these guys love and get a discussion going. I love all of their latest releases! chariots Active: 2007-Present Members: 戮 (Riku) - Vocals KAZ - Guitar 迅 (Jin) - Bass 美景 (Mikage) - Drums chariots formed in November 2007 by Riku ex. Phantasmagoria and were signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. In early 2010 most of chariots members left the band with the exception of Riku. They would make a brief return in 2012 with their current line-up although this would only last until 2013. In 2016 chariots has reformed with all of the members from 2012-2013 except Gu. Neo (ねお). So far since their reformation they have released: 2 live dist. singles "棘咎 (togetoga) and "閃光(senkou)", 1 maxi-single "忌際 (Kisai)", a new version of their song "シュガァパウダー (sugar powder)" on "V.A「DEEP MORE DEEP#4」" , the mini-album "深紅に揺らめく、儚き鶺鴒(shinku ni yurameku hakanaki sekirei)", a new version of their song "griever" on the live dist. single "griever" and the maxi-single "Succubus" on 2017-04-05. OHP
  5. Hey So I'm selling some of the stuff I have [CDs are Japan Edition unless it's said to be EU] [shipping fees are: depends of the amount of CD you buy Ask for Pictures if you need it Everything gets shipped from France FOR LATIN AMERICA BUYERS: your post offices in Latin America seems to be shit (like really) so please understand that parcel may take a huge amount of time to arrive, and they don't seem to give a shit about tracking codes and don't scan it as they arrive so it doesn't get updated anymore. Furthermore as long as the parcel leaves France, I can't be held responsible for any loss Please note: I can't be held responsible for any broken case, when CDs leave my house, they are in great condition, if not like new, and I wrap them carefully to prevent any damage. It happened before that CDs arrive completely broken, this is most likely due to post offices putting heavy stuff on letters and small packages, result is broken cases. Everything is now in a google sheet, easier to read and keep track of ! enjoy the more than 480 CDs on this list ! Koda Kumi Bon Voyage Fanclub Edition 20€ Bon Voyage CD+DVD edtion 10€ Live Tour 2011 Déjavu (Live CD) 10€ Live Tour 2013 Japonesque (Live DVD) 15€ Hall Tour 2014 Bon Voyage (Live DVD) 15€ Goodies (shirt, hoodies etc) ペンタゴン / Pentagon T-Shirt onesize 25€ Chekis & Photos All Chekis & photos can be seen here, prices are put on the pictures. PM me if you want to buy any of those, thank you Please PM an offer for the Tenten cheki if you are interested in it, there's no fixed price yet. Payment can be done by Paypal only for now
  6. I know peffy did romaji for this song, but I don't remember if anyone translated it into English. Well, here's my attempt either way. My Japanese is still pretty garbage, so feel free to let me know if I've botched something. 他人の不幸は蜜の味 / Other Peoples’ Misfortune Tastes of Honey Music and Lyrics: NOAH Other peoples’ misfortune tastes of honey… “Where are you, who are you with, and what are you doing? You’re nothing but a liar!" La la la la “Are you with a woman? If so, why? I’m not bad!” La la la la “What do I call a woman as stupid as you?”* “Mitsu”** “It’s pitiful that just a quick comment can patch things up…” “Other peoples’ misfortune tastes of honey…” Are you looking at someone like me and laughing? I’ll fall until I’ve completely fallen apart, so Hurry and degrade me “I’m your sweet taste of honey” You’ll use someone like me and throw me away But…that’s fine with me I just want to be by your side… It’s stupid, isn’t it… “Don’t be distant? Don’t leave me? Don’t leave me alone?” La la la la “Even though I’m ugly! Come close to me! Spend some money!” La la la la “When the money runs out, so does the connection – do you know that that’s the type of relationship that suits you best?” “Mitsu”* “To make me happy, give me your life…” “Other peoples’ misfortune tastes of honey…” Are you looking at someone like me and laughing? I’ll fall until I’ve completely fallen apart, so Hurry and degrade me “I’m your sweet taste of honey” You’ll use someone like me and throw me away But…that’s fine with me I just want to be by your side… It’s stupid, isn’t it… “What does sorrow taste like?” I’ll slurp it all up for you So I can be happy, Offer up your life “Other peoples’ misfortune tastes of honey…” Are you looking at someone like me and laughing? I’ll fall until I’ve completely fallen apart, so Hurry and degrade me “I’m your sweet taste of honey” You’ll use someone like me and throw me away But…that’s fine with me I just want to be by your side… It’s stupid, isn’t it… Notes: *I feel like I'm reading this wrong **I've used "mitsu" at certain parts instead of "honey", since the song is very blatantly referencing the “mitsu” phenomenon where women will pay for attention from band members 他人の不幸は蜜の味 / Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji… Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji… Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji… Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji… “Doko de dare to nani shiteru no? Usotsuki bakari ne!” LA LA LA LA “Onna to iru yo? Dakara doushita? Ore wa waruku nai!] LA LA LA LA “Omae mitai na baka na onna o nante iu ka shitteru?” “Mitsu" “Tatta hitokoto de katatsukerarete kawaisou ni...” “Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji” Sonna watashi o mite waratte? Ochiru toko made ochiru kara Hayaku watashi o otoshite yo... “Watashi wa anata no mitsu no aji” Sonna watashi wa tsukai-sute Demo ne... sore demo ii kara Tada soba ni itai dake na no... Baka ne... “Hanarenaide? Hanasanaide? Hitori ni shinaide?” LA LA LA LA “BUSU no kuse ni! Chikayoru na yo! Kane o otose!” LA LA LA LA “Kane no kireme wa en no kireme sore ga ichiban niau kankei shitteru?” “Mitsu" “Ore ga shiawase ni naru tame ni omae no jinsei o choudai...” “Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji” Sonna watashi o mite waratte? Ochiru toko made ochiru kara Hayaku watashi o otoshite yo... “Watashi wa anata no mitsu no aji” Sonna watashi wa tsukai-sute Demo ne... sore demo ii kara Tada soba ni itai dake na no... Baka ne... “Fukou na kimochi wa donna aji?” Subete o suitsukushite ageru Boku ga shiawase ni naru tame Kimi no jinsei sasagete yo “Tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji” Sonna watashi o mite waratte? Ochiru toko made ochiru kara Hayaku watashi o otoshite yo... “Watashi wa anata no mitsu no aji” Sonna watashi wa tsukai-sute Demo ne... sore demo ii kara Tada soba ni itai dake na no... Baka ne... Kanji:
  7. (I apologize in advance if this isn't the right place to post this) Um... Even as a fan, I don't know how I feel about this... I feel happy for him, but at the same time, I'm like "Why???"... I get it, it's a Visual Kei app and stuff, but... I just don't know... EDIT: Found an English Version:
  8. My general idea for this thread is for it to be a place for people (like me) who have some jrock/VK odds & ends that they want to get rid of to pass them along to others who may want them. So everyone that has some old flyers you're never going to hang up, or magazines you really don't need taking up space on your shelf; post away! If there are any 'rules' they are: 1. You can only charge shipping. 2. No posting an offer to buy something after it has been claimed. If someone posts something, they've committed to giving it away. 3. Only claim something if you want it for yourself, don't try to resell something somebody gave you. (I certainly can't police this, but c'mon, don't be a jerk) Everything is spoken for... thanks for the help cleaning everybody.
  9. This topic is for people who have love & passion for Melokei (Symphonic/Melodic J-Rock Visual Kei) Certain categories that covers this are: Symphonic, Melodic, Fantasy, Dramatic, Orchestral, Emotional ect... Please refrain from anything other then this style of music.
  10. So here it is! Versailles's first proper release since their hiatus in 2012! I'd really like to hear what you guys thought about it so I'm starting a review thread of my own. 1: La Musique I'd say probably one of the more solid tracks on the album. I really like the verses and solid piano break near the middle. 8/10 2: Shadows Fang Sounds pretty standard for them. It doesn't really blow my mind. 7/10 3: Inheritance I like the neat little transition from bass, guitar, and vocals before returning to the chorus again. 7.5/10 4: A Day Without You I like the rocking guitars at the beginning. It almost reminds me a little bit of The Revenant Choir. This song is starting to grow on me. Also has a pretty good chorus. 8/10 5: Lineage After hearing the previews I honestly thought I was going to hate this song. Funny because I actually think it's one of the best songs on the album after hearing it in full. The symphonic sounding intro that repeats throughout the song is very good. I honestly wouldn't hesitate to call this one of their best songs if it wasn't for the weird chorus which sounds kinda out of place imo. 8/10 6: Marionette. You're responsible for this one aren't you kamijo? >.> hmmm.. ok 8.5/10 ~Overall Thoughts~ A decent return for them but I wouldn't consider it among their best. Definitely inferior in comparison to their other mini-album lyrical sympathy but it's not that bad.
  11. 麗麗-reirei - have opened their youtube channel since today.
  12. These are in my opinion two of the best new visual kei bands going right now and I've been considering pitting them against each other for awhile now. So after discovering that JILUKA are also from Tokyo (accodring to @Duwang) I finally decided to do it. So both of these bands formed in Tokyo both formed in 2013 and both have a very heavy and electronic sound. Both often employ growls, screams, and in Fixer's case pig squeals as well. Both bands have also used clean singing and more melodic songs in nature as well and tend to combine elements of both within most of their songs. Both bands also tend to use techniques often seen in metalcore such as breakdowns featuring guitar solo's and harsh vocals: including the ones mentioned above. So after that kind of detailed introduction lol the only question remaining is who is better or rather who does it better I guess since they basically have the same sounds. JILUKA FIXER FIGHT!
  13. DIAURA was formed in 2010 by Vocalist Yo-ka and guitarist Kei (both former Valluna members). Their PVs/MVs and songs have become gradually darker since their first releases. They are the main band of the record label Ains. Vocals: Yo-ka Guitar: Kei (佳衣) Bass: Shoya (翔也) (since 2011) Drums: Tatsuya (達也) (since 2013) Official Website Their latest Release is "月光" from August 3, 2016 and they have an upcoming Album "My Resistance" issued for November 2016. Some of their songs: What do you think about them? And what are your favourite songs/albums?
  14. Was driving around listening to Cassis getting excited for Gazette's NYC show in a couple weekends.... thought I'd record some thoughts. Let me know what you think of this (old) Gazette single! (shoutout to Jrocknyc shoutboxer Ken who made a few videos like this about old school Nagoya Kei that were fun... I couldn't find any of them anymore though.)
  15. Scarlet Horizon (metalcore/deathcore visual kei band from China)'s vocalist ZERO will depart the band due to undisclosed reasons. They are currently searching for a new vocalist.
  16. Does anybody know a website/websites for buying Tanbi Kei clothing (Versailles-style)? I've seen some sites but they don't sell male clothing (the Versailels prince-like/fantasy style). Also, I can't even really find female Tanbi Kei clothes. It's mostly just classical/gothic lolita, which isn't exactly what I want. Do you guys know some websites for Tanbi Kei clothes (Versailles' style)?
  17. 【Announcement and apologies from KRAD】 Guitarist has the flu, so the band will appear at tomorrow's show with support guitarist NAO.
  18. Band Members: Vocals: Loki Guitar: JUDY Bass: En'ya Drums: Yune Supporting Members: Piano: yamamitsu (山光) I've listened to both of their singles, and honestly they sound really great with their pianist.
  19. visual kei

    DEVIZE, first announced at the end of 2015 however the start of this band was in MARCH 2016. In September 2016 they hold their first ONEMAN which was SOLD OUT! Members Vocal … アル・フィオン → シャドウ → Lydiac(帝) → DEVIZE Guitar … LARM → シャドウ → Lydiac(麗喜) → DEVIZE Bass … teoh - → シャドウ → Lydiac(ジン) → DEVIZE Drums … 爬 → ArcGarden → AvelCain(怜人→Dr.葬)[1] → 麗麗(Ba.怜斗)[2] → DEVIZE(Dr.爬) I myself really like them, somehow they create music different than 99% of the visual kei bands who are around now. Their music always feels as every melody fits on the right place, also the vocalist voice is nice to listen too. Maybe not the best grunting however NO PIGGY SCREAM! *_* I also really love the style of the drummer. However when I first recovered this band, I really thought "those guys look to amazing to sound good". However After some plays I truly felt in love with this band. I truly hope that Double River Record will be good to them. I would be sad if they would break up anytime soon. All I can say more is that their upcoming single "jikisou" is again a great singe. and it's easy to buy on CDJAPAN. will be released at 2016.12.14 <-GRAB IT!~ only 1200yen! And I also can't wait for: this single is also available on CDjapan 2000 yen. and will be released at January 18 2017. Someday I really hope to see this band LIVE!! I really think they great, however the feedback about them on this forum is a bit.... I still think that they sound as so great as their first single AXIS! And I truly can't wait for their album release! So I hope those who only liked their first release to give DEVIZE a 2nd change, EXODUS is also an amazing single. Which still can be bought at CDJapan and of course on other websites. DEVIZE is for me 100% one of the best bands of 2016. Which I really didn't expect when I first checked them out. DEVIZE on web: OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE OFFICIAL TWITTER
  20. Angelo new album CORD will release on 2016.9.28! No more details for now ^^
  21. Okay people, so as you all know, I enjoy uploading a good amount of VK. In my time, I have managed to upload some stuff from the precursors of VK to the very present. What I would like to know though... is which era of VK is YOUR favorite?? Now just to make a few things clear: - The eras are absolutely NOT definitive, meaning that the bands I chose to represent the eras on here are just from their popularity at the time, as well as reflecting the attitude I think is appropriate for the time period. - Yes, I KNOW THERE ARE MORE BANDS THAT CAN FIT/REPRESENT THE TIME-PERIOD. For the sake of time though, I only chose five of each category/choice. Mainly because it's 7AM and my parents are confused as why I'm still awake. With that all out of the way, I ask YOU fellow MH-heads: which era of VK is YOUR favorite? Which wave are you on?? PRE-WAVE aka THE PRECURSORS!! (circa 1984~1988) ~D'ERLANGER~ ~Uchoten (有頂天)~ ~BUCK-TICK~ ~Kinniku Shojo Tai (筋肉少女帯)~ ~ZIGGY~ THE FIRST WAVE (circa 1988~1993) ~X JAPAN~ ~COLOR~ ~BY-SEXUAL~ ~Kamaitachi (かまいたち)~ ~LUNA SEA~ THE SECOND WAVE (circa 1993~1997) ~Kuroyume (黒夢)~ ~GLAY~ ~L'Arc~en~Ciel~ ~MALICE MIZER~ ~LAREINE~ THE THIRD WAVE (circa 1997 through 2001) ~SHAZNA~ ~La'cryma Christi~ ~FANATIC CRISIS~ ~PIERROT~ ~Dir en grey~ THE FOURTH WAVE (circa 2001~2005) ~Psycho le Cemu~ ~MUCC~ ~An Cafe~ ~the GazettE~ ~SID (シド)~ THE FIFTH WAVE (circa 2005~2010) ~Kagrra~ ~D~ ~Phantasmagoria~ ~Megamasso (メガマソ)~ ~Versailles~ THE SIXTH WAVE (circa 2010~2013) ~DOG inTHE PWO~ ~SCREW~ ~Kiryu (己龍)~ ~NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST~ ~Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー)~ THE SEVENTH WAVE aka THE CURRENT-GRADUATING WAVE (circa 2013~2017) ~MEJIBRAY~ ~DEZERT~ ~AvelCain~ ~D.I.D.~ ~DADAROMA~
  22. Hello! We're Chaotic Harmony Imports and our mission is to globalize visual kei by bringing official merchandise to your doorstep! We're a new import store, and an official distributor for each of our artists. We actually work directly with the labels and artists to get all of our merchandise, which keeps the prices low for you (as close to the original Japanese price as possible), and supports all of the artists! By doing this, we allow you to completely avoid expensive import and shopping service fees, as well as slow shipments! This also means that all of our inventory is brand new, and nothing us ever resale! We are based in the US, but we offer international shipping an accept payments by Paypal. Currently we feature these artists: lynch., SuG, Kaya, Schwarz Stein, Femme Fatale, DaizyStripper, FEST VAINQUEUR, Kiryu, Royz, Codomo Dragon, MeteoroiD, Chanty, and Avanchick. We are also always working to expand our inventory. We feature tour goods like t-shirt, towel, cheki (signed!), cheki holders, and more! Visit to see all of our available inventory! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact form, or e-mail us at We'll also be replying to any questions or comments on this thread. Our social media: Facebook Twitter Tumblr
  23. 会場限定ライヴDVD●第2弾!発売決定! JILUKAの会場限定ライヴDVD第2弾『The Chronostasis -Live abstraction from 160923-』の発売が決定しました。 ●収録内容 〜opening〜 1. ZONE 2. Prisoners 〜drums solo〜 3. Lethal Affliction 4. Lluvia 5. Crossing Fate 〜ending〜 ※2016年9月23日・池袋EDGEで行われた2ndワンマンLIVEにて収録したライヴ映像です。 タイトル:The Chronostasis -Live abstraction from 160923- 形態:LIVE DVD レーベル:DPR JAPAN 品番:DPRJ-BP02 定価:¥3000(税込) 収録時間:約42分 ※2017/1/15恵比寿club aimより販売開始(当日限定特典有) Source:
  24. Hello guys! These are some of my valuable collections that I am parting for a reasonable price. Most of the items can be found at tumblr > (most updated) If you're interested in our FB page too, you can feel free to like and share to your friends! ^^ We include artists like: the GazettE, MEJIBRAY, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Diaura, Arurukan(Arlequin/アルルカン), Royz, Gotcharocka, Acid Black Cherry, L'arc~en~Ciel, Lycaon, Called Plan, ACE, alice nine. etc We will be updating regularly these days so it would be nice if you subscribe to us! You can comment here or email us at if you want to place orders! Items are all uploaded with images! FREE PAPERS/FLYERS if you purchase above USD50 & reblog this post: HERE *****RARE CDs***** MEJIBRAY - トロシナ-Live Limited- **RARE** (SEALED) Price: Open to offer! DIAURA - 自壊 -Live Distributed- 2013.12.29 **RARE** Price: Open to offer! ============================================================ *****CHEKIS***** [SOLD] Arurukan (Nao & Shohei) @ USD17 for 2 [/SOLD] [SOLD] Subaru @ USD7 each (all 9 for USD60) [/SOLD] Tomoya @ USD5 each (all 3 for USD12.50) Koudai @ USD7 *****TRADECARDS***** Subaru @ USD3 each Tomoya @ USD1.50 ***Purchase USD35 worth of cheki/tradecards of Royz to get a Free Royz cheki folder (85% new) - 2 available!*** ============================================================ エース / ACE Nimo Cheki w/ signature USD5 each (all for USD17) 少年記 Nao w/ signature USD5 ============================================================ #01: We ship world-wide, from Hong Kong. #02: All Prices are in USD w/o shipping and Paypal 5% charge.(w/ Tracking by default unless its light items and requested) #03: If items are lost or damaged during shipping, we are not responsible. #04: All items are relatively new, mostly they are only opened once! #05: If you want to reserve items please note that at least 25% deposit of the total price is required. MORE INFORMATION: HERE
  25. So it's end of the year best-of list time, and I wanted to get involved... but I realized with more and more streaming of music rather than mp3s, and more and more me being lazy and not really listening to as much new stuff as I should: my best of 2016 list would be incomplete and hard to make because what I've been listening to isn't as easily organized by year in Spotify. But I'm a narcissist who still wanted to get in on the fun and write *something* so I decided to highlight some of my favorite, or at least notable for one reason or another, looks from the VK world in 2016. Visual is in the name after all! I know hipsters, such as myself, say that the looks don't matter and it's all about the music, man... but I'll freely admit even though I'm not looking at a picture of the band for 98% of my listening to them, the aesthetics matter and part of the reason I like VK is that I enjoy looking at pretty boys in elaborate costumes rather than bearded dudes in black tshirts. With that in mind here is my partially tongue-in-cheek but also I seriously thought about it 10 Notable VK Looks of 2016: Garak’s Vocalist ジュリ I call this the James Dean x Jesus. Insanity Injection Vocalist Kyouka Because of that YouTubers react video, this look may be the VK shot heard ‘round the world. “Looks like Kerrigan” is pretty accurate shorthand for Kyouka’s possessed crab/snake cannibal spirit costume that is almost elaborate enough to explain what the hell he’s been doing for the last ten years. ペンタゴン Bassist Minpha The kawaii-ness is undisputed around these parts… I’m embracing dark Minpha and his crown of demonic scallop shells. 乙女国家 Band I know it’s a VK trope, but I seriously like it when band members all pick a different color and just commit. I’m never going to learn their names, so it helps to just be able to reference “the yellow one who borrowed some gloves from Ensoku’s This is a Pen PV”. Also for anyone else who’s been there: was this photo taken at the ramen ‘museum’ (read: food court) in Yokohama?? It kinda reminds me of that spot. Doak Band As a rapidly balding dude, I appreciate when even fake-baldness gets some shine in VK. Shout-out to the dude from Codoma A! Avelcain Vocalist Karma I bow at the altar of Avelcain… and I’m on the record as loving black-suit-wearing VK looks. Add some fucking palpable *zetsubou* and a sword for no real reason!?? I’m sold. Elysion Band They get my vote for best golden age Matina cosplay of the year. I saw them in June and there was just tons of vinyl and straps and lace and bare thigh and a frilly white dress and… there’s no joke here they just had an awesome/classic look. I don’t even remember what they sounded like, but I remember thinking their outfits and makeup had to take hours to get right before the show. Lack-co. Vocalist Tenten What you thought I wasn’t going to include this transcendent “it’s coming in nice” puberty mustache dyed red?? You don’t know me very well. He’s got some sort of black sequin freckles happening too for some Annie vibes. Nihilizm Band Just a look that I think really kills. Those red lace blindfolds are just cool IDK. The member with the bob is a cutie. ギャロ Vocalist Jojo I always love Jojo’s extremely sparkly lipstick…. And in this video (and others this year) he wins the award for most dangerously low-rise pants in VK. Got them side abs! I also don’t really understand his fork hat, but fuck it if you can’t get weird in VK where can you? Close but no cigar: Hollowgram's grown up/understated black looks, vocalist from More's curls and one satyr horn, Plastic Tree vocalist pushing the bounds of how cool he can make cutting his own hair look Purposefully Omitted: The Black Swan blackface, any boring not-quite Kamijo look Let me know why I'm wrong and what should have been on this list!