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Found 9 results

  1. As always, AINS will hold a bounenkai / end of the year party. Details: 「アインス忘年会-暗黒革命-2017」(Ains bounenkai -ankoku kakumei-2017) Date: 2017/12/22 Location: Takadanobaba AREA Price: 6000 jpy (6500jpy at the door). Participating bands: Diaura, Grieva, Gossip. A t-shirt with all the bands logos printed on it will be given away for free to everyone who attends the gig. Special goods will also be sold. The article also says that this will be the last time all of these three bands gigs together, at first I got a bit worried but I guess they just mean that Grieva is disbanding by the end of december so. Band line-up: DIAURA? yo-ka?(狂鬼/グリーヴァ) 佳衣?(皐/ゴシップ) 翔也?(緋雨/グリーヴァ) 達也?(律/ゴシップ) グリ―ヴァ? 狂鬼?(朔/ゴシップ) 碌?(茜/ゴシップ) 陽?(佳衣/DIAURA) 緋雨?(零/ゴシップ) 優冴?(達也/DIAURA) ゴシップ? 朔?(yo-ka/DIAURA) 茜?(碌/グリ―ヴァ) 皐?(陽/グリーヴァ) 零?(翔也/DAURA) 律?(優冴/グリーヴァ) http://v-kei.jp/news/?newsId=6439
  2. I've been designing some Jrock/Visual Kei Shirts if anyone is interested and I also take requests for T-shirt Designs. They are located at https://www.redbubble.com/people/Juka08/portfolio?asc=u A design for the band Dezert, you can purchase at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25816657-dezert-visual-kei-band?asc=u&ref=recent-owner A shirt design for the band Gossip (ゴシップ), you can purchase at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25829662-gossip-visual-kei-band?asc=u Here is a Mejibray Shirt I designed, you can purchase it at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25776492-mejibray-visual-kei?asc=u&ref=recent-owner I decided to design some X Japan Shirts. You can find the shirts at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25330410-x-japan-classic-1988?asc=u&p=t-shirt&rel=carousel&style=mens X Japan Shirt Including Taiji https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25634753-x-japan-classic-1988-including-taiji?asc=u There is also few Buck Tick Shirts I designed. https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9004938-buck-tick?asc=u https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9021736-buck-tick-love?asc=u https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9116480-buck-tick-toll?asc=u Also a Miyavi Shirt I designed. https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/9282466-colours-of-miyavi?asc=u Was asked to design this T-shirt for the band CHILD. https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25569091-child-visual-kei-hidden-gem?asc=u Was asked to create some Merry Shirts, here are a few I came up with: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25639390-modern-merry-visual-kei-band?asc=u&ref=recent-owner https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25647855-modern-merry-red-jacket-visual-kei-band?asc=u&ref=recent-owner https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25641416-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-japan-edition?asc=u&ref=work_more_artist_works https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25646300-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-sunrise-edition?asc=u&ref=work_more_artist_works https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25646322-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-sunrise-scroll-edition?asc=u&ref=work_more_artist_works https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/25646335-classic-merry-visual-kei-band-dark-sunrise-edition?asc=u&ref=recent-owner Was asked to create Kuroyume shirt using an album cover: https://www.redbubble.com/people/juka08/works/26158449-kuroyume-shinjuku-loft?asc=u&ref=recent-owner Hope you check them out and if anybody has any requests for band T shirts then just let me know. Too many great band not enough great T-Shirts. Thanks
  3. haiironoanemone

    Hello dear monochrome heaven community I'm a Japanese studies student and I am planning to write my seminary paper about Visual Kei this semester. To be concrete, I would like to analyze modern Visual kei lyrics (language and contents) and thought about analyzing them according to subgenres and take e.g 5 bands per sub-genre. Now my problem is that there are so many especially recent bands where I don't know which subgenre they belong to and also, there are so many subgenres and everyone writes about them a bit differently. The ones I found out in a Japanese master thesis and in the internet are: 1) Kote-kei (90's bands, so I probably won't need that one as I'm focusing on modern VK) 2) Oshare-kei (I guess the samples explain it) An Cafe, LM.C, SuG, Kra 3) Koteosu-kei (mix of Kote kei and oshare kei) Bands: the Gazette, Nightmare 4) Sofubi-kei (natural make-up, softer music that is catchy and easy to listen to) Alice Nine, Vivid, SID (late era) 5) O-tanbi-kei (Influenced by the renaissance in Europe) Versailles, Misaruka, D, Kaya 6) O-warai-kei (I guess the examples explain what this subgenre is like) Golden Bomber, this is a Pen 7) Wafuu-kei (costumes & setting traditionally Japanese, also using typically Japanese instruments) Kagrra, Kiryu, Zin, Memento Mori, Orochi 8 ) Angura kei (also traditional Japanese setting& costume but usually very dark) MUCC, cali gari, guruguru eigakan, Plastic tree, heidi, Waggakki band sub-sub genres: misshitsu-kei, chikashitsu-kei, shironuri kei, eroguro kei, showa kayou kei 9) Kirakira/host-kei The Sherry 10) Nagoya-kei Avel Cain, Deathgaze So if anyone knows any more bands for one of these subgenres it would be very helpful to me Mainly bands formed after 2000~ would be great as I want to focus on modern Visual Kei. Also, as I mentioned, there are some bands I would really incorporate into my paper but I'm not sure to which subgenre I could add them. Dadaroma, Scapegoat, Mejibray, Killaneth, Balalaika, Grieva, DIO, Kuroyuri to kage etc- which subgenre might darker bands like this belong to? Or recent bands like Clowd, Belle, Gigamous, Chanty, Staa-ku, Pentagon, Sibile-bashir (probably o-warai-kei though) or Anfiel (maybe kirakira kei?)- I have no idea where I could add these ones. Or R-shitei, Royz, the Raid, Sick2, Purple Stone, Screw, Black Line, the Lotus, Fest Vanqueur, Neverland, Gossip, Blaive, Initial L/Lycaon, HERO, Astaria, BORN, Diaura, ViV etc etc So if anyone knows something more about one of these subgenres, or just knows any band to add to one of these (doesn't have to be one of the ones I mentioned) or could guess where one of the band mentioned above might belong to- any little comment would be helpful I hope I posted this in the right category of the forum, please tell me if not or if a post like this is unapproprite (>///<) Thank you very much in advance
  4. eiheartx

    ゴシップ(gossip) / 「百舌」- EP

    2017年03月29日(水)発売 全国流通盤2000枚限定生産 2nd MINI ALBUM「百舌」 収録曲:CD 1.狭震症 2.メアリー 3.赫い交差点 4.BLACK SUGAR & CIGARETTE 5.卍 6.木漏れ日 品番:AMWK-33 価格:¥2,700(TAX IN) 発売元:Ains 販売元:ダイキサウンド
  5. Takadanobabaalien

    AINS Presents 「アインス忘年会」 26th of December Takadanobaba Area Cast: DIAURA, Grieva, Gossip AINS Presents 「アインスだよ!全員集合!ソロ?カバー?コピー?」 27th of December Takadanobaba Area Cast: DIAURA, Grieva, Gossip Note: The name of this gig translates to "This is ains! We're gathering the entire crew! Solo? Cover? Copyband?", hinting that there will probably be session bands. A bit off topic but I wish they would eventually sign more bands. Ever since UCP died it feels like there has been no really big label with more than 5 bands. Also sad that Kuroyuri is not invited to this, they are afterall still working under Yukika and Uchu's order.
  6. Takadanobabaalien

    They're all inspired by 90's vk to some extent yet have very different styles. Which is your favorite band within the and why? DIAURA Grieva Gossip Kuroyuri to kage
  7. [LIVE DVD] 2016年11月09日(水)発売決定! 2016年8月7日(日)高田馬場AREA MadWink.PRESENTS ゴシップ単独公演「赤紙招集」LIVE DVD 全国版とAins通販・ライブ会場版の2タイプリリース!詳細は震えて待て!!!
  8. Hello there.@Uglymouth❤ has created a petition to bring the Ains/MadWink/Yamikakumei bands to perform in western countries. The concerned bands are DIAURA, Kuroyuri to Kage, Grieva and Gossip-ゴシップ- . The whole point with this is to show the labels that there's an interest in seeing these bands perform overseas. This may be a long shot but it won't hurt to try! In the first 48 hrs this has gotten over 100 signatures, but as the goal is 1000 we have a long way to go. According to people working in the industry we need at least 200 ~ 300 signatures to get the labels to take this seriously. So please sign, cross for which bands (all 4 is ok) you would want to come as well and spread the word. When the petition get's enough signatures it'll get sent to the labels and visual kei promoters overseas. Please sign here!
  9. 2016/02/24 「脳味噌回転愚流愚流地獄-黒歴史盤-」("Noumiso kaiten guryuu guryuu jigoku -kuro rekishi ban-") CD: 01.【Psycho≠pas$】 02.フィナーレ 03.お仕置きの時間 04.慰存症 05.いじめぼっちの鬼ごっこ 06.とあるアイドルオタクの異常な愛情 07.赫い部屋 08.凶育シンリカウンセラー 09.悪童会‐クソッタレ行進曲‐ 10.腕 11.絶交‐キレる5秒前‐ 12. 七月七日 13.R-18 14.凶気の桜 15.破廉チラリズムレイトショウ DVD: 01.【Psycho≠pas$】(MV) 02.悪童会‐クソッタレ行進曲‐(MV) 03.R-18(MV) The album will be sold for 3900 JPY. source: http://ameblo.jp/gossip-psycho/entry-12117765828.html tbh disappointed that there's none of their live dist songs on this album. and as I own all other cd's by them I probably wont buy this. but nice album for ppl who haven't heared that much of them yet
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