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Found 7 results

  1. I moved back to Tokyo on December 31 and started offering shopping service for everyone, rather than just my friends, for small fees. This can be merch and CD/DVD’s from lives, music stores (ZEAL LINK, little HEARTS, Closet Child, Pure Sound etc.) and tickets. I can also get you stuff like Japanese snacks, candy, ramen, anime stuff and beauty products etc. ⚠️Follow this post and/or my Facebook group for updates: Paradox VK Shopping Service⚠️ You can DM me here on MH for questions, but orders go through Fb! Confirmed: January ・1/5: JILUKA/DEXCORE/breakin’ holiday/ Яyu (Far East Dizain) SESSION/TRNTY D:CODE/ヴィルシーナ(verxina)/午前零時。(gozenreiji.) @ 池袋BlackHole ✝️Done✝️ ・1/6: 午前零時。(gozenreiji.)/ユメリープ(yumeleep)/ヤミテラ(yamitera)/フシアナ(fushiana)/MIMIC @ 池袋BlackHole ✝️Done✝️ ・1/12: 彩冷える(ayabie) - oneman「Virgin Snow Color-Final Season-」@ Zepp Tokyo ✝️Done✝️ ・1/15: FIXER vs DIMLIM - twoman FIXER LAST 2MAN @ 恵比寿club aim ✝️Done✝️ ・1/17: まみれた(mamireta) - oneman「僕が射精された日」@ 赤坂BLITZ ✝️Done✝️ ・1/20: AIOLIN/ヴァージュ(virge)/ギャロ(gallo)/SAVAGE/DEXCORE/Rides In ReVellion @ 高田馬場AREA ✝️Done✝️ ・1/27: SARIGIA - 1st anniversary🎉「Where is the Sun」@ 新宿 RUIDO K4 ✝️Done✝️ February ・2/11: SARIGIA - Asuka & Mizuki birthday🎉 @ 二万電圧✝️Done✝️ ・2/14: まみれた(mamireta)/SAVAGE/NAZARE/蘭図(rands) @ 池袋EDGE✝️Done✝️ ・2/17: SARIGIA/ヴィルシーナ(verxina)/NAZARE/ヴァージュ(virge) @ 高田馬場AREA✝️Done✝️ ・2/25: ユメリープ/午前零時。(gozenreiji.)@ Live House 獅子王✝️Done✝️ March ・3/9: DIMLIM/Misanthropist/abstracts/Sable Hills/CATHARSIS (Misanthropist with Keita from Far East Dizain) opening act @ SHIBUYA CYCLONE✝️Done✝️ ・3/23: 午前零時。(gozenreiji.)/烏名 鳴と不愉快な仲間達(Karasuna Mei to fuyukaina nakama-tachi)/ユメリープ(yumeleep)/マチルダ(mathilda)/SiREN/MIMIC/キラワレモノ(kirawaremono) @池袋EDGE✝️Done✝️ ・3/27: ティアシティ(TEARCiTY)/THE SOUND BEE HD/Re:move/DictavE/GLORIA/VENECIS @ HOLIDAY SHINJUKU✝️Done✝️ ・3/30: SARIGIA/DEXCORE/NAZARE/DEVILOOF/DOBE/MEIDARA @ 池袋EDGE✝️Done✝️ April ・4/1: 午前零時。(gozenreiji.)/モンストロ(monstllow)/MICBAM/影喰イ(kagekui)/ウラモノ(uramono)/× JAPAN [Vo.Kakeru(Scarlet Valse) Gt.Yuhma(ex.FIXER) Gt.Aika(ex.FIXER) Ba.ゆたら(モンストロ) Dr.遊イ(モンストロ)] @ HOLIDAY SHINJUKU✝️Done✝️ ・4/2: SARIGIA/ジグソウ(jigsaw)/蘭(ran)/mama./アルケミ(archemi)/マチルダ(mathilda) @ TSUTAYA O-WEST✝️Done✝️ ・4/6: DIMLIM/REIGN/GRIMOIRE/SAVAGE/Chanty/ヴァージュ(virge)/BabyKingdom @ 高田馬場AREA✝️Done✝️ ・4/8: SARIGIA - Natsu birthday🎉 @ 池袋CYBER✝️Done✝️ May ・5/11: DIMLIM/SLOTHREAT/Mirrors/Sailing Before The Wind/heaven in her arms @ TSUTAYA O-Crest✝️Done✝️ ・5/17: まみれた(mamireta)/DEVILOOF/SCAPEGOAT/JILUKA/breakin' holiday/SiREN @ 高田馬場AREA✝️Done✝️ ・5/19: SARIGIA/NAZARE/ヴィルシーナ(verxina)/ヴァージュ(virge)/LAY ABOUT WORLD/ラク×ガキ(raku×gaki) @ 高田馬場AREA✝️Done✝️ ・5/29: まみれた(mamireta) 2nd anniversary🎉 @ 高田馬場AREA✝️Done✝️ June ・6/5: SARIGIA/NAZARE/AIOLIN/てんさい。(tensai.)/マチルダ(mathilda)/CHOKE/ARYU (ex. MORRIGAN) & Kazuya (ex. THE DC) session @ 赤羽ReNY alpha✝️Done✝️ ・6/25: DEXCORE/NAZARE/ヴィルシーナ(verxina)/蘭図(rands)/ヴァージュ(virge)/ラク×ガキ(raku×gaki)/午前零時。(gozenreiji.) @ 池袋EDGE ・6/30: SARIGIA/まみれた(mamireta)/マチルダ(mathilda)/Hueye/LIRAIZO/アルケミ(archemi)/ユメリープ(yumeleep) @ 高田馬場CLUB PHASE July ・7/27: DEVILOOF oneman @ Zirco Tokyo August ・8/17: DIMLIM oneman @ TSUTAYA O-WEST more to come...
  2. Hello, I am looking for a shopping service which can provide help for ヴィルシーナ(Verxina). I would be grateful if someone could help me to get live limited stuffs (like signed cheki) of this band, please. Thank you (。>ㅅ<。)
  3. I will be in Japan between 20.03 - 02.04. 2018 Let me know if you need any merch from any gig. I can go for (YOUR) gig if there is no clash and buy stuff. Just let me know. 3/20 Dish/L'eprica 3/21 ANIMA / Murasaki 3/23 Bless This Mess 3/24 Rides in Revelion 3/27 [enver] Brain 3/31 MIRAGE/Vasalla/Dear Loving, etc.
  4. Can someone tell me what a shopping service does if a purchase includes mp3 downloads? Do you get those too?
  5. Hello there! I'm SEARCHING for a SHOPPING SERVICE for following live: DOAK presents 【贖いの庭】 2O16.O2.20 [sat] 池袋EDGE ACT: DOAK / SAVAGE / KRAD / THE BLACK SWAN / MEABEL / DAMY / (O.A.) Digit I'm interested in buying DOAK merch on this live! If you are going, please PM me, I really want to get some DOAK stuff I also don't care about fees, but it should be comprehensible Thank you in advance ! ~ ~ ~ ~ I'm also searching for certain things (chekis/merch) by those bands: DOAK** UnsraW Core The Child Crimson Shiva SHIVA GYZE ** Amaranyx Deathgaze Paranoid≠circuS BORN ** searching for shopping service for upcoming lives I already own a lot by some those bands, but there's also a long list of things that are missing in my collection (would be too long to post here) Please feel free to PM me with everything you want to sell, maybe its something I don't own I'm interested in buying some magazines too. other magazines including DOAK, UnsraW and GYZE not mentioned on here would be nice too - Alive vol. 22 - Alive vol. 1 - SHOXX vol. 208 - SHOXX vol. 166 - SHOXX vol. 163 - makers core No. 5 buying feedback on ebay: http://www.ebay.de/usr/xx_tetsu_xx
  6. PLEASE SEE FIRST AND LATER POSTS FOR ALL STUFF THAT IS FOR SALE An Cafe tourbook for sale (used) PRICE: EUR 25 Description: Tourbook of the bands first European tour in 2008. Contains photos on-stage and off-stage. Includes bonus DVD with footage of the lives. New price: JPY 4.762 Condition: Good – Used Weight: 1 kg Catalog nr: NEOBK-494342 IMPORTANT - Payment in Euro by Paypal - Shipping not included (Shipping from Japan) - If you spend more than EUR50 you can choose a free flyer (see here) - I am not responsible for items that were lost or damaged in the mail
  7. Not really sure where to post this, but time is running out and I'm in an unfortunate situation. Signal have been one of my favourite new bands in recent memory, and I'm gutted they're disbanding this month. I've followed them since their formation and bought everything they've put out that I could get hold of. Even worse though, I can't attend their last ever one man because I don't arrive in Japan until just 3 days afterwards! I need someone who is going/willing to go to it and get a copy of their final single Crossing fate for me. I will of course pay for the CD, and the service too if necessary. The live will be held on 9/14 at Meguru Live Station, and attendance is based on the 'promise' method - the link to contact the venue about it is on Signal's page here. Thanks so much if you can help me out. I believe the single is actually an attendance gift rather than a purchase-able item, so if you're willing to do this you would probably have to forfeit your own copy ^^;
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