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Found 48 results

  1. It's been a while since I cranked a Band Battle thread, but I thought this would make for an interesting match up! I've seen both Kizu and DIMLIM referred to as saviors of modern VK, but which band is MH REALLY feelin' the most? So, as always - which band do you prefer, and why? キズ (Kizu) Samples: VS DIMLIM Samples: hajime!!!
  2. グリーヴァ (Grieva) vs. Metis Gretel both good at this old school kei
  3. What can I say really say, both of these bands are indie vk legends, both are/were on Anarchist Records, both are 90's vk bands, both have hardcore punk metalish style, and both are basically session bands even though 妃阿甦 isn't supposed to be technically. So now the question remains who is better? 妃阿甦 Vs. ∀NTI FEMINISM Fight!
  4. DIR EN GREY VS. the GazettE Ok, the battle is on! Which band do you think is better AND WHY?
  5. D.I.D. -VS- Nocturnal Bloodlust Aggressive as sh**. Heavy as sh**. REALLY AWESOME SH** that they play! Who's better D.I.D. or Nocturnal Bloodlust? Personally, I prefer Nocturnal Bloodlust. The harsh vocals I think are one of the best currently in music. Also, I feel that even though I like auto tune every now and then, D.I.D. uses it WAY too much while the vocalist in NB just seems to naturally have it. Thoug neither band is doing anything extremely new, I feel Nocturnal Bloodlust has better song writing as well structure wise. Outside of the music, I enjoy the fashion sense (yes, I look at fashion along with the music too) of NB for than D.I.D.....so yea...Nocturnal Bloodlust overkill for me...BUT what do YOU think?
  6. So I have previously had this discussion with "JILUKA" winning beating "FIXER" by 72% of the votes. So with their new mini-albums released last month I thought this would be a good time to re-open this discussion. So this one can be view two different ways either you can judge weather "JILUKA" is still better than "FIXER" or you simply judge the mini-albums only. I'll set up the poll so you can't vote for the minis and the bands themselves or just the bands if you prefer. Oh and unrelated but they toured together recently as well which is pretty awesome VS. FIGHT!!!
  7. MEJIBRAY VS. DIAURA Ok, the battle is on! 2 bands that are relatively new to the VK scene - for some representing the hope for VK and for others it's decline. Which band do you think is better AND WHY?
  8. Versailles VS. Lareine Ok, the battle is on! KAMIJO ON BOTH SIDES! Which band do you think is better AND WHY?
  9. BAND BATTLE LYCAON VS. CALMANDO QUAL Which one is your favourite and why? Figured we'd get these band battles started up again!
  10. doombox

    Back again for another round~! Today we're looking at bands that have been around for about the same amount of time, have loyal fanbases, and released singles this month. So which band are you enjoying more? MEJIBRAY vs Royz
  11. Let's try something a bit different this time and battle two bands from two different scenes, with two different sounds, that aren't related in any way. Though both bands are flamboyantly fabulous in their own ways, and both have great guitarists~ So which band are you enjoying more? trivia: mejibray has never lost a band battle here before! MEJIBRAY vs 八十八ヶ所巡礼 (88kasyo junrei)
  12. I'm sure this one will be fun! D VS Versailles So, who do you prefer and why? Cast your votes!
  13. Crazy Shampoo is old band from Yoshiatsu and DADAROMA is the new one. Between both bands, which one do you like the most? Crazy★shampoo DADAROMA Some comment about them ? Do it Idk why, but I can't put videos, only the url.
  14. These are in my opinion two of the best new visual kei bands going right now and I've been considering pitting them against each other for awhile now. So after discovering that JILUKA are also from Tokyo (accodring to @Duwang) I finally decided to do it. So both of these bands formed in Tokyo both formed in 2013 and both have a very heavy and electronic sound. Both often employ growls, screams, and in Fixer's case pig squeals as well. Both bands have also used clean singing and more melodic songs in nature as well and tend to combine elements of both within most of their songs. Both bands also tend to use techniques often seen in metalcore such as breakdowns featuring guitar solo's and harsh vocals: including the ones mentioned above. So after that kind of detailed introduction lol the only question remaining is who is better or rather who does it better I guess since they basically have the same sounds. JILUKA FIXER FIGHT!
  15. ギルガメッシュ Vs. D'espairsRay The similarities are there. Both bands lasted about the same amount of time Despa lasted 12 years and Giru lasted around 13, both bands experienced drastic changes in sound towards the later end of their careers, and finally both bands line-ups remained consistent with the exception of girugamesh's early vocalist change. Now the question is who is better.
  16. Hey, everyone. I thought this might make for a pretty cool match-up. The most obvious difference between both of these bands is that one is visual and the other is not, but I actually think these guys have a bit more in common than what meets the eye. For lack of a better term, both cinema staff and chanty play similar styles of "indie-rock" with faint midwestern emo influences (the riffage, guitar tones, and even random, yet scarce screams that both bands employ). Both bands are also really poppy, opting for big, catchy hooks, accessible melodies, and mostly straightforward arrangements - all while maintaining a subtle balance with their more raw, aggressive sides. Both vocalists are also fairly melodramatic, haha. On a more trivial tip, I think it's interesting to note that I've often seen chanty described as "a vk band that sounds like J-indie", while I've also seen J-indie fans describe cinema staff's vocalist as "sounding vk". Whatever the case, I think it's clear that both bands have a decent amount of crossover appeal. Which band do you prefer, and why? Chanty Samples: VS cinema staff Samples:
  17. Maximum the Hormone vs. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Both big J non vk bands i think, both screaming in a anime intro/ending
  18. DIAURA vs. ダリ (Dali) Who has the better D?
  19. Instead of random VK face-offs and even more random clusterfucks, let's try to bring the actual purpose of this format back: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure Gesu no Kiwami Otome I tried my best to represent main aspects of these bands above, but anyways - why such comparison though (aside from both being side-projects)? All in all, I find this battle to be rather serious one but fun nonetheless if you do really dig both acts (yeah yeah, not that we expect possible Enon bias here but I am curious about those who do not follow either really) Go!
  20. Raddock (ラドック) vs Diement. I geuss in the spirt of reviving Dear Dolce who closed years ago, a friendly battle.
  21. old ayabie vs. Old girugamesh
  22. Why not take two friendly bands and pit them against one another? I thought this might make for an interesting match up, so let's go! We've got the legendary Plastic Tree who have been around for over 20 years, and then THE NOVEMBERS, who are a bit younger (they've been active for a little over 10 years) but well-respected. Both bands are loosely associated with shoegaze, but whereas Plastic Tree has been a mainstay for overseas VK fans, THE NOVEMBERS has been prominently favored by overseas. 'J-indie' fans. Which band do you prefer, and why? Just to make it tougher for fans of both Ryutaro Arimura (PLASTIC TREE) & Yusuke Kobayashi (THE NOVEMBERS) Plastic Tree vs. THE NOVEMBERS
  23. DIR EN GREY has been around for 18 years now, but when you divide their career in two, which half have you been enjoying more? Dir en grey (1997 - 2005) Gauze (1999) Macabre (2000) Kisou (2002) Vulgar (2003) Withering to Death. (2005) vs DIR EN GREY (2006 - 2015) The Marrow of a Bone (2007) Uroboros (2008) Dum Spiro Spero (2011) Arche (2014)
  24. No worries, I don't intend to get carried away with these. Just thought i'd try another with some unrelated bands, and see how it goes ; ) Which band are you enjoying more? THE BLACK SWAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzB86JqPT8Y vs kamomekamome
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