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Found 8 results

  1. Ameyoru

    Sooo I made a list of Diru early songs that sound pretty similar to other band songs. What do you think, influence or plagiarism? Here's the list, there are maybe more, if you know another put it in the comments -Kiri to Mayu = Shade by Luna Sea -Garden = Moon by Luna Sea -Unknown…Despair…a Lost = G by Luna Sea -I'll = Tsuioku by D≒SIRE and Miss Moonlight by Kuroyume -Cage = Toge by Kuroyume -mazohyst of decadence = Yuri no Hanataba by Kuroyume -ZAN- = 親愛なるDEATHMASK by Kuroyume -Wake = Hurt by Luna Sea -umbrella = Coma America by Amen -El bajo de Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki = Romancia by Kuroyume
  2. RebelRulesWorld

    https://youtu.be/13QOvgjIJtQ I'm not trying to be rude or anything like that but she kind of looks like a guy. But do you guys know her name cause her back flips are great?
  3. I've been designing some Jrock/Visual Kei Shirts if anyone is interested and I also take requests for T-shirt Designs. They are located at https://www.redbubble.com/people/Juka08/portfolio?asc=u A design for the band Dezert, you can purchase at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25816657-dezert-visual-kei-band?asc=u&ref=recent-owner A shirt design for the band Gossip (ゴシップ), you can purchase at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25829662-gossip-visual-kei-band?asc=u Here is a Mejibray Shirt I designed, you can purchase it at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25776492-mejibray-visual-kei?asc=u&ref=recent-owner I decided to design some X Japan Shirts. You can find the shirts at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25330410-x-japan-classic-1988?asc=u&p=t-shirt&rel=carousel&style=mens X Japan Shirt Including Taiji https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25634753-x-japan-classic-1988-including-taiji?asc=u There is also few Buck Tick Shirts I designed. https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9004938-buck-tick?asc=u https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9021736-buck-tick-love?asc=u https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9116480-buck-tick-toll?asc=u Also a Miyavi Shirt I designed. https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9282466-colours-of-miyavi?asc=u Was asked to design this T-shirt for the band CHILD. https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25569091-child-visual-kei-hidden-gem?asc=u Was asked to create some Merry Shirts, here are a few I came up with: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25639390-modern-merry-visual-kei-band?asc=u&ref=recent-owner https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25647855-modern-merry-red-jacket-visual-kei-band?asc=u&ref=recent-owner https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25641416-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-japan-edition?asc=u&ref=work_more_artist_works https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25646300-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-sunrise-edition?asc=u&ref=work_more_artist_works https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25646322-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-sunrise-scroll-edition?asc=u&ref=work_more_artist_works https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25646335-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-dark-sunrise-edition?asc=u&ref=recent-owner Was asked to create Kuroyume shirt using an album cover: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/26158449-kuroyume-shinjuku-loft?asc=u&ref=recent-owner Hope you check them out and if anybody has any requests for band T shirts then just let me know. Too many great band not enough great T-Shirts. Thanks
  4. Hi guys! I'm selling some of my jrock stuffs on discogs, you can find discs and prices here: https://www.discogs.com/seller/indwell/profile?page=1 If you're interested you can contact me by PVT. Thank you!
  5. (Well, this is my first review here, so i hope you guys like it! ^^) Kuroyume is one of the most influential bands within the japanese rock scene, they influenced visual kei bands and "normal" bands in many music genres, such as visual kei itself, punk rock, soft and pop rock. Their first EP Ikiteita Chuzetsuji was relese 1992, a year where bands like Luna Sea, Gilles de Rais and L'arc~en~ciel were playing some kind of fast, dark, melodic music, a new scene was growing and taking all the attention in japanese media. Kuroyume music was dark and agressive, it talked about suicide, depression and abortion, themes that would become very common until today by some visual kei bands. So, lets go! 01.黒夢 This song starts with a kind of misterious riff that doesn´t give any tip of what is going to happen, after the intro fade out it blasts into fast drumming and a raw agressive riff, kiyoharu starts to sing repeatedly "onaji kono yume to kurai karada", this song has a nice fast solo. For some, this song may sound repetitive, the maniac feelings make this song even cooler. 8/10 02.狂い奴隷 The song stars with a agressive riff that was more a metal feeling, good for shake the head, i think it has the best solo in the entire album! 9/10 03.磔 A 2:21 minutes song that goes direct to the point, maniac vocals and fast drumming, but in a way that many kote kei bands did after them, i even heard some one call it "visual kei beat", kind of agree with that. Cool solo in this one too. 7.5/10 04.楽死運命 The song has a nice intro riff, it sounds evil and glooming, nice, but then, the song starts to get repetitive and feels like its going nowhere, the solo makes it, but after it, it gets boring again. God forgive me for saying that from a Kuroyume song. 6/10 05.親愛なるDEATHMASK Well, this song is a classic, many say that it is one of the most influential regarding the kote kei bands, the fast drumming, maniac vocals and lyric themes made them legendary among the "true vk" fans, this kind of song became very common in the visual kei scene, until today, bands like Grieva are doing it, I like the album version better, but this version stills nail it! 9/10 06.鏡になりたい This one is very different from all the other songs, different from any Kuroyume song may i say, it is just vocals and a clean guitar tone with lots of overdub and reverb. Kiyoharu sings with a lot of feeling giving a depressive feel to it, if you are not in the mood, this song may sound boring, but for me, its a very good one! In the end Kiyoharu keeps saying "shinitai", literally "i want to die", just don´t kill yourself Kiyoharu, listen to Gazette's Tomorrow Never Dies, put a smile on that face! 9/10 This EP is totally a visual kei classic, if you like agressive songs with that feeling of mid 90s bands, git it a try! Overall, the production raw in a good way, the bass is very audible, as well, usual in Kuroyume songs. OVERALL:8/10
  6. tenhcioliver

    For those who thought that was near the end Kuroyume, Kiyoharu surprises everyone and announces a mega tour that will pass throughout Japan and will last until February 2015. I am very excited about this news, it seems that way to be a legendary tour. 黒 梦DEBUT 20TH ANNIVERSARY 2014 TOUR BEFORE THE NEXT SLEEP VOL.1 「夢 は 鞭」 7月19日(土) Zepp Nagoya (问) :052 -ズーム エンタープライズ290-0909 8月1日(金)赤 坂BLITZ (问) HOT STUFF PROMOTION :03 - 5720-9999 8月8日(金)新泻LOTS (问) :025 - FOB新泻229-5000 8月14日(木)なんばHatch (问)大阪 ウドー 音楽 事務所:06 - 6341-4506 8月16日(土)金 沢EIGHT HALL (问) FOB :076 -金 沢232-2424 8月17日(日)金 沢EIGHT HALL (问) FOB :076 -金 沢232-2424 8月22日(金)大分DRUM Be- 0 (问) :092 - TSUKUSU 771-9009 8月24日(日)鹿 児 岛CAPARVO HALL (问) :092 - TSUKUSU 771-9009 8月29日(金)仙台Rensa (问) :022 - GIP 222-9999 8月30日(土)仙台Rensa ♯ ACOUSTIC (问) :022 - GIP 222-9999 8月31日(日)仙台Rensa (问) :022 - GIP 222-9999 9月6日(土) Zepp Nagoya (问)ズーム エンタープライズ:052 - 290-0909 9月17日(水)新宿LOFT (问) HOT STUFF PROMOTION :03 - 5720-9999 9月18日(木)新宿LOFT (问) HOT STUFF PROMOTION :03 - 5720-9999 9月22日(月)高崎club FLEEZ (问) HOT STUFF PROMOTION :03 - 5720-9999 9月26日(金) BLUE LIVE広 島 (问) :082 -キャンディー プロモーション 広島249-8334 9月27日(土)冈山crazymama KINGDOM (问) :086 -キャンディー プロモーション 岡山221-8151 9月28日(日)冈山crazymama KINGDOM (问) :086 -キャンディー プロモーション 岡山221-8151 10月2日(木)高 知CARAVAN SARY (问)デューク 高知:088 - 822-4488 10月3日(金)高 松OLIVE HALL (问) :087 -デューク 高松822-2520 10月5日(日)福冈DRUM LOGOS (问) :092 - TSUKUSU 771-9009 10月17日(金) Live House浜 松 窓 枠 (问) :052 -ズーム エンタープライズ290-0909 10月18日(土) Live House浜 松 窓 枠 (问) :052 -ズーム エンタープライズ290-0909 10月30日(木)新 木 场STUDIO COAST (问) HOT STUFF PROMOTION :03 - 5720-9999 ■ 黒梦official site会员 先行 7/16 ~ 8/31まで の 公演5 out / 24 (土) ~ 5/28 (水) 9/6 ~ 10/30まで の 公演6 /26 (木) ~ 6/30 (月) ■ プレイ ガイド 最速 先行 受付 7/16 ~ 8/31まで の 公演: 5月31日(土) ~ 9/6 ~ 10/30まで の 公演7月3日(木)- ■ 一 斉 発 売 日 7/16 ~ 8/31まで の 公演6月28日(土) 9/6 ~ 10/30まで の 公演7月27日(日) 黒 梦DEBUT 20TH ANNIVERSARY 2014 TOUR BEFORE THE NEXT SLEEP VOL.2 「毒 と 華」 12月4日(木)郡山Hip Shot Japan 12月5日(金)盛 冈Club Change WAVE 12月12日(金)京都FANJ 12月13日(土)京都FANJ 12月14日(日)滋 贺U ☆ STONE 12月20日(土)富山mairo 12月21日(日)长野CLUB JUNK BOX 12月23日(火·祝)横 浜Bay Hall 12月24日(水)横 浜Bay Hall 12月30日(火)なんばHatch 12月31日(水) Zepp Nagoya 2015年 1月6日(火)新宿LOFT ◆ FC ONLY 1月7日(水)新宿LOFT ◆ FC ONLY 1月10日(土)柏PALOOZA 1月11日(日)柏PALOOZA 1月16日(金)札幌PENNY LANE 24 1月17日(土)札幌PENNY LANE 24 1月21日(水)水 戸LIGHT HOUSE 1月22日(木)水 戸LIGHT HOUSE 1月28日(水)大阪BIG CAT ◆ FC ONLY 1月29日(木)名古屋BOTTOM LINE ONLY ◆ FC 1月30日(金)川 崎CLUB CITTA ' 2月3日(火)新 木 场STUDIO COAST 2月5日(木)なんばHatch 2月7日(土)岐阜club -G 2月8日(日)岐阜club -G 2月9日(月) Zepp Nagoya
  7. BAND BATTLE SADS 黒夢 (Kuroyume) Phew, that was one hell of a post! Which Kiyoharu project you prefer and why? When it comes to me, I have a bit of hard time to decide which one I prefer or so, so I gotta play dirty: Nostalgia/early repertoire-wise: Kuroyume Current music-wise: Sads
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