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Found 8 results

  1. Monochrome Heaven's 3rd Free-for-all Trade-Off!!! It's been a while since our last Free-for-all Trade-Off! So this time, there's no theme. Got some mix ideas you've been sitting on? or just some cool songs you want to share? Whatever the case, you're completely free to put together any kind of mix you want! Basic Rules: Any questions? Feel free to ask! Sign-up will end and partners will be revealed Wednesday, June 26th Your mix must be sent by Sunday, June 30th Final reviews must be posted by Sunday, July 14th (if you need more time, just post here and let me know) NOTE: @Ro plz has been banned from participating in this Trade-Off after failing to submit a review for @monkeybanana4's mix in Monochrome Heaven's "Best of 20.." Trade-off - PARTICIPANTS @CAT5 @suji @doombox @yomii @monkeybanana4 @Triangle @platy @indigo @Zeus @Seimeisen @Original Saku @qotka @Hohchicano96 @Komorebi @ghost @colorful人生 PARTNERS @Zeus + @yomii @Seimeisen + @monkeybanana4 @suji + @Komorebi @platy + @Hohchicano96 @doombox + @indigo @Original Saku + @qotka @CAT5 + @Triangle @ghost + @colorful人生
  2. Monochrome Heaven's "A picture is worth a 1000 songs" Trade-Off! Greetings MH! I hope everyone is well. For those who might be participating for the first time: the Trade-Off is a music exchange where you'll be paired up with another member and tasked with creating a mixtape for them based on the current theme! After exchanging mixes with your partner, you'll be given time to listen to the mix so that you can offer your own critique/review, in which you'll be able describe your experience and let your partner how you enjoyed the mix and how you thought they handled the theme. What is this theme about? We've all heard the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words". It's a common idiom referring to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single picture, or that a picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a plethora of written words. So I wanted to play off of that idea with this theme. The goal here is to find an image you like, or one that inspires you, and create a mix that evokes the same feelings or aesthetic that the image does for you....to create a mix that embodies the story being told within the image...a mix that, when you listen to it, you can look at the image, and literally SEE what you're hearing!...a mix where each song reflects the essence of your image. Got it? How many different songs can you describe your image in? The picture can be anything you want (tho nothing sexually explicit, offensive, or against the forum rules please). So essentially, the image you choose IS your theme! There's no right or wrong way to do this, as it's all very subjective, but I think this will make for some interesting results! *Special* Rules: (these rules are unique to this specific trade-off event) Must include an image with your mixtape, as it will represent the theme of your mix. Your image must be at least 500 x 500 px or larger (it doesn't have to be square). We want to really get the feel of your image, so good quality is paramount! Be sure to post your partner's image when you review their mix! Basic Rules: Some things worth thinking about! (these aren't rules - just a few things worth considering while participating in this event. suggestions even.) Since this is trade-off is more based on "feelings", it might be better to focus on how songs sound and the mood they evoke, rather than actual lyrics. Although lyrics can most definitely be of use in this theme as well! Keep in mind that there is no "correct" way to interpret the mixes you'll be receiving When reviewing your partner's mix, it might be helpful to view the songs on two different spectrum: how you feel about the song personally, and if you think the song matches up with the selected image/theme. Any questions? Feel free to send em my way! Sign-up will end and partners will be revealed Thursday, February 28th Your mix must be sent by Friday, March 8th Final reviews must be posted by Sunday, March 17th Ladies and gentz, let's get to it!!! Participants @CAT5 @yomii @platy @monkeybanana4 @Lestat @Komorebi @reminiscing2004 @doombox @Triangle @Seimeisen @ghost @togz @Zeus @Hohchicano96 Pairings @yomii & @Seimeisen @monkeybanana4 & @Hohchicano96 @Komorebi & @Triangle @doombox & @platy @reminiscing2004 & @Lestat @ghost & @togz @Zeus & @CAT5
  3. WARNING: IMAGINATION NEEDED!!! OK. I know some of you see the word "anime" and freak the fuck out, but worry not! Before you get the wrong idea, please continue to read below so you can understand the theme! Monochrome Heaven's SUUPAA Fantastic ANIME OST Trade-Off Alrighty, since I'm hosting this trade-off this time, I've decided to tailor it to my own specs, so the rules will be slightly amended. For those who might be new, the Trade-Off is a playlist/Mixtape exchange where you'll be sending a list of songs to a partner, and critiquing each other's songs! What is this theme about? For this theme, you've been commissioned to score your very own anime soundtrack! That's right, YOU get to choose all of the music for the anime. So you can be creative as you want here. You don't have to be an anime fan to participate in this trade-off, nor does your playlist have to sound "anime-ish"! You're in complete control of the soundtrack, so you can create an OST that you think would fit the anime stereotypes or you can do something completely unheard of in anime - it's up to you! Now you might be asking, what anime should I score? Well, here's the deal. You can create your very own anime concept from scratch and make the OST for it, OR you can use an anime that already exists and just create your own vision for the OST of that anime. Either way works! Now in order to enhance the experience, this Trade-Off will have some specific requirements, so pay attention! *Special* Rules: Must include cover art. If you create your own anime concept, then just find a pic that you think will fit what you're going for. If you're using an anime that exists, then feel free to use official imagery for that anime. Must include synopsis and genre for your anime. If you create your own anime concept, just write a simple synopsis explaining what your anime is about (doesn't have to be more than a sentence) and list whatever genre(s) you want it to be. If you use an anime that exists, feel free to just copy/paste the synopsis and genre(s) from elsewhere. Must explain the intent of your playlist. When you send your playlist to your partner, explain to them the direction/feel you were going for with your soundtrack. The length of your explanation is up to you. Must include an OP (opening theme song) and an ED (ending theme song), designated by the first and last tracks respectively. (so the first track of your playlist should be the OP and the last should be the ED). You're allowed to use songs from ANY official soundtrack if you want. You can use up to 3 songs from the same artist if you want. Basic Rules: Some things worth thinking about! (These are NOT rules - Just things I think are worth considering for this trade-off!) When both creating and reviewing your playlists - try to think of what different kinds of scenes you could imagine the songs being used for. If you're creating your own anime concept, keep in mind all of the different genres of anime you could go with. Action, horror, adventure, mystery, drama, comedy, sports, romance, psychological, tragedy, slice-of-life, shounen, shoujo, seinen, mecha, etc, etc Remember that you're trying to paint a picture of your anime with the soundtrack. You really want to invoke in your partner what it might feel like to watch your imaginary/hypothetical anime. When reviewing your partner's playlist, you could let them know if, based on the OST and anime premise, you'd be interested in an actually watching a series like that. Feel free to be as detailed as you want with this theme! Even if you want to specify a certain kind of scene for each song - that's perfectly welcome! Participants: @CAT5- COMPLETE @qotka- COMPLETE @Zeus- COMPLETE @togz @plastic_rainbow @Triangle- COMPLETE @platy- COMPLETE @doombox- COMPLETE @indigo @Lestat- COMPLETE @JukaForever- COMPLETE @YuyoDrift- COMPLETE @ghost- COMPLETE @suji @Kira_Uchiha- COMPLETE @Shir0- COMPLETE Partners: @YuyoDrift & @Triangle @suji& @JukaForever @doombox & @qotka @indigo& @togz @ghost & @platy @Kira_Uchiha & @Shir0 @Zeus& @plastic_rainbow @CAT5 & @Lestat Partners will be revealed Wednesday, Feb. 7th Your mix must be sent by Sunday, Feb. 18th Final reviews must be posted by Sunday, Feb. 25th はじめ!!!
  4. It's the most wonderful time of the year! That is, depending on how you look at it... This trade-off is all about giving. Let's share with our fellow MH users a playlist which gives a sense of how you see the Holiday Season. Do you feel joy? Hope? Despair at having to spend a few days with those loud relatives? How does the repetitive tacky music that plays at the shops make you feel? Do the decorations and food warm your heart? Perhaps you feel at peace that another year has come to an end. Your mix can have a narrative related to the season Your mix can be a collection of songs that remind you of this time of the year Make a playlist about one of the feelings associated with the holiday It's up to you! However, in the spirit of throwing a proper Secret Santa party this trade-off will be a bit different: RULES FOR THE PLAYLIST: Sign up ends December 17th Your mix must be sent by December 23th Final reviews must be posted by January 3rd 🎁Peace of Mind 🎁The Ghost of Winter's Past 🎁MH Secret Santa Tradeoff 🎁SUMIRE 🎁130 below 🎁Wishing To Trust Again 🎁Darkside Lightside 🎁Love, Loneliness & Longing 🎁Pain and Cheer for Two 🎁Sexy Urban Jazzy Xmas 🎁Snowful Nights, One Blithe Evening 🎁Underlying Melody 🎁Christmas 17 🎁G00D EM0 XMAS MIX
  5. From freaky clowns in sewers to murderers in hockey masks, fictional serial killers and October go together like pumpkins and pie. For our next trade-off, dedicate a mix tape to the theme of smooth criminal. How you interpret the theme is up to you. For some examples, you can: create a playlist about the perfect crime create a playlist Jack the Ripper would listen to invent a criminal and detail his or her journey and motivations create a mix that sounds like the mind of a killer create a mix where every song references crime, murder, or passion create a mix about criminal activity. Murder, crime, drugs, etc. The theme could also be a little less pointed, focusing on themes such as insanity or blood lust or even one particular historical figure. Do whatever you want, as long as you can tie it back to the theme. Partners will be revealed October 13th Your mix must be sent by October 15th Final reviews must be posted by October 22nd @Zeus <-> @Lestat @saishuu <-> @fieldsgrow @doombox <-> @robkun @indigo <-> @reminiscing2004 @qotka <-> @ghost Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Don't forget to PM your mix to your partner rather than posting them on the thread.
  6. This piece of art is open to interpretation For this trade-off let's get everyone pumped and share some energy around, whether it's summer where you are and you want to share the excitement that the season brings, or winter and you need a boost of vitality. This theme involves choosing songs which make you want to sing along with all your might, shout 'Hallelujah!', elevate your spirit, stomp your feet on the ground and praise the band for existing! This could be a really catchy pop tune, a melody full of mind-blowing screams and growls, an epic OST, anything that gets you out of a bad mind set and makes you ready to get up and go, heck, even songs in your work out playlist. As long as it gives you LIFE! Partners will be revealed 16/08 Your mix must be sent by 21/08 Final reviews must be posted by 26/08 @あなたはもう一度やった x @robkun @sheepprincessgarax @Seimeisen @Hohchicano96x @The Reverend @chemicalpicturesx @YuyoDrift @JukaForeverx @Original Saku @Zeusx @reminiscing2004 @Komorebix @doombox @VESSMIERx @CAT5 @Hakoniwax @Chi @Nagisax @itsukoii @platyx @indigo @qotkax @rekzer @saishuux @Ikki Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Don't forget to PM your mix to your partner rather than posting them on the thread.
  7. The next Monochrome Heaven music trade-off will be soon and we need your help choosing the theme!
  8. Monochrome Heaven's "Anything Haunted" Trade-Off THEME With Halloween right around the corner, it's only given that we have to do a spooky theme. Your job is to make a mix based on a place that is haunted. It can be a haunted house, forest, abandoned town, or even something as complex as a haunted item (doll, antique things, etc etc) If you think it has the potential to be haunted, then make a soundtrack to let us know the story behind it and it's effects! Be sure to let your partner know the location or item of your choosing if the exact theme isn't clear. This theme is an open doorway to creativity and the sky is the limit. BUT FIRST SOME RULES SIGN UPS BEGIN NOW. Partners will be announced on Monday October 10th. Your partner should have your mix no later than the end of Sunday October 16th. Your review must be posted no later than the end of Sunday October 23rd. !!!!LET'S GET SPOOPY!!!! ROLE CALL @beni x @Ito @SwampManx @CAT5 @togz x @The Reverend @doombox x @ghost @saishuu x @Uraraka @plastic_rainbow x @indigo @Platy x @-NOVA- @leafwork x @Zeus @Hakoniwa x @Komorebi @『YELLOW DIAMOND』x @Atreides
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