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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is made for everyone who wants to look Visual Kei! Let's help each other out by giving advice, tips and tricks. In this thread you can also post links to clothes, makeup products, hair products, jewelry etc. Also, if you want to look like your favourite artist but don't know how to get the look etc we might be able to help you find the right clothes and products! ---------------------------------------------------------- I start with my tips and tricks! I usually get my clothes from Aliexpress. Sometimes I customize regular clothes. Aliexpress is great! Just read the reviews before you buy. I own most of the clothes I post on here! Something I like to do is to get regular cheap pants from H&M or something like that. I only care about the fit and the color of the pants. Then I get some metallic fabric paint, and by using a sponge I just paint the pants to make them look unique. Sometimes I use stencils to make an interesting design on them! Easy way to customize clothes, this works on shirts as well. I also paint on shoes or boots! Here is an example of what the pants could look like when painted: Now over to aliexpress! Very cheap clothes but you can put together great outfits using them! I will link all the clothes under the pictures! Most of those comes in different designs and colors! Shirts and blazers: https://a.aliexpress.com/BmHk99AY https://a.aliexpress.com/eueEm2VE https://a.aliexpress.com/ey7ruNkk https://a.aliexpress.com/em2cTe1w https://a.aliexpress.com/tmEJKPY8 https://a.aliexpress.com/FEkyrOG0 https://a.aliexpress.com/rsxs8RzI Pants: https://a.aliexpress.com/p2zIx7ky https://a.aliexpress.com/2CueBzZA https://a.aliexpress.com/tesYw6zK If you scroll down on the pages for each clothing item you will find related clothes, that way you might find even cooler items! Biker jeans works great for visual kei, also just simple shirts and focusing more on the jewelry, hair and makeup will make you look visual kei!
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