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Found 5 results

  1. 6TH OCTOBER NEW ITEMS ADDED! And sold out stuff cleared out. Shipping is from Finland. Payment is done via paypal, prices do not include paypal fee or shipping. Photos here http://miharou-sales.tumblr.com/ All items are in great condition unless stated otherwise. Flyers for free for every 5e bought (So buy for 20e, get four flyers) If someone is interested in byuing all Jealkb stuff, we can make a good deal! Tour shirts, all in great condition - Girugamesh european tour 2014, S, 20€ - UNiTE Lin 今田 2014, M, 20€ - GIGAMOUS gold tour 2015, M, 20€ CD's, all 3e/per cd or 5cd's for 10e. -Kameleo - Kagrra, - Jealkb - Jealkb dvd 5e - Kagrra, 10th anniversary fan 70e - Jealkb bag 5e - The gazette black moral RAD plastic bag, 5e - Jealkb Narcists photobook 3e - Jealkb gig photos, 2e whole set - Jealkb sticker set 1e - Jealkb poster 1e (NEW) - SID poster 1e (two sided, NEW) - Kameleo towel 3e - Jealkb towels 3e each (washed twice) - Cheki 1€/per cheki (kameleo, gigamous) (unite sold) Flyers 1€/one flyer or 10 flyers for 5e + shipping! I won't ship just one flyer. Alice nine flyers preferably sold as a batch for 7e. Alice nine / A9 Anfilh Arurukan Eat you alive Golden bomber Jealkb Lm.c Kra Kiyoharu Luna sea Mitsu Rshitei Razor Smile berry The kiddie The raid Unite / kuro unite Vr tour
  2. I've updated with lots of new items for sales and lowered all prices. Negotiations are possible~ (Prices don't include paypal fee and shipping) All Flyers -.50¢ each All Magazines - $2 each No Holds Shipping is from America, Payment is through Paypal in USD. If you're interested in buying leave a comment or PM me *~Small SS Offered~* I can get cheki / merchandise from these bands: REIGN SAVAGE ヴァージュ (Virge) GRIMOIRE DIMLIM BabyKingdom 蘭図 (Rands) UNiTE Vexent Most bands I will see on the 25th at a live. Please note I require payment in full at least a day before the live through paypal. My SS fee is 20% of your total. (Plus paypal fee / atm fee if required. ) and shipping will be calculated after. If I can't get items for some reason you will be refunded. There is no fees on : UNiTE cheki, Vexent cheki, Grimoire cheki and new album. Also selling copies of UNiTE's new single ビリブオアノ for $10 plus shipping, Thanks for reading UNiTE. Vexent LEZARD Grimoire Zigzag Kameleo Posters OTHER For Flyers and Magazine photos please check the link here: Or you can just let me know what bands you are looking for because I don't have pics of every single flyer. Thanks for reading~~ !!
  3. jduv86

    This is going to be gruelling at least for me. I don't think there has ever been a time where I wasn't thrilled to hear about either one of these bands releasing music. They both have a similar sound which basically covers everything imaginable lol even though vistlip came first, I think they both have about the same amount of popularity (correct if I'm wrong). So let's take a look at just some of the amazing music each band has provided over the years and decide: Vistlip Unite. So difficult!! I think I'm going to give unite. the edge here. Even though they are a younger band, I feel like they continue to capture the spirit that brought mE to vistlip while vistlip is going for a more mainstream appeal (though the songs are still great). I feel they've stepped back from having a diverse sound in one song like a VK band should have and just went for more straightforward music. What do you think?
  4. The event "REX ~ COUNTDOWN '16 ~ '17" will be held at Shibuya REX! Participants band : - ELYSION - Unite (Guest) - amanjaku - Avanchick - Dangan NO LIMIT - LEZARD - LIRAIZO - LONDBOY - MeteoroiD - MORRIGAN - REIGN - Smileberry - Starku - Sonic Death Monkey - THE DC - Zonbi
  5. Special sessions will perform at the event, 『妖怪夏祭』, at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on August 24 [participating bands] VaniKill ELYSION アマンジャク。 (Amanjaku) [session bands] ぬっぺセッション (Nuppe session): Vo.雀夜 (Suzuya) (ex.トランスノート (Trance Note)) Gt.冬摩 (Touma) (リライゾ (Liraizo)) Gt.奈緒 (Nao) (ex.ALIVE) Ba.ぬっぺ (Nuppe) (ex.サウイフモノ (Souiumono)) Dr.BAN (ex.LOUDGRAPE) キャン☆スターズ (Kyan☆Stars): Vo.いっち (Icchi) (ex.HOSHInoHOUSE) Gt.シュン (Shun) (ex.ヴィドール (Vidoll)) Gt.ルリ (Ruri) (ex.キャンゼル (Canzel)) Ba.てりてんぬる (Teri-ten) (ex.HOSHInoHOUSE) Dr.ゆきみ (Yukimi) (ex.ユナイト (Unite)) まつげboys (Matsuge Boys): Gt.宗雪 (Muneyuki) (ex.NIAS) Dr.あつ丸 (Atsumaru) (ex.NIAS)
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