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Found 9 results

  1. These guys need a thread on here! Dance Gavin Dance is a post-hardcore band based in Sacramento, California, and formed in 2005. Dance Gavin Dance's music has been described as a blend between emo, post-hardcore, jazz fusion, progressive rock and screamo. The band has been through 3 vocalists (on/off) and numerous band member changes (on/off as well), and it's been a hectic ride for them the last decade or so. DGD's music has remained simply fantastic, being one of Rise Records best bands to ever grace their presence. Current Line-Up Vocals: Tilian Pearson Unclean Vocals: Jon Mess (He also raps in some tracks too) Lead Guitar: Will Swan Bass Guitar: Tim Feerick Drums: Matt Mingus Albums Downtown Battle Mountain (2007) Dance Gavin Dance (2008) Happiness (2009) Downtown Battle Mountain II (2011) Acceptance Speech (2013) Instant Gratification (2015) Mothership (2016) EP's Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean (2006) Live albums Live at Bamboozle 2010 (2010) Tree City Sessions (2016) The internet is always in an uproar about who the best vocalist was/is. I'll let you decide for yourself. Jonny Craig (2005-2007) Kurt Travis (2007-2010) Jonny Craig Returned (2010-2012) Tilian Pearson (2012-Present)
  2. DarkPaladin

    After a year and some month the band KEEP YOUR HANDs OFF MY GIRL (KYHOMG) is going to deliver us some new musical stuff. These new tracks will be packed up in a album which will be called BLAZE AWAY and it will be available at the 2016.08.03 at you "local" CD store and will be listed at 1800 ¥. The album will only be available in one type. These news are still fresh/new and maybe some shops like CDJ are going to list the album. Here is the track-list as well as the cover art of the album: Cover: Tracklist: 01. Opening 02. All I Want 03. Noctiluca 04. I miss I need I love 05. Come On 06. Just Go 07. Drama Queen For more information please visit their official homepage, which can be reached through http://www.kyhomg.com
  3. indie/emo band And Protector will release their first full album on September 7th, 2016! http://ap.furtherplatonix.net/ https://twitter.com/andprotector https://www.facebook.com/FurtherPlatonics https://furtherplatonix.bandcamp.com/ 価格:1,890円(税込)  品盤:FTPS-48  発売元:FURTHER PLATONIC 販売元: Japan Music System 1.残花 2.Flashback 3.学園通りにて 4.思考の果て 5.assimilate,spread,and protect 6.Cold 7.トマト / 8.雨宿り
  4. SethItari

    I was surprised to see one of my favorite Japanese bands (probably my second favorite active Japanese post-hardcore group behind SiM) was not yet up for discussion here (apologies if they are, I search 3 variants on their name including abbreviation). Fear, & Loathing in Las Vegas So - Vocals, Programming Minami - Vocals, Keyboard, Programming Sxun - Lead Guitars, Vocals Taiki - Guitars, Vocals Tomonori - Drums, Pitched Percussion Kei - Bass Stylistically the band has roots in post-hardcore, but have since further embraced the electronic elements brought in by Minami's sampling and synthesis to perform a wider array of different genres, incorporating strong elements of EDM, Jazz, Chiptune, and Pop-Punk and Deathcore in their more recent works. Vocalist So has been actively using hard tuning on his vocals since the band's first releases, but the band has since evolved to take full advantage of this sound, using less subtle hard tune and both mono and poly lead vocoders on his voice to achieve their signature sound today. Sxun, who typically has the least vocal processing live, does most of the talking and would appear to be the voice of the band between songs. So also programs and maintains his own vocoders live, seemingly through discreet midi signal controllers. My opinions: I won't lie, I initially started listening to Fear, & Loathing in Las Vegas as a bit of a joke, convincing myself that I was entertaining myself by listening to one of the weirdest rock bands out there. This outlook quickly evolve through repetition into genuine appreciation for the band, especially when I realized how they manage to pull off such a chaotic sound live (outside of the studio) and still make it sound fun, catchy, and not completely messy, which can be rare in their brand of chaotic post-hardcore, even without the hurdle of so much programming and the required punctuality that comes with it. Unfortunately I have never been to one of their live shows in person, though I have seen similar bands perform live and it leaves me no doubt that seeing Fear, & Loathing in Las Vegas' live set would be an amazing experience, and I've seen their Animals II DVD which only makes me dream of seeing their performance all that much more.
  5. First Mini Album ATATA『JOY』 01. Newborn 02. Reverberation 03. Clark Kent 04. 1 Nite Wonder 05. Song Of Joy 06. The Next Page ■CD付きハードカバー写真集(大型B4サイズ:33cm×29cm) ■総勢14名のカメラマンによる48ページに渡る800枚以上のライブ写真を収録 ■1,000枚限定生産(ツアー会場限定盤) CD&BOOK (Limited Edition 1,000 Copies) 2016.1.30 (Sat) On Sale!!! DIEMES | DMS-001 | ¥3,500 (without tax) - Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 1st Buried In Verona - Faceless 2nd I Killed The Prom Queen - Beloved 3rd To Catch A Fox - Dishearten 4th Tell Me A Fairytale - Sleepwalker 5th Killing The Messenger - What Matters Most 6th Ice Nine Kills - The Predator Becomes The Prey 7th For The Fallen Dreams - Heavy Hearts 8th Jamie's Elsewhere - Rebel Revive 9th Architects - Lost Forever//Lost Together 10th Dead By April - Let The World Know 11th Alesana - The Decade 12th Memphis May Fire - Unconditional 13th Benighted - Carnivore Sublime 14th Ready Set Fall - Memento 15th Demon Hunter - Extremist 16th Eskimo Callboy - We Are The Mess 17th Austrian Death Machine - Triple Brutal 18th Chiodos - Devil 19th InDirections - Clockworks 20th Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion 21th Emmure - Eternal Enemies 22th Abandoned By Bears - When Nothing Goes Right Go Left 23th The Unguided - Fragile Immortality 24th Yashin - D.E.A.D 25th Comeback Kid - Die Knowing 26th Behemoth - The Satanist 27th Deceptions - Unheard Voices 28th I Declare War - We Are Violent People By Nature 29th Carnifex - Die Without Hope 30th Caliban - Ghost Empire 31th For Today - Fight The Silence 32th I Drink My Coffee Alone - Winterfrühlingsommerherbst 33th Issues - Issues 34th Artema - Stargazer 35th Above All Nations - Fearless Youth 36th From Alaska - Iceberg 37th Me In A Million - Still In The Balance 38th Akissforjersey - New Bodies 39th Intervals - A Voice Within 40th About An Author - Where The Wild Things Aren't 41th Periphery - Clear 42th Abandon All Ships - Malocchio 43th Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force 44th We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids 45th The Bunny The Bear - Food Chain totally showed my taste this year. will update to top 50 whatever you call me, genericore fan or others, I'm such a person chasing for breakdown, lol.
  7. as the title said, it's popular now that pop songs covered by those punk bands. eg, the V.A. Pop Goes Punk vol.x create by Fearless Records sth sth... and I really love Woe Is Me's We R Who We R and Hot N Cold. would you mind recommend more songs like this? except that Pop Goes Punk V.A. cuz I've got all of them listened to...
  8. so, I wanna know if there're any post-hardcore, metalcore, deathcore fans here... From my discography collections (about 1300 these -core bands'....).... My favorite is OM&M I think. Austin Carllie is an excellent unclean vocalist, duet with Shayley Bourget, another my favorite clean vocalist, the two voices together begin to produce explosion in my heart and make me wanna mosh up! The more screamo, the more I'll like them! and then, Mr.Bourget deaparted...Dayshell is a kind of clean vocal-based post-hardcore band with those three good artists including Mr.Bourget. Though the riffs and beats strike me rapidly, but I want more screamo like, not emo... really looking forward to Dayshell's 1st S/T full-length and OM&M's new album next year! favourite tracks: OM&M—— O.G. Loko The Depths Still YDG'N Those In Glass Houses Purified The Flood Product Of A Murderer Ohioisonfire When You Can't Sleep At Night (maybe the best favourite ballad from those bands' discographies) Dayshell—— I Owe You Nothing Not Coming In Share With Me
  9. Augie1995

    Now I'm not in the mood to really write a huge in depth review or anything like that, but, I would just like to say that this album was my entry to this band. This album is the first thing I have listened to from coldrain, a band who I had previously avoided due to some pretty dumb reasons. This album was absolutely amazing to me, it had some pretty amazing songs: The Revelation, The War is On, Time Bomb, Chasing Dreams. All the other songs to me were all pretty good but not amazing. This album has some really amazing choruses which are just the highlights of most songs and I love that this album isn't full of heavy breakdowns all around, but it includes some pretty great, yet short, guitar solos or awesome melodic breaks between the songs. I went back to their previous releases such as The Enemy Inside and Through Clarity, my favorite song from Coldrain has to be Inside of Me from Through Clarity (it even helped inspire some new songwriting for me). I can definitely tell that in their new album, the drums sound a lot tighter, and the guitars are most focused on a melody than trying to keep the rhythm of the song with riffs. All in all, I have found an amazing new band to follow, some great new songs to jam out to, and an addition to my "Top albums of 2013"