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Found 4 results

  1. I'm asking this question out of curiousity. I've come across numerous people in the past who have told me they pay significantly less attention to solo artists as opposed to bands. But at the time I never asked why. How do you feel about this? In rock music, are solo artists just generally viewed as inferior to bands? Note that I do NOT mean a full-on rock band vs a singer-songwriter (singer and acoustic guitar). A good example of what I mean is a solo artist like Gackt vs a band like The Gazette. Generally rock-band style instrumentation, both of them. In some cases, I'm sure it is because that fan was a fan of that solo artist's band before they became a solo artist. Or maybe they just think bands are more interesting, or somehow more legitimate? Assuming a band and a solo artist are in the same genre, does this "bands are cooler than solo artists" idea hold any weight whatsoever, or is it just some strange stigma? I don't believe so, but I'm really interested to find out others' views. For example I love Gackt, but I have little interest in Malice Mizer. I love Motley Crue yet I also love Vince Neil's solo stuff. I'm a Billy Idol fan, but I'm not so interested in Generation X. Thanks for your insight!
  2. I'll put up a more detailed review at a later date, but WOW. This is legions better than what Plastic Tree has been offering us since Bucchi left the band. This is not a joke, this is a fact. The vast majority of these songs are pretty old, having been played at Neji lives (THOSE BOOTLEGS OF NEKOYUME RULE.) Anyway, solid 8/10. I'll probably have more to add, as i listen to the album further.
  3. As we all know, various bands have their own Youtube pages for commercial/promotion purposes - but what about bandomen/members of these bands having their own youtube pages, where they'd post something almost irrelevant to their respective bands' songcraft / actual promotion purposes? As with that instagram thread you have noticed lately, post speficic youtube urls of your fav. bandomen's "separate work" (or semi-personal stuff) here, for instance: Shou (Alice Nine) (Classical/Flamenco covers w/ piano & guitars*, random comps, specific self-covers and random goofy videos) *yes, he's a multi-instrumentalist! Tora (Alice Nine) (Only two self-covers so far) Junichi Konno (Karasu (not the vk band - the indie rock Karasu)) (self-covers)
  4. Recently i visited PD Companys online shop and registerede there an artist called RYOGA. this can only be, BORNs RYOGA. Is he starting solo, or why does ps company have merchandise for him? Anybody knows something?