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Found 6 results

  1. type: official Online Shop Limited Edition【Available in limited number of copies】 format: 2 Blu-spec CD2+1 Blu-ray ¥7,500 (tax out). ADORATIO will be sold via GALAXY BROAD SHOP starting April 20th. also to be sold at sukekiyo tour Rakkasuru Getsumen. CD 1 to contain 13 songs including previously released Mimi Zozo and Aoguroi Hysteria, other 11 being totally new. CD 2 will be a compilation of collab works. Blu-Ray to contain two PVs for new songs and live footage. band insists ADORATIO is a music and video collection, not an album or EP.
  2. Hello. ^^ I've updated with some new items for sales. (Prices don't include paypal fee and shipping) Like an edison - New Years Comment DVD 2018 - $20 Features comments from about 148 different bands. Unite towel - $12 (anniversary version) Unite towel - $12 (purple version) Kuro-UNiTE. Photoset - $8 Kuro-UNiTE. Kuro No Reirou CD - $5 Unite full towel - $30 (Haku / Jupiter version) Unite face towel - $15 (Haku) UNiTE. x VillageVanguard collab - LiN character keychain (new) - $12 UNiTE. x VillageVanguard collab - Wristband LiN version - $5 ALiBi CD ( Limited Edition Version) - $5 UNiTE. x VillageVanguard collab - Badge Sana version - $5 UNiTE. - Comment DVD $5 -Only available as benefits for buying A Little Picture at Zeal Link shops. (* DVD is region 2 and may not play in all devices. ) Alive Magazine - $6 featuring Hero / BugLug / Zuck / Aube / etc.... SuG - Takeru Poster and Group Poster - $5 each Vistlip Posters - $5 each - Group Poster // Rui Poster // Tohya Poster // Umi Poster // Yoh Poster // Tomo Poster BugLug - Group Poster - $5 京 sukekiyo postcard - Tower Records RR benefits $4 Diaura x Tower Records small poster - $4 The Raid magazine Vol.1 (with DVD) $3 Durandal - memento mori *Given as a present for attending the tour final on January 15th, 2017. -open to offers on the price Sith - moment *sealed* $5 バク (Baku) - 乙切り荘 CD - $3 Vivalet - good bye, this world - Distributed CD - $4 gezigezi - Poison. Distributed CD - $4. I have 2 copies available. rice - Never / Asterisk (new sealed) Distributed CD with 2 songs. - $5 Anfiel - Lamplight=Melody (new unopened) - $12 UNiTE. - A Little Picture (regular edition) multiple copies available - $5 each UNiTE. - A Little Picture (webshop and venue limited edition ) - $5 each UNiTE. - Misora Musubi - limited edition (new) - $5 UNiTE. - Aivie - limited edition (opened - good condition) - $5 UNiVERSE (regular edition) $10 each + shipping Vexent - Shion - $8 Purple Stone - Poison Chocolate - (all types available) - $5 each Purple Stone - Panic Panic Complete set - 5 types (A, B, C, D, E) - $25 Type C only - $5 Type D only - $5 LEZARD - Shinagawa Stellar Ball DVD - $15 LEZARD - Kakurenbo set - Limited and regular edition (brand new unopened) - $10 Kakurenbo single normal edition (brand new unopened) - $5 Airish- 澪-mio- (regular edition) - $5 Airish - Identity (limited edition) - $5 Zin - Kakumei Shojo A (with photo) unopened - $10 each (I have 1 copy left. ) Cheki 1. Dispina - Hajime cheki - $5 2. VRZEL - Ryoya cheki - $5 v[neu] Hixro cheki - $3 each Zin (now Yusai) - Luy cheki - $10 Yusai Saku x Belle Haro 2shot cheki - $10 Yusai Orochi x Belle Yume 2shot cheki - $10 UNiTE. - Sana cheki - $5 Misaruka - sawah (yukata) cheki - $4 Kameleo cheki - $3 each. Discount is possible if buying multiple. Hikaru Daisuke and Takeshi Takashi Kouichi UNiTE. cheki - $3 each. Discount is possible if buying multiple. Yui Mio 2, 3, 5 & 7 - (sold) Yukimi Flyers •choose any 5 flyers - $4 •choose any 10 flyers - $8 •choose any 15 flyers - $12 •choose any 20 flyers - $14 •choose any 4 magazines - $10 •choose any 8 magazines - $18 *Please check the post at the bottom of this page for the links to see photos* Magazines / Flyers AREA & EDGE Vol. 92 - $4 AREA & EDGE Vol. 93 - $4 AREA & EDGE vol.98 - $4 AREA & EDGE vol.99 - $4 BPM vol. 10 - $3 EvoL’v vol. 23 - $3 EvoL’v vol. 27 - $3 Gashukiko vol. 15 - $3 Gashukiko vol. 17 - $3 GAB vol.82 - $3 GAB vol.84 - $3 GAB vol.85 - $3 GAB vol.87 - $3 Club Zy Mag vol.35 - $3 VR vol.55 - $4 VR - vol.60 - $3 Vijuttoke vol.59 - $4 PopUnited vol.118 - $3 Flyers are $1, I typically have multiple different ones depending on the band. Mostly they're from the past year to the most current ones. Please ask for photos since there's too many to upload here. Bands are: Anfiel Astaria Arelquin Artemis Avel cain / sibile bashir Azero Baby I love you baroque Blesscode the Benjamin Bugscream Clowd Crimson Shiva Delvelop One's Faculties Destructive Agent of Jap Diaura Dispina exist trace FakeFixion Fixer FoLLoW Glam Gramm@r the Gallo Grimoire gibalte Insomnia IV HUV Kiryu Kenzi Krad Lagna Lagless Lievre Clay Limited E= Lips the Lotus Marblehead Mekakusi Mejibray Meteoroid Miztavla Peak Hold Pentagon Piglow in Gloomy Purple Stone Rhedoric Scarlet Valse Sex-Android Silver Linings Smileberry SquAIR S.Q.F Synk;yet Starku TraTraTra UNiTE Vanikill Virulent ViV Vivalet Vrzel WeZ XaaXaa Zig+Zag Zeal Link Tour Zillapark Zin Shipping is from America. If you have any questions, need more pictures, or want to discuss prices, leave a message here or you can email me at: nuigurumi57@gmail.com if you are interested. *^^* Thanks for reading
  3. MERRY has announced a new single slated for release in February 2017. Details tba.
  4. Sukekiyo will release a new live-limited single "Mimi Zozo", which will (apparently, actual details yet unknown) include a new track they have played at lives lately. The said single will be sold only during their "宙吊り娘と掃き溜めの詩" tour - dates below: covers: source: their twitter Also, Takumi began to use twitter as well! His introductory tweet by courtesy of kyotaku:
  5. 天野攸紀 (amano yuki) Worship Thread Amano Yuki is one of visual/nagoya kei's best kept secrets. In the past decade, he's played bass (for a short time) in legendary bands like deadman, the god and death stars, and the studs. Currently, he's juggling a number of bands/projects, being most well-known for playing bass in HOLLOWGRAM. However, the projects he leads are much more exciting. In his projects (detailed below), he plays guitar, sings, and writes all the music. Unfortunately, Yuki has not done himself a lot of favors in terms of promoting his work. There seem to be no current official photos of him, besides what he's done with HOLLOWGRAM--not a great technique in VISUAL kei (although, he does seem to operate on the periphery of the scene). Plus, all of his CDs to my knowledge are always released as live-limited—luckily, the majority of his stuff is released from the “vault” eventually and goes for sale on his personal webshop or elsewhere, such as zoisite shop. dim my division (2011) Back in 2011 when he was still known as “yukino,” he released a single under the band dim my division in a mellow, alternative (Nagoya kei?) style. The two songs (plus the sample of “window” tacked on to the end of track 2) would later be totally reworked in the DIMMDIVISION. mini-album, RECALL. Members: Vocals & Guitar: yukino (Gullet, Deadman, the studs, StrangerSaid.) Bass: kazu (Kagerou, the god and death stars, Stereo.C.K.) Guitar: KUMA Drums: hibiki (the studs, otogadead) Release: モノクロにクル 2011 1. モノクロにクル (monochronicle) 2. dims in wonder DIMMDIVISION. (2011-present?) On New Year’s Eve of 2011, the band changed their name to DIMMDIVISION. Members yukino and hibiki “updated” their names as well. They released their first mini-album, this time with a very strong shoegaze influence and noisy production, bearing hardly any resemblance to dim my division’s music. The following releases have continued the shoegaze-influence and the RECALL mini-album features some of the most creative retooling and remixing I’ve ever encountered, rendering the old Nagoya kei style music of dim my division into something completely fresh. While DIMMDIVISION. hasn’t had a release in a while, they still perform live, so I assume they’re still active. Members: Vocals & Guitar: Amano Yuki (f.k.a. yukino) Bass: kazu (Kagerou, the god and death stars, Stereo.C.K.) Guitar: KUMA Drums: Manabu Saitoh (f.k.a. hibiki) Ex-Member: Guitar: takumi (ex-Moran’s velo); departed after the release of first mini-album Releases: A Day in the PanoramaMagic. 2012/01/10 1. NightFlight 2. Deva_Loka 3. Embryo 4. HaS 5. Envy 6. .ReyarP ザヒビキ(the hibiki) 2012/05/04 1. .ReyarP 2. Envy Note: According to @Trombe, this single features a remix by Manabu Saitoh, with one song with vocaloid vox and the other sung by Saitoh himself. 揺れる/梟 2013.01.12 1. 揺れる (yureru) 2. 梟(fukurou) Note: A second press was released (date unknown) with different packaging in a clear DVD case. The songs feature no perceived remastering. RECALL 2013.11.18 1. Monochronicle (new ver.) 2. Dims In Wonder (new ver.) 3. Window 4. HaS (RECALL ver.) 5. Envy (RECALL ver.) 天野攸紀 (2012-present) Yuki’s solo project, which officially goes by his full name, is largely acoustic. The songs are generally much simpler than his DIMMDIVISION./StrangerSaid. work. Releases: saw. 2012.06.26 1. saw. Daybreak / colors. 2013.01.12 1. Daybreak 2. colors. Note: This is a collaboration single credited to 天野攸紀& 高井淳(Takai Jun). According to @Trombe, one song is composed by Yuki and sung by Jun, and the other is composed by Jun and sung by Yuki. memento 2014/03/30 1. memento 真昼の月 2015/05/28 1. 真昼の月(mahiru no tsuki) Note: A bonus track is connected to the title track. On iTunes, the song appears as “真昼の月 ~ PLAY”. StrangerSaid. (2013-present) StrangerSaid. is unique in Yuki’s projects, because it features violin and upright bass. I would describe the core sound as closer to dim my division than DIMMDIVISION., but with the inclusion of the orchestral elements of course. One of HOLLOWGRAM’s songs, “Butterfly in her dreams,” sounds like StrangerSaid. (with a bit of Moran influence?) and Yuki indeed composed it. Members: Vocals & Guitar: Amano Yuki Violin: hidaka hayato (sources) Upright Bass: YUCHI (kannivalism, sukekiyo) Drums: ootaka jun (rowthe, the god and death stars) Releases: stranger said_ 2013/04/07 1. 無形の輪(mukei no wa) 2. Laughing In The Pain. 3. 白日(hakujitsu) Note: A second press with remastered tracks was released on 2014/08/15 under the title [ss_2nd mortal.] a sleep. 2014/01/12 1. a sleep. THE PAST. 2015/01/10 1. THE PAST./KUMA_mix 2. saw.[ss_ver.]/takumi_mix 3. THE PAST./takumi_mix Special thanks to VKDB and @Trombe’s informative news threads which helped me to gather so much information! _____________ Now, let’s discuss his music and shed some much needed light on this dark horse figure in art kei! Do you have a favorite project or do you try to follow everything? Favorite releases/songs? Should he focus more on his three current projects or on HOLLOWGRAM? Do you think Yuki deserves more popularity/recognition?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a Tooru but just don't have the time to take care of him. I've had him since he was a child. I'm hoping there will be someone out there who will give him the love and attention he deserves. He's house trained and very well behaved, although, sometimes he screams, vomits, makes funny faces, flips people off, points at people, and throws things at you. You'll have to work out those behavioral problems but I know a very good trainer that we're actually seeing now. See photos for examples Another thing is he really loves hats. I mean REALLY loves hats. So, you'll probably have to buy him a new one every few months or so. These are all the kinds he has now. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Right now I'm taking offers for him so just PM me an offer. Shipping will depend on location. Paypal preferred. Tooru and I both appreciate this!