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Found 7 results

  1. Waru Chibi

    Since I am moving i try to sell some of the CDs i don't need anymore. ~ I ship worldwide from Germany. please add shipping fee to the prices. ~ I also take offers. ~ no extra Fees such as Paypal ~ pictures on request ~ sorry moving plus 2 jobs is stressful ~ I have like a ton of Flyers if there is any interest. mostly from 2014/2015/2018/2019 various bands. UnsraW ~ Calling 20€ UnsraW ~ -9- unplugged 25 € or best offer UnsraW ~ Gate of Birth (DvD only) 15€ initial'L ~ Moonlight Down 5 € Grieva ~ 黒い百合とxxx (kuroi yuri to xxx) 5 € Grieva ~ 不眠症 (fuminshou) 5 € Sarigia ~ Insult Kiss (new unopened) 12 € Diaura ~ Menace with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € the 3rd Birthday ~ 糜爛の月 (Biran no Tsuki) with Dvd (Obi missing) 5 € Synk;yet ~ 自責の園 (Jiseki no sono) D type (obi missing) 3 € Synk;yet ~ 悦楽の底へ産み落とされし大罪のワルツ (Etsuraku no soko he umiotosareshi daizai no walz) b~type with Dvd. New and unopened 8 € Vexent ~ the fates (obi missing) 3 € Alice 9 ~ 九龍 (Kowloon) with DvD 8 € SID ~ 星の都 (Hoshi no Miyako) (no obi) 6 € Kagrra ~ 夢イズル地 (yume izure chi) (obi missing) 3 € Kagrra ~ 夜伽噺 (yotogi Banashi) 5 € Deep Rave ~ Deep Rave 5 € Hyde ~ 666 (Eu version) 5 € Hyde ~ Faith (Eu Version) 5 € baroque ~ sug life 5 € baroque ~ Clip collection 5 € baroque ~ Brq Dvd 5 € please make an offer: ~ Smile Berry promo Dvd 2015 ~ The Raid Promo Namba Hatch Dvd 2018 ~ Dispina Sorrow in Room promo ~ ZrayD Promo Cd 2015 with Flyer ~ the Radot Promo CD with flyer
  2. Hi! I reopened my selling journal http://jishuban.livejournal.com ! Shipping from Germany. Prices are negotiable. I have 100+ different flyers and many more not uploaded ( so if you are looking for a specific band it would be good to ask if I still have other flyer than already listed) Also selling CDs like THE BLACK SWAN - I SOLATION (photo coming soon) and more Signed photos, magazines, cheki.... just check my journal I would prefer a message here, but if you want to comment or message me at Livejournal, feel free to do that EDIT: Selling 2 Nocturnal Bloodlust flyer (not listed in my Journal)
  3. Waru Chibi

    Hei Minna, Selling some things from my little 'up to sale box' before stuff gets really dusty ^^" I am shipping from Germany Can ship everyday the post is open I do not require Insurance For Pictures of the Flyers please Pn me each Flyer is 0,80€, small flyers are 0,50€ if not mentioned If not mentioned + shipping - see details below that text For questions comment or Pn I will reserve items for one week CDs are packed in a seethrough protective covers Germany/EU/World Maxiletter up to 500g: 1,45€/ 3,70€/ 3,70€ Maxiletter up to 1kg: 2,60€/ 7,00€/ 7,00€ Cardboard box up to 2kg: 4,50€/ 9,00€/ 16,00€ CDs: Unsraw - Calling with Obi Limited to 2000 pieces Price: 25€ or best offer Kagrra, - ~夢イズル地~ (~Yume Izuru Chi~) first Press without Obi Price: 10€ or best offer Kagrra - 夜伽噺 (Yotogi Banashi) Hardcase Version with Obi Price: 10€ or best offer Deep Rave - Deep Rave with Obi like new Price: 15€ or best offer Alice Nine - 九龍-Nine Heads Rodeo Show- ( Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show-) with Obi Price: 15€ or best offer Dispina Promotion CD with papercase (can put it in a slimcase if you like to) Price: 5€ The Rardot - Promotion CD Type B with seethrough-case (can put it in a slim cases if you like) with Flyer (sadly got damaged by water) Price: 5€ Z_rayed Promotion CD with seethrough-case (can put it in a slim cases if you like) with Flyer Price: 5€ Smile Berry - Promotion CD with papercase (can put it in a slim cases if you like) Price: 5€ Dio - Heaven's Call Digipackage EU Version never listend to Price: 10€ Baroque - DVD Baroque - btc (DVD) Baroque - Sug life (CD) Price: 8€/CD or best offer take all 3 for 19€ Hyde - Faith Hyde - 666 Eu Version Price: 6€/CD Take both together for 9€ Moi dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera Eu Version Digipack Price: 16€ SID - Hoshi no Miyako without obi Price: 5€ Books, Magazines and Reading Stuff Sound Designer with Shinya (Dir en Grey) and Takumi New and never read Price: 10€ Dir en Grey - A Pilgrimage capsizing the Island 2002 Carton Pages are Missing everything else is fine Price: 12€ or best offer Die en Grey - Keen under the sun Price: 22€ or best offer Dir en Grey - Garuda Water damage on the outside. Inside I ironed them out and there are just small traces visable on 3 pages. (pictures on demand) Price: 8€ Dir en Grey - Kingdom some flaws where the book is fixed together inside fine - no flaws Price: 22€ or best offer Dir en Grey - Haiiro no ginka Vol. 23, 31, 36, 46, 47 Dir en grey Fanclub Magazine like new Price for each: 12€ Take all 5 Haiiro no Ginka: 52€ Flyers: Flyer List will be posted soon.
  4. HI People of Monochrome-Heaven! my dear friend Daniela Aiko ( https://www.facebook.com/Ojamajo.Aiko?fref=ts ) she has decided to sell all his stuff of visual-kei band, she really has a lot of stuff.. she sent me some pictures but if you want something specific about a particular band, just ask! PRICES : Little Magazines (Popunited, Gab etc.) = 1€ Medium Magazines (VR, Zealink) = 3€ Big Magazines (Shoxx, Stuppy, Cure) = 5€ | | V
  5. ~SELLING~ Hey there! I’m back from Japan and I have a few CDs, flyer, magazines and cheki for sale! If you have questions, feel free to ask! Shipping is from Germany! For magazines look here (gab, vijuttoke, vr) For flyer from last week here (Alive, Artemis, Bash!, Deep Rave, diaura, DIV, DIZ, f.e.s, HuV, Jiluka, Marble Head, Melvel, Moran, Nekodokuro, Nihilizm, nüe, SquAiR, The Gallo, Tokami, umbrella, Wing Works, Xenon, Yeti) For older flyer/postcards click here (3Peace★Lovers, 9GOATSBLACKOUT, Airish, アルルカン (Arlequin), Belmosaic, Capella, カルペディエム (Carpe diem), D'sko, Daizy Stripper (two different, one of them 2x), Dear L'Novel, ElüpiA, GangLioN, JyuLie, L'avie EN, L&DS, ★NOハウス (Hoshi no House), Nobady, Planetarium, Resist, Rose Noire, S'CUBE, SID, 東京カルテット (Tokyo Quartet), TRA TRA TRA, Virgil, ViV, xxx is DEAD (2x), zechs, Zelktage, Zig+Zag (front) / Pan-d-ra (back), 緑玉歌留多 - ロクダマカルタ) chekis over here (aube, And, unknown) aand CDs here (Riddick) If you can’t open the links, you can message me and I’ll send you pictures of the requested items ~SERCHING~ I'm also searching for some items PAYABLE ON 15. every month (but always payable for UnsraW-goods) magazines UnsraW Paranoid≠circuS DEATHGAZE Crimson Shiva
  6. Hello! I'm selling some flyers, please have a look! - 0,50€ + shipping - Shipping from Finland - Payment via Paypal (€) - Feel free to ask better photos etc. - First picture is random extras what you get free if you buy something Flyers are in random arrangement in pictures, sorry for that! A ace aim AvelCain and -eccentric agent- Byakura bellcube calmandoqual chariots chaos system capella cu[be] D'Lore dog in the pwo diement duel jewel dolly dear bitch deluhi exist trace em grief grieva ganglion gotcharocka himemani k jaguary kisaki project KITIKU IKKA liv'ert l lotus signal Megaromania magistina saga misaruka monolith nocturnal bloodlust paradeis random (lycaon, r-shitei) random (megaromania, lycaon, Velvet) riddick RENS Sadie saintia suzaku synkyet the dude the gladrow thomas tokami velgreed xxx is dead yoshinori sugimoto 0801 209336
  7. I have started a tumblr to sell extra cheki & flyers This is a store and will continue to be updated ⇒click⇐ ★Cheki generally runs at $6/cheki unless otherwise noted. And for general sales posts: buy 3 get 4th half off. browse what is still available for purchase ★Cheki bands list (strike out if they have been sold and none currently available): アルルカン (⇐Cheki added from 10/31 live but all has been sold) ex.AND ex.Gakido GIGAMOUS LucaRia Minus Jin-Say Orchestra Oneness One★Star Purple Stone + Gimmick. (collab cheki) Resistar Records bands Shounenki (⇐more added) Souiumono Yeti Sel'm Cat fisT RUVISH baroque Xaa Xaa (⇐NEW) More will be included as time goes on. If you want to see something early I will be happy to show you. ★Flyers $1/flyer (minimum purchase of 3 required) MANY ARTISTS AVAILABLE. If there is an artist you are interested in and it is not listed, I might have a flyer but haven't uploaded it for sale yet. ★Picks and other misc. items will be sold occasionally. Lil.y's カイリア(⇐NEW) Kameleo's とにかく今すぐ!!このDVDを見てほしいバンドマン DVD (⇐NEW) Dokusatsu Terrorist's 新曲DEMO音源集 ver. 1013 (⇐NEW) BPM 03 (Oct.~Dec. 2014) (⇐NEW) I currently am planning on selling a Grieva pick and a LOST ASH pick! ★I am also willing to buy cheki to a limited extent at lives I go to. There is no buy 3 get 4th half off deal if I do this. ★Feedback page Please send inquiries on buying/requesting cheki to toomuchcheki@gmail.com (and please check out the page first!)
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