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Found 3 results

  1. Ryutaro´s first solo tour 「デも/demo」 came to an end, it has been announced that a live documentary DVD will be released this Spring: It will contain behind the scenes footage of all 3 shows (Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo), plus the final live held at Shinagawa Stellar Ball on January 23rd. Setlist of the Shinagawa Stellar Ball show: ● Part 1 (acoustic versions) 01.浮融 (Fuyuu) 02.猫夢 (Nekoyume) 03.鍵時計 (Kagidokei) 04.また、堕月さま (Mata, otsukisama) 05.魔似事 (Manegoto) 06.恋ト幻 (Rentogen) ● Part 2 w/ the support band DEMONSTRATIONs 01.幻形テープ (Genkeitêpu) 02.魔似事 (Manegoto) 03.猫夢 (Nekoyume) 04.鍵時計 (Kagidokei) 05.また、堕月さま (Mata, otsukisama) 06.うフふ (Ufufu) 07.恋ト幻 (Rentogen) 08.浮融 (Fuyuu) EN1 01.鍵時計 (Kagidokei) 02.恋ト幻 (Rentogen) EN2 01.浮融 (Fuyuu) acoustic 02.魔似事 (Manegoto) acoustic Thanks to info Romantique Kurage - ロマンチック海月 -
  2. I'll put up a more detailed review at a later date, but WOW. This is legions better than what Plastic Tree has been offering us since Bucchi left the band. This is not a joke, this is a fact. The vast majority of these songs are pretty old, having been played at Neji lives (THOSE BOOTLEGS OF NEKOYUME RULE.) Anyway, solid 8/10. I'll probably have more to add, as i listen to the album further.
  3. Plastic Tree new maxi single "念力(nenriki)" will be released at 2017/01/25 with 3 types. Tracklist: 1. 念力 (nenriki) 2.creep 3.サーカス(circus) (Live Arrange Version) 4.念力(Instrumental)