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Found 24 results

  1. Dir en Grey is one of the most well know japanese bands in the world, you can meet someone that doesn´t like japanese music at all, but they like Dir en Grey, it happens to me all the time... Today they are know for they experimental extreme metal songs, but, one day they where just a visual kei band doing they "true" things you know, for some is hard to believe that it is the same band. Released in 1997, MISSA is their first EP, the music was kind of similar to what they were doing in La:Sadie's, lyrical themes and etc... So, let's go! 01.霧と繭 I think that this song may be one of my favorite visual kei songs of all time(It is on my top 5 songs in my last fm chart). The song stars with a wind sound and Kyo whispering some phases and then the old school octave riffage starts with drums blasting all the way, the bass tone is just amazing in this one, love it! The solo is simple but i like it very much, it just done right. The song talk's about suicide, as Kyo means that he doesn´t need his cocoon(body) anymore. It's a fun fact, and who could imagine, that one day we could listen to a deathcore version of this song, done by the same band, but, i still preffer the original song for all it's context and epicness. Just a classic. 10/10 02.「S」 This songs starts with a frenetic bass drum kick ending the time count with the cymbals, then the guitar enters with a octave riff(i think they liked doing that a lot), the song has a, almost, danceable rhythm if you think about it, the vocal melody isn´t nothing special, don´t appeal to me too much. Overall its a nice song, just that. 7/10 03.Erode Remember that orgasmatic bass tone? aw god... I feel that this bass intro is somehow iconic to me, the guitar melody that enter to complete the intro is very nice too, i like how the first verse has a mysterious feel leading to a nice song. The lyrics are about lost love, and maybe, about suicide... just kiding. 9/10 04.蒼い月 "Akai sora, aoi tsuki..." Another classic old school Dir en Grey song, i love how this song has a odd 5/4 timing. Overall, the song is kind of repetitive, but in a good way, it doesn´t have a chorus at all, just a "Blue & Die" moment. 9/10 05.Garden Somehow, this is the most popular song in the EP, i think that because it is a upbeat song, not so "melancholic" as the other songs, it's more similar to the other upbeat visual kei songs of its time, it remembers me of my teenager years... Ah, forgot, nice song. C'mon sing along... "GARDEN sugi yuku kono kisetsu no naka de itsu made mooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" 8/10 06.秒「」深 They used to play this one a lot live, fast visual kei song uhuuuuu, headbang with your friends. Just to finish this EP in good mood, giving the feeling that they had a lot to show yet, the main riff is very nice. Ah, the song finishes with mad screaming, missed that... 8/10 This EP is undoubtedly a visual kei classic, the bass tone, the "true" feeling, classic Dir en Grey was very successful, the right band in the right time and country, no doubt this era is considered influential until today in the scene, Gri... cof cof eva... Buy this in the first chance you have! OVERALL: 8,5
  2. DECAYS / Baby who wanders

    Baby who wanders(初回生産限定盤A)(DVD付) CD+DVD, Limited Edition Disc: 1 1. Aesthetics of the transgression 2. Zero Paradise 3. 愛と哀を遺さず…[Baby who wanders Ver.] 4. Drifting litter 5. Where are you going? 6. Vagabond 7. Imprisonment Leaving 8. シークレットモード 9. HELLO! NEW I 10. Eve 11. Rana 12. D/D 13. 綺麗な指 Disc: 2 1. MUSIC VIDEO 2. MVメイキング Baby who wanders(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付) CD+Blu-ray, Limited Edition Disc: 1 1. Aesthetics of the transgression 2. Zero Paradise 3. 愛と哀を遺さず…[Baby who wanders Ver.] 4. Drifting litter 5. Where are you going? 6. Vagabond 7. Imprisonment Leaving 8. シークレットモード 9. HELLO! NEW I 10. Eve 11. Rana 12. D/D 13. 綺麗な指 Disc: 2 1. MUSIC VIDEO 2. MVメイキング Baby who wanders(通常盤) Disc: 1 1. Aesthetics of the transgression 2. Zero Paradise 3. 愛と哀を遺さず…[Baby who wanders Ver.] 4. Drifting litter 5. Where are you going? 6. Vagabond 7. Imprisonment Leaving 8. シークレットモード 9. HELLO! NEW I 10. Eve 11. Rana 12. D/D 13. 綺麗な指
  3. DIR EN GREY Confirmed for ROTTENGRAFFTY presents “ポルノ超特急2016” PORNO ULTRA EXPRESS 2016 on 25.12.2016! Porno Ultra Express 2016
  4. Hei Minna, Selling some things from my little 'up to sale box' before stuff gets really dusty ^^" I am shipping from Germany Can ship everyday the post is open I do not require Insurance For Pictures of the Flyers please Pn me each Flyer is 0,80€, small flyers are 0,50€ if not mentioned If not mentioned + shipping - see details below that text For questions comment or Pn I will reserve items for one week CDs are packed in a seethrough protective covers Germany/EU/World Maxiletter up to 500g: 1,45€/ 3,70€/ 3,70€ Maxiletter up to 1kg: 2,60€/ 7,00€/ 7,00€ Cardboard box up to 2kg: 4,50€/ 9,00€/ 16,00€ CDs: Unsraw - Calling with Obi Limited to 2000 pieces Price: 25€ or best offer Kagrra, - ~夢イズル地~ (~Yume Izuru Chi~) first Press without Obi Price: 10€ or best offer Kagrra - 夜伽噺 (Yotogi Banashi) Hardcase Version with Obi Price: 10€ or best offer Deep Rave - Deep Rave with Obi like new Price: 15€ or best offer Alice Nine - 九龍-Nine Heads Rodeo Show- ( Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show-) with Obi Price: 15€ or best offer Dispina Promotion CD with papercase (can put it in a slimcase if you like to) Price: 5€ The Rardot - Promotion CD Type B with seethrough-case (can put it in a slim cases if you like) with Flyer (sadly got damaged by water) Price: 5€ Z_rayed Promotion CD with seethrough-case (can put it in a slim cases if you like) with Flyer Price: 5€ Smile Berry - Promotion CD with papercase (can put it in a slim cases if you like) Price: 5€ Dio - Heaven's Call Digipackage EU Version never listend to Price: 10€ Baroque - DVD Baroque - btc (DVD) Baroque - Sug life (CD) Price: 8€/CD or best offer take all 3 for 19€ Hyde - Faith Hyde - 666 Eu Version Price: 6€/CD Take both together for 9€ Moi dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera Eu Version Digipack Price: 16€ SID - Hoshi no Miyako without obi Price: 5€ Books, Magazines and Reading Stuff Sound Designer with Shinya (Dir en Grey) and Takumi New and never read Price: 10€ Dir en Grey - A Pilgrimage capsizing the Island 2002 Carton Pages are Missing everything else is fine Price: 12€ or best offer Die en Grey - Keen under the sun Price: 22€ or best offer Dir en Grey - Garuda Water damage on the outside. Inside I ironed them out and there are just small traces visable on 3 pages. (pictures on demand) Price: 8€ Dir en Grey - Kingdom some flaws where the book is fixed together inside fine - no flaws Price: 22€ or best offer Dir en Grey - Haiiro no ginka Vol. 23, 31, 36, 46, 47 Dir en grey Fanclub Magazine like new Price for each: 12€ Take all 5 Haiiro no Ginka: 52€ Flyers: Flyer List will be posted soon.
  5. Hello I am selling big parts of my whole CDs and DVDs. I already added some stuff on my ebay account, more is coming soon. In total i will be selling many stuff, also some item that are out of print. So stay tune for more coming soon. I live in italy and will be shipping also from there. If you have other questions please feel free to ask. Here is the link of my shop: thanks in advance
  6. Hi! I'm selling some DIR EN GREY merch for a friend: 4 wristbands from various tours (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) 5€ each DVD 2008 The rose trims again 5€ DVD 2005 Withers and withers -bootlegged- 5€ DVD 2009 Aknot only 5€ Tour shirts (S sizes, various years and colors, both US EU and Japanese tours, ask for more info or just let me know which one you're looking for, i might have it) 10€ each Hoodie (S size, color black) Tour 2011 Paradox of retaliation 17€ Hoodie (S size, color black) Tour 2009 Uroboros EU, broken fly (needs to be replaced), hoodie has been worn a lot so it shows usage signs, 5€ CD: Kisou limited (shiny cover), Six Ugly, Agitated screams of maggots, Marrow of a bone, Hageshisa to kono mune no naka de bla bla, Lotus, Different Sense 5€ each Photobook -a dead angle- (2000) 10€ Photobook Ware (2003) 10€ I have PLENTY of Dir en grey items since I've been a hardcore fan for over 10 years, so if you're looking for something specific let me know and, if I have it, we can work something on. Shipping from Italy, if you want more pictures or if you have any questions just ask~!
  7. So I got this one (quoting as always): source: I don't dig the band (FFDP) at all so yeah, not sure how I should take this... Inb4 Kyo collab in a new Call of Duty game /sadtrombone
  8. Hi! I revived my user here just to post this since I'm moving in less than a month, and like to get rid of these items before then! The prices have been EXTREMELY lowered! All items + rules can be viewed on my sales-tumblr here: My tumblr will be updated with more the next coming days (LUNA SEA, lam.(like absolute myself), Calmando Qual) **UPDATED ALREADY!** I also have tons of flyers so if you're interested in a specific band I can check if I have them. examples: Since1889 - DIABOLOS - 2€ INORAN - apocalypse - 3€ alice nine - TSUBASA (w/ DVD, type A) - 3€ alice nine - JEWELS (type A) - 3€ alice nine DVD - Discotheque play like a RAINBOWS -enter&exit- (limited edition) - 9€ alice nine photobook + CD - Dive into the sun - 24€ alice nine fanclub magazines - 2€ each ヴァルナ (Valluna) CD - Neo Infernal - 11€ ヴァルナ (Valluna) CD+DVD - Distopia - 16€ the Raid. - live distributed promo-DVD + flyer (was given out in november 2013) - 2€ Magazines: Vicious - June 2000 - 3€ Includes artists as PENICILLIN, SEX MACHINEGUNS, Pierrot, Gackt, SOPHIA, Plastic Tree, Malice Mizer, Lareine etc. Vicious - November 1997 - 3€ Includes artists as HAKUEI, Laputa, Malice Mizer, L’arc~en~Ciel, GLAY, ROUAGE, GUNIW TOOLS etc. KERA vol. 162 (february 2012) - 4€ Includes articles of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, street snaps, styling tips, make-up tutorials, V-ROCK festival ‘11, etc. Shoxx vol.80 (october 1999) - 3€ Includes artists as J, Gackt, Raphael, Lareine, Plastic Tree, La’Mule, Pierrot etc. NewsMaker no.168 (september 2002) - 4€ (together with dir en grey poster - 7€) Includes artists as RIP SLYME, Dir en grey, J, SOPHIA, wyse, BUCK-TICK, SEX MACHINEGUNS, tetsu69 etc. Double-sided Dir en grey poster from NewsMaker no.168. - 5€ has never been used.
  9. SELLING almost all my entire visual kei collection because of room and money needs. The sale includes: - CDs/DVDs and cheki by alice nine, Ayabie, An Cafe, D, Dio-distraught overlord-, DIR EN GREY, Edogawa Paradox, HISKAREA, juliadoll, KISAKI, Lin- the end of corruption world-, Lolita23Q, Matenrou Opera, Miyavi, MoNoLith, Moran, MUCC, NightingeiL, Phantasmagoria, Rounouir, Scarlett, Schwein, Unite, V.A., Valluna and Wizard - VISUAL KEI MAGAZINES (Cure) n° 63, 75, 89, 91, 92, 94, 99 My feedback is HERE: Pictures of the items are here: Prices are negotiable. If you buy at least 3 CDs/DVDs you'll get a discount. **CDs/DVDs/cheki LIST** - Alice nine - White Prayer single (limited edition) 8 euro - An Cafe - Amedama Rock 18 - An Cafe - Komou Cosmos (RARE!) 14 euro - Ayabie - Ecumenical Image Tour DVD 15 euro - Ayabie - Virgin Snow Color Tour DVD 15 euro - Ayabie Virgin Snow Color EU Edition 12 euro - D - Tafel Anatomie 18 euro - D - 7th Rose 15 euro - Dio-distraught overlord - Byakuya ni moyuru hana 1°st single 11,50 euro - DIR EN GREY - It Withers and withers DVD (regular edition) 15 euro - DIR EN GREY - Vulgar (Eu edition) 13 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Zekkeika 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Jiketsu Shogo 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Seigi?! 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Ane no Danna 7 euro - HISKAREA - Clear of Erode 9 euro - HISKAREA - HISKAREA self titled mini album 9 euro - juliadoll - Awake of dolls (dvd live distributed) 6 euro - KISAKI - BEYOND THE KINGDOM (book + cd) NOTE: this item is REALLY heavy so shipping will be expensive. 20 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- As if forever exists type B 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- - Metamorphose type A 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world - Silent to My Pain type B 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- Flowers Bloom type B 8,50 euro - Lolita23q - I'z limited edition 7 euro - Lolita23q - garizm (type A) 7 euro - Lolita23q - Real Monitor Naibu no Digital Maid type b 7,50 euro - Matenrou Opera - Dawn Of Anomie in Akasaka Blitz DVD 18 euro - Materou Opera - Coupling Collection 08-09 14 euro - Miyavi - Galyuu 14 euro - MoNoLith - fiction & non fiction 14,50 - Moran - Replay (single collection, EU edition) 12 euro - MUCC - Worst of Mucc 13 euro - MUCC - Karma (EU edition) 11 euro - NightingeiL - Nibui Oto single 7 euro - NightingeiL - Kaie signed cheki 6 euro - NightingeiL - signed comment dvd with official picture 6 euro - Phantasmagoria - signs of fragments 12 euro - Rounoir - Solitude 5 euro - Scarlett - Gendai Teki Roman Kashu 12 euro - Scarlett - Ame no Kousaten single 7 euro - Schwein - Dokusai no buta single 6 euro - Schwein - Deep scars single 6 euro - Schwein - signed live distributed 6 euro - Unite - Middle Note 7,50 euro - Valluna official picture 5,50 euro - Wizard - Aquarius 13 euro - Wizard - BIOS 9,50 euro - Wizard - Nakare Kobamu 7 euro - Wizard - DRIVE DREAMER -making movie- 5 euro - Wizard - Hoshi ni negai wo (live distributed) 5 euro - Wizard - Shiny 7 euro **VISUAL KEI MAGAZINES (Cure) LIST** Cure vol 63 15 euro Cure vol 75 12 euro Cure vol 89 12 euro Cure vol 91 12 euro Cure vol 92 15 euro Cure vol 94 12 euro Cure vol 99 12 euro If you're interested in anything, please comment here or send me a private message for pictures of the items and other infos! I'll reply as soon as possible! Best wishes Elena
  10. Sukekiyo will release a new live-limited single "Mimi Zozo", which will (apparently, actual details yet unknown) include a new track they have played at lives lately. The said single will be sold only during their "宙吊り娘と掃き溜めの詩" tour - dates below: covers: source: their twitter Also, Takumi began to use twitter as well! His introductory tweet by courtesy of kyotaku:
  11. 3 shows announced so far. it looks likes that a european tour is coming up with some festivals shows and club shows.
  12. Hi everyone, I have a Tooru but just don't have the time to take care of him. I've had him since he was a child. I'm hoping there will be someone out there who will give him the love and attention he deserves. He's house trained and very well behaved, although, sometimes he screams, vomits, makes funny faces, flips people off, points at people, and throws things at you. You'll have to work out those behavioral problems but I know a very good trainer that we're actually seeing now. See photos for examples Another thing is he really loves hats. I mean REALLY loves hats. So, you'll probably have to buy him a new one every few months or so. These are all the kinds he has now. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Right now I'm taking offers for him so just PM me an offer. Shipping will depend on location. Paypal preferred. Tooru and I both appreciate this!
  13. NEW ITEMS ADDED! MASSIVE VISUAL KEI CD/DVD/GOODIES SALE (too many items for a picture, please ask for single pictures of each item). PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, IF YOU BUY 3 OR MORE ITEMS YOU GET A DISCOUNT. - An Cafe - Amedama Rock 18 euro - An Cafe - Komou Cosmos (RARE!) 14 euro - An Cafe - Official T-shirt from 2012 European Tour (size S and size M, two T-shirts avaiable) 14 euro each one - Ayabie - EURO BEST 12 euro - Dio-distraught overlord - Byakuya ni moyuru hana 1°st single 11,50 euro - DIR EN GREY - UROBOROS 15 euro - DIR EN GREY - It Withers and withers DVD (regular edition) 15 euro - GULLET (ex. 9GOATS BLACK OUT'S Ryo band) - Official picture 5 euro (RARE!) - hurts - Best album 16 euro (RARE!) - MERRY - under-world (Japanese limited edition with DVD) 20 euro - MERRY - M.E.R.R.Y. (EU edition) 10 euro - MERRY - Peep Show (EU edition) 10 euro - MERRY - Nu Chemical Rhetoric (EU edition) 10 euro - MoNoLith - fiction & non fiction (best album) 14 euro - MUCC - Kuchiki no tou (EU edition) 14 euro - MUCC - Homura Uta (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - Zekuu (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - Houyoku (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - 6 (EU edition) 10 euro - MUCC - Kyutai (EU edition) 13 euro - MUCC - Karma (EU edition) 11 euro - Sally / SCHELLEN (ex. hurt's Hina and Dio's Erina band) - PV collection 16 euro (RARE!) - Sally / SCHELLEN (ex. hurts' Hina and Dio's Erina band) - Official picture 6 euro (RARE!) - Scarlett - Gendai Teki Roman Kashu 12 euro VISUAL KEI "CURE" MAGAZINES: Cure vol 89 - cover with HERO and Cindykate 12 euro Cure vol 91 - cover with Lin-the end of corruption world- and DuelJewel 12 euro Cure vol 94 - cover with NEGA and And-eccentric agent- 12 euro Feedback here: If you're interested in something or want some detailed info, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible Best wishes Elena
  14. source: animenewsnetwork, niconico news Lol at all of this.
  15. I have a bass guitar. This is a video of me playing this bass guitar. Be gentle
  16. Another cover, this time from Kisou. This is one of my all time favourites from DEG...I think it's mainly the chorus that gets me. I just love the way it sounds
  17. Way more mistakes on this one but I hope you enjoy
  18. FINALLY! Dir en grey - GAUZE It's time for some fresh views on essential pieces of VK/J-rock (sry) history! And what do we have here: The (major) debut album of DEG - and pretty much their most popular album in the scene...or WAS at least (I didn't research much about popularity amongst certain J-releases). Either way, the most atypical thing I am going to do here is "a goal" (which most reviews are not in a need for tbqh) - to knock on cliched claims concerning GAUZE that have passed from one generation to another (as in "older j-rock fans" (~2006) to "newer ones" (2006~)), for eg. "the poppiest DEG album ever", "the safest DEG album ever" etc. So get prepared! The first thing to mention is the fact that how they emphasize their members' skills in a whole album - there's room for guitarists their rhytmic co-operation and jamming ("Raison Detre", "Mask"), bassist with powerful bass tone and complex riffing ("Yokan", "Cage", "304") and of course a small spotlight for band's drummer ("304"). I think this is a good way to introduce a whole band's talent to newcomer in minutes or so - and I dare to say that this is unfortunately the only DEG album where this trait is "emphasized" (for instance, "WtD" almost isolated rhythmic players out of the mix). Thumbs up! "Poppy" is an adjective that tarnishes listeners' expectations and lets GAUZE stay quite overlooked in most occasions - and for no reason. Like most people, who were involved with DEG for years, I am very aware of the fact that DEG was always "abrasive" albeit constantly changing. For eg. The combo of Intro and "Schwein no Isu", "Mazohyst" and "Zan" are not "contextless tracks" at all, no - those and other non-single tracks are, in fact, the *actual* "main content" (= the sound that the album is supposed to revolve around). To support this statement, let's check out on album's build: *MC = "Main Content" intro - MC - breather - MC - MC - breather - MC - MC - breather - MC - MC - breather/finale - outro Of course, as you can hear it in certain MCs and breathers - "radio-friendly" accessibility is highly noticeable.It's accessible album if we rush a bit with my former comments, yes - but as I pointed it out already, GAUZE's main focus is not on the breathers at all, but on the dirty, old school vk rock worshiping, frantic rock sound with various influences thrown in (Kuroyume, Luna Sea, Vasalla - to name a few) instead. Take a note of songs they play off this album post-Blitz 5 days, and you will notice what I am talking about. Rambling aside, my actual views: thanks to its simple build - and figureable concept, or "the main content", I found myself liking and listening to this album more than to other releases. Many songs might feel quite apart to each other style-wise (newcomers hardly won't even try to tie such songs like "Mask" or "Akuro no Oka" into the same album), but they sure knew what to do with the flow - and kudos to them! I like how daring experiments were handled along the way, without radically weirding out on listener - cases in point, varying signatures role-wise in "Raison" and "MASK" + probably "intentional" offbeat/offkey frenzy in "Zan". Breathers are not bad either and should not be excluded due to bland "poppy"/"safe" statements - I might not be respecting the guy's deeds these days, but Yoshiki sure deserves a good pat on his shoulder for taking boys' musical influences and interests into account and "paving a way to the airwaves" without making them turn into total sellouts. It's no wonder that his productions ended up as instant J-rock classics though - radio-hits, but with a taste! And of course, the high nostalgia value of album's sound (to quote myself: "the dirty, old school vk rock worshiping, frantic rock sound with various influences thrown in") deserves an honorable mention; no wonder that people here and there suggest newbies to go with GAUZE whenever it's about "being introduced to old school vk" ! Low points of this album in my case would be the small amount of "daringness" in "304" and "Mazohyst" for the most part; the latter is of course supposed to gloom and give some sort of "taboo shock value", but nine minutes of Kyo screaming over requiem-y minors is just too much. Thankfully they placed the most accessible song of theirs ("Yokan") after abortfest to give a proper breathing pause, Phew. This is just nitpicking though. Final thoughts: some might assume that "I haven't even reached my goal" or so on - if you read carefully, you should have noticed through my instances that instant genre/mood-spewing is too risky here: give a few more listens, take a look at my "build scale" I wrote above and think more...don't let the singles fool you when it comes to realizing the actual content. Apply this to some of your classic favorites, and see it for yourself... Some big favs worth mentioning and a rating, go: - Yurameki: the poppy instance of Kaoru and Die's classic, fantastic ways of co-operation (which they don't unfortunately utilize these days) - Raison detre: interesting rhythmic approach and tasteful ways of using electronics - Tsumi to Batsu: the bastard child of glam rock reject and noise-y maniac banging? Yes! - Yokan: very accessible, but at the same time one of the loveliest, hummable songs DEG has ever done - MASK: odd but cool way to approach ska punk sound + that jam ending - Zan: something what you might think as a "lousy attempt at thrash metal" suddenly ends up as something ingenious | It'd be quite dumb to round up "4,75" (minuses for Mazohyst - nitpicking again, I know), so let's make it go that way. Brilliant, classic Japanese music release - a total must for those who want to have "their own bite" on old skwl
  19. PLEASE SEE FIRST AND LATER POSTS FOR ALL STUFF THAT IS FOR SALE An Cafe tourbook for sale (used) PRICE: EUR 25 Description: Tourbook of the bands first European tour in 2008. Contains photos on-stage and off-stage. Includes bonus DVD with footage of the lives. New price: JPY 4.762 Condition: Good – Used Weight: 1 kg Catalog nr: NEOBK-494342 IMPORTANT - Payment in Euro by Paypal - Shipping not included (Shipping from Japan) - If you spend more than EUR50 you can choose a free flyer (see here) - I am not responsible for items that were lost or damaged in the mail
  20. Please note the lyrics are all gathered up from various places. I simply fixed a lot of the errors I found (there was a fair bit!), writing it up as printed on the lyrics sheets (thanks to this post and Naaaaani for taking photos of the lyrics!) This means that the lyrics may be sung a different way, but written as seen here, because as I found out while doing this, a lot of the lyrics floating around seem to be written by ear... If there are still any errors, please let me know. I spent far too much time on this because I was bored... I figured I'd share for anyone else who was interested. Notes: I'm not posting lyrics from Lu:Ciel or objexxx because I don't have an image of the print lyrics to go off of to make sure they're correct. There's a transcription of 呪ワレタ楽園ノ影 I found, because on the tape for it, there's no posted lyrics; not posting that becasue I'm not sure if it's correct either. (I will post them if asked, however.) 還ラザル記憶… (Kaerazaru kioku...) Fun Fact! On the 呪ワレタ楽園ノ影… tape, these lyrics are credited as the lyrics to 切断, and vice versa. 腐乱ユエニ… (Furan yue ni...) 生命ノ罪…(Seimei no tsumi...) 生命ノ罪…(Kuroi namida) 架空ト現実…(Kakuu to genjitsu) [1] This spoken piece is correct for 生命ノ罪… release of this song, not in the 架空ト現実… DT. For the 架空ト現実… DT, this line is different, but it's not on the lyric sheet, either. 切断 (Setsudan) Note: There is a spoken part in the beginning of the song, but it's not written on the lyric sheet. From what I've seen posted, it goes something like: 月ニ照ラサレル蒼イ顔ガ 僕ノ脳裏ニ焼キ付ク 地面ニ這イツクバッタ貴方ハ最期ニコウ言ッタ 「貴方ノ手デ『切断』ヲ…」 舞夢 (Maimu)
  21. DIR EN GREY will play six fan club shows in February. the tour is entitled 'FINEM LAUDA'. Latin expression Lauda Finem translates as "Praise to the end". not sure why the band decided to reverse it. the schedule for this tour is as follows: 2014.02.06 NAMBA Hatch, Osaka 2014.02.07 NAMBA Hatch, Osaka 2014.02.13 CLUB DIAMOND HALL, Aichi 2014.02.14 CLUB DIAMOND HALL, Aichi 2014.02.16 CLUB CITTA', Kanagawa 2014.02.17 CLUB CITTA', Kanagawa
  22. So, I stumbled upon this one while scrolling through Kyo_official's posts (Kyo's official twitter) Guess it's sort of his new comic-like, Nightmare Before Christmas - themed creation? (in case you don't believe in that, check the merch and character names + art style / kyo stans beware) also, interesting translation for character desc. (thank you, kyotakumrau@tumblr): So, I never really doubted Kyo's ability/talent in non-musical activities as well (come to think of it, Rinkaku's cover is still beautiful) Gonna look forward to this...yay.