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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Monochrome fellows~ ヾ(。・ω・。) As I sorted through my VK collection, I came to realize that I way too much VK goodies, which have been sitting on my shelf for years. To make space for newer VK stuff, I've decided to sell some items, so they can go to a new home where they won't be lying on the shelf being ignored, lol. For now, this list mainly includes goodies. More will be added later on. This is my first time selling items online, so please bear with me as it will take me a bit to learn shipping rates, prices, and such. Apologies in advance. Here are some notes: - I ship from the U.K. - I only accept payments through PayPal. - All prices will be listed in UK pounds. - Prices do not include shipping rates. - Flyers/smaller magazines/bookmarks will be free with any purchase if requested. Please let me know if you prefer any particular item. These will be on a first come, first serve basis. - I bought some items from second-hand stores, but I've never used them myself. I will mark which items are bought from these stores. (They literally sat on my shelf unused, lol.) - Pictures are inside of the spoiler tag. (I apologize for the fuzzy/unclear pictures. My camera wasn't cooperating with me.) Please let me know if you're interested in anything ^^ If you want extra pictures or have any questions, then please don't hesitate to ask! D=OUT Kabuki Disco Poster (x3) - £7 (each one) - I obtained these posters while in Japan when D=OUT was promoting their Kabuki Disco album. It will be tightly wrapped and unopened. There are little bends at the corners, but nothing noticeable to the overall quality of the poster. The picture below will show what it looks like (minus the signatures and lamination). Kiryu Shuka Ensen Photoset (x1) - £10 (whole set) - These photos came as extras from Brand-X when I ordered the album a long time ago. I'd prefer to sell this as a whole set. Royz Concert Glowstick - £5 - I bought this when I attended one of Royz's concerts. The item has only been used once. It comes with batteries and still lights up a bright neon green. When shipped out, I will cover it in bubble wrap. SCREW Chekis - £10 (each one) - These are some of the SCREW chekis I've collected. If I'm not mistaken, I bought most [if not all] of these at SCREW's 7th anniversary live and were only available then. (Note: I'll be posting more later chekis and photocards. If there's any particular member you want, then let me know and I can check to see if it's available for sale.) Biosphia Cheki Booklet - £6 - I bought this at their Osaka Muse live (5th May 2013). It comes with a handwritten note of which live it was sold at on the inside (in one of the cheki slips). Bookmarks - N/A - If making a purchase, these can be added to the order with no extra charge if requested. Reversion Fruits pin and guitar [Two Man Live - vistlip & baroque] - £4 This was purchased from baroque's and vistlip's two man live. It contains a pin and a guitar pick. The items are not sold separately. Gazette pen & sticker - £3 - I bought this from a second-hand store, but I've never used the item and has been in the same condition since I bought it. The items are not sold separately. Sadie Undead small mirror - £3 - I bought this from a second-hand store, but I've never used the item and has been in the same condition since I bought it. Luna Sea iPhone 5 case - £10 - The item was only open once to look at. It has never been used before and is still in original package. Flyers/Magazine(s) If making a purchase, these can be added to the order with no extra charge if requested.
  2. Selling a bunch of cheki again ^^ - Accepting PayPal and bank transfer within europe - Shipping worldwide from germany BIOSPHIA signed Naru 7€ each Reki,May,Shion 6€ each Cell Kon 7€ each Nao 6€ Sin, Yuki 5€ each Yuki signed 6€ chariots signed 4€ each 10€ all together DIAURA (Shoya, Tatsuya) x Grieva (Hisame) x 紫月 (ex-cyclone, now ジバルト) collaboration cheki 10€ DIAURA/Valluna Yoka 7€ Kei & SAKURA 6€ Yuu 4€ Gossip-ゴシップ Satsuki 6€ Hayate 6€ Grieva Roku, Rui, Hisame signed 6€ each unsigned 5€ each Memento Mori 哀-Ai- 6€ each Moran Ivy, Soan 11€ each Xodiack 7€ each
  3. Hi guys! I'm selling some of my jrock stuffs on discogs, you can find discs and prices here: https://www.discogs.com/seller/indwell/profile?page=1 If you're interested you can contact me by PVT. Thank you!
  4. Shipping from USA 2013-12-03 New items and lower prices added! ● Aiglare  Landscape limited edition $5 PRICE↓  JOKER limited edition $5 PRICE↓ ● Ant1nett - Kiss and Goodbye $3 ● BIOSPHIA - 2012.5.20 SUN 大阪RUIDO 1st ONE MAN LIVE DVD $3 NEW ● wonder【Age】plus+  Melty snow $5  夏空花火 $10 ● REVINE  ENVY + unreleased CD 「PERSONA」 $20 NEW ● dummy-xD - [kagaminokuninukonimagak] take free. $3 ● End;Re - Liberate my mind. $3 NEW ● FoLLoW - For you... $3 ● JackRose - Sample $3 ● 凛 -the end of corruption world-  2013.06.23 「Obscure Ideal~Judgement of fortune~」 bootleg live DVD $15 PRICE↓  2013.12.02 「The Psalms and Lamentations」 bootleg live DVD $15 PRICE↓  VALUE-EXCLAIM-FILM- $15 PRICE↓  Reflect of Killing Fleur $20 PRICE↓  Obscure Ideal $15 ● LOST ASH - FREE DEMO CD $3 ● Megaromania  The Vision of Engraving live DVD $20  Heaven's Novel type B $10  Fragments of Engraving TYPE-A live distributed bootleg DVD $15  Fragments of Engraving TYPE-B live distributed bootleg DVD $15  Fragments of Engraving TYPE-C live distributed bootleg DVD $15 ● NEGA / PERESTROIKA  2013.04.28 「NEGATIVISM-WITHOUTRACE-」 bootleg live DVD $15 PRICE↓  「NEGATIVISM-WITHOUTRACE-」 last live DVD $20 PRICE↓  「PEREUNION」 live DVD $15 PRICE↓  「Depart[ure]」 live DVD $15 PRICE↓  NEGATIVISM-TRACE- TYPE A $20 PRICE↓  VANITAS TYPE A $20  PERESTROIKA 2011.05.07 distributed CD w/ unreleased song $25 ● Never ending ein schritt - Cruel sunrise breathing last forever episode 0 $3 NEW ● OROCHI - 花鳥風月 $3 ● Phantasmagoria  Vanish... Tsuujouban $10 PRICE↓  Seeds of Brain $10 PRICE↓  Diamond Dust $10  actuality TYPE A w/ live DVD $15 PRICE↓  actuality TYPE B $10 PRICE↓  Dejavu ~Revival of Sanctuary~ $15 PRICE↓ ● REALies  彩花唄-いろはうた- B TYPE $10 PRICE↓  to「B」continued TYPE A $20 PRICE↓  LiNE B TYPE $10 PRICE↓  Plugn $5 ● Seventh Butterfly Effect - 試聴サンプル音源 $3 ● Sick² - SALIVA/ヴィデオドローム(act.2) $3 ● DIAURA × グリーヴァ mini-book $5 NEW (10 page mini-book featuring DIAURA / グリーヴァ / Ains flyers) ● VR vol.016 November 2013 $5 NEW (Cover artist TERU (Versailles) and giant flyers&short columns from: グリーヴァ / METEOROID / REALies / LOUD GRAPE / Zelktage / LOST ASH / Rêve / LiLiCAL / ViV / Ash / ANSIA / HERO / FEST VAINQUEUR / NEU / LIPHLICH / Neverland / ISDEAD / ALIVE / AMARANYX / JILUKA) ● Zeth vol.01 $5 NEW (Cover artist Black Gene For the Next Scene and interviews with: Black Gene For the Next Scene / Diana / XIBALBA / Scarlet Valse × 蒼-AO- / BUGscream / VAMPIRE ROSE / Jin-Machine) ※ corners slightly bent ● Vijuttoke 特別 w/ New genelation Vol.2 CD $5 NEW (Short interviews + full length omnibus featuring Nagoya bands: 黒薔薇王国 / 666 / Lugalbanda / LIGHT / xxGUN/JACKxx / @LgoS. / 音羽雪之丞 / 無麗人) ● 無限回廊 Vol.060 $3 SOLD (Giant flyers/spreads from: SCREW / BORN / HERO / DIAURA / グリーヴァ / MEJIBRAY / Lycaon / Ecthelion / REALies / Jackman / Neverland / VOW / R指定 / Moran / インクリボン軍 / tokami / Lustknot. / RUVISH / D'uAl / LiLiCAL / Ray℃ / Nihilizm / Crimson Shiva / Plus Magic / DOWNER / SCAPEGOAT / Hitomi; Articles from: ダウト / BORN / Moran / R指定 / NEU / SCREW / HERO / xTRiPx) ● 109MEN'S × ZEALLINK 2013-autumn- Collaboration Styling Book $3 SOLD (Band×fashion label collaboration photoshoots from: SCREW×CIVARIZE / Sadie×MIDAS / DaizyStripper×MARDER LICENSE×LEGENDA / BORN×JACKROSE×Luv maison) ● ZEAL LINK NO.001 $3 SOLD (Giant flyers from: vistlip / NEU / HERO / BORN / Moran / DIAURA / グリーヴァ / 己龍 / Royz / Lycaon / Avel Cain / PENICILLIN / D / Sadie / アヲイ / Viru's / 花少年バディーズ / Sel'm / A&D / Crimson Shiva / ジン / DaizyStripper) ● ZEAL LINK NO.002 $3 SOLD (Giant flyers from: Kra / ダウト / SCREW / BORN / AN CAFE / Sadie / アヲイ / Viru's / DaizyStripper / D / 己龍 / Royz / コドモドラゴン / DIAURA / グリーヴァ / Lycaon / xTRiPx / ALIVE / Belmosaic / RevleZ / Purple Stone / XENON; Article from: amber gris)
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