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Found 2682 results

  1. ddeadstars-mako

    ayo peeps! this is my first post on here. so, i wanted to discuss creepy, obsessive fans... annoying fans... everything of that ! recently i discovered a annoying and oblivious fan, who keeps claiming ruki as her husband (despite him saying before he does NOT wish to marry.) earlier i tried pointing out her problems and attempting to get her to stop as her statements claiming to be ruki’s wife are FALSE. she sends Ruki selfies daily, via Instagram. she also apparently comments inappropriate things in his posts? she photoshops her with him. she blocked me lol. have you guys ever dealt with fans like this? these types of fans are what make is foreign fans look like shit. can y’all share you opinions and stories with other people like this?
  2. ghost

    Why is there no Dezert thread yet??????? Vocal: 千秋-Chiaki- Guitar: キラ-Kira- Bass: SaZ Drum: SORA I just started listening to them 30 minutes ago and I seriously regret not listening to them sooner. They're so freaking heavy. Their music is harsh with loads of distortion and crunch, but they mix in nice melodies once in a while to balance things out. I would compare them to bands like early D'espairsRay, Deathgaze, AvelCain, and (I would say) even Kagerou. The vocalist is probably one of my new favorites because of his diversity. He has a singing voice sweet enough to be in a band like Sug, but his screams have bite and he can easily be compared to vocalists like Satoshi from Girugamesh. I pretty much like everything I've heard (which isn't all their music), but tracks that have stood out to me so far are: -「胃潰瘍とルソーの錯覚」 (ikaiyou to rousseau no sakkaku) *The video above -「変」(hen) -「秘密」(himitsu) So, Whaddya all think of this band??? (I mean, from what people have said around the forum, I know they're generally loved).
  3. A Type(¥3500+tax): CD: 1.息の根 2. CALLING 3.流星群 4. Alive -Acoustic Version- DVD: 「息の根」MV+Offshot and an interview explaining the songs B Type(¥1500+tax): CD:1.息の根 2. CALLING 3.流星群 It will be released 21 August and those who preorder before 20 July will get a postcard They are also now under a new label named “ANIMA” created under Goemon Records
  4. blackdoll

    Whats up guys, here we have a new band. After the last two single and the new single preview I'm thinking i really like them. For current vk, i'm thinking that they might be my number 3. I love the way they do metalcore, for me they do it best in vk (outside of vk I'm not sure). I like how the vocalist harsh vocals are not pathetic and are adding to the music. Clean sing wise it is good, but i not sure if he is really in it (singing from the heart), please tell what think about this. umm instrumental wise they have great break down, and other parts they are good. Also like the rap/cute bits. still waiting for them to make me cum. Looks: I like the first one, individuals for for eclipse and the last 2 were great (the vocalist character especially) . eclipse pv was horrible though.
  5. I'm sure this has been done before but I'm curious to see what the people on this forum think. They don't have to be in particular order. For me, in order: 1. Luinspear 2. D 3. Due'le Quartz 4. Gilles de Rais 5. Aioria 6. Sectma 7. Velvet Eden 8. Anonymous Confederate Ensemble 9. Megaromania 10. PIERROT (mainly because I LOVE Kikurui Pierrot and Pandora no Hako) Anyway, interested to see what everyone here likes for visual music! Also, feel free to post your favorite albums by your favorite bands if you wish. I didn't, except with the nod to Pierrot, because I like basically everything they put out.
  6. new band "蜘蛛ノ糸(kumo no ito)" will hold their first live at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2016/04/18 "蜘蛛ノ糸(kumo no ito)" members: Vo.芥空朶雷磊 Gt.皆川鳳凰丸 Gt.夏上龍紫郎 Ba.冴月鈴之心 Dr.明堂院暁介
  7. blackdoll

    At first i hated them for giving up on reload, and just used them for their reload-ish songs like dead end. Then i herd the shuuen samples and they seem pretty modern to me which made me go back to their other stuff i skipped and noticed there is modern vk in there. but idk what is old school? anyway I'm liking them because they are fun with the instrumental and have a great vocalist(love him). I like them for them not because they are doing old school. I like the way the fuse both schools, and even though they recycle riffs its not annoying. Also think they are better than those old people they copying, making that fact nothing. they are my non official #2 looks i don't pay attention to with them, but kyouki should work on his lip singing. oh yeah he can look funny dancing/acting too. he should also pay attention to his hair more because it can make him look not so good. oh yeah i think they would do a better job than diru at current/later diru too (abyss) edit: Changed the pic because they are modern and look badass
  8. 平成維新(heiseiishin) 拓(taku) presents live "平成(heisei) revolution party 2015" will be held at OSAKA MUSE at 2015/12/10 [live participating artists] ギガマウス(GIGAMOUS) N@H-ノア- More THE BLACK SWAN feat.優(yuu)(ex-NEGA) 維新: Vo.貘(baku) (VERY BERRY) Gt.mag (Blu-BiLLioN) Gt.keiji (Mix Speaker's,Inc.) Ba.ミド(mido) (えんそく(ensoku)) Dr.優一(yu-ichi) (ex-AUBE) よしふみバンド: Vo.CO- (ex-FUTURISM・BOYZ) Vo.タカフミ(takafumi) (ex-Marvelous Maiden) Gt.KANATA (ex-chariots-->凛(lin)) Ba.善(yoshi) (平成維新(heiseiishin)) Dr.姫雛〜hina〜 (ex-Anjyu')
  9. 遺伝子組換こども会(idenshikumikae kodomokai) (ハイパーポケット(hyper pocket) Vo.ノビ太(nobita) ex-band) will revive for one-day at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2016/03/06
  10. Hey bought this stuff years ago when I was heavily into the gazette, I'm currently selling it on ebay. If anyone is interested. Its in great condition considering its 13 years old. https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/123800200473?ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2F0%2F0%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.co.uk%252Fulk%252Fitm%252F123800200473%26rvr_id%3D0%26rvr_ts%3D60bd293e16b0a9cd9fa08a40ffe3882c
  11. Trombe

    Inpossible will revive for one-day at yazzmad presents live "dot." at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2015/09/21
  12. In celebration of the 20th anniversary since the formation of Matina and MIRAGE, KISAKI will hold BURIAL OF EPISODE-TOKYO- at Shinjuku (新宿) BLAZE on 2018-03-31. MIRAGE will hold a one-day(?) revival, featuring original members AKIRA, YAYOI, and KISAKI, plus support guitarist A.O.I (SHAZNA) and drummer Matarou (魔太朗) (VANIRU). Session band Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ) will appear: V. Kouki (幸樹) [Mist of Rouge~DOUT (ダウト)] / G. ? / B. Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷 朋之) [Mist of Rouge~More] / D. TERO (テロ) [VIDOLL~†я i ¢к]. TOKYO YANKEES, THE DEAD P☆P STARS, Vasalla (覇叉羅) (one-day revival), KING, and Kra will also appear. Premium tickets include a t-shirt. All attendees receive a present. This marks [the beginning of?] MIRAGE's “burial” (meaning has not been revealed). KISAKI made some remarks about his “retirement.” KISAKI might have formed the new company LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, though it doesn't seem to be a record label (yet). Please see the full writeup at https://weloveucp.com/blog/matina-event-revealed-matina-all-stars-mirage-burial-kisaki-retirement-and-new-company/ for additional details.
  13. Aferni

    post a picture with two of your favorite vocalists go lmao TenTen (My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND) & Jin (THE BLACK SWAN)
  14. hytseraph

    As of 3/31, PROJECT TO EVIL's vocalist U-eLL has been dismissed from the band for "numerous scandals/deplorable actions coming to light."
  15. blackdoll

    OMG i love them
  16. Hi Guys! I find a very nice live-event organization that as well as organizing concerts, broadcasts them on YouTube in live!! In past they has broadcast live events on unstream.tv, but has recently moved to YouTube! now, Senka Ryoran presents a new event "Senka Ryoran Vol.14" (?) that will be held on 26 October 2017 at Shibuya Rex! (Capacity : 220 people) Now it looks like a really interesting event, the only problem is that since the concert is broadcast live-streaming, it will not be possible to review it later 😢 (For example, this is the link of the Vol.13 and it will not possible to review) So guys this may be an opportunity for you to record (with some program) the concerts and keep them in our PC! In particular this event in my opinion is very interesting because many good band participate (Like Lack.Co and Mikansei alice [for me]) So guys, can you be so gentle and disponible to record this concert and post on the forum? I think each of us would be happy to see the performance of our favorite band! PS: Sorry if I writed in a wrong / strange English 😂
  17. ex-REDRUM Vo. new band "I.T.G" (Instigate the Grief) has formed in 2013/12, and they will hold their first formal live at Yamagata music showa SESSION at 2014/06/01 "I.T.G" members: Vo.zero (ex-Xeno Head-->-ASSAULT--->REDRUM(ZAKU)) Gt.壱平-ippei- (VARIOUNESS) Gt.kazuki Ba.臣-omi- Dr.秋-syu- (ex-jeny creme) their new album "Instigate the Grief" will be released at 2014/06/01 (2,000yen), for which samples could be listened to in their OHP [track list] 01.Absolute Terror Field 02.Good Morning, Nameless 03.The Pain of III Fingers 04.BABY ON THE DEATH VALLEY 05.No Answer 06.Requiem 07.HEAR MY VOICE 08.Another Grief 09.DIGITIZED FAMILY 10.Crossing Way http://instigate-the-grief.com/
  18. 白黒キネマ(monokuro kinema) will revive for one-day at their live at Hamamatsu FORCE at 2015/11/22
  19. Visual-Kei band "Mikansei Alice (未完成アリス)" perform at Aki No Matsuri 2018. This event will be held in Zofingen [Switzerland] on 28-29 September 2018 It has not yet been defined whether the band will perform two days in a row or one day.) -> https://sumikai.com/musik-news/mikansai-alice-rocken-die-aki-no-matsuri-2018-205080/ <-
  20. Trombe

    LuLu will perform at ギャロ(THE GALLO) & LuLu 2-man live "大東亜黒鶏病棟-ヒカル・ユキ生誕祝賀診察公演-" at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2015/02/27, at which their members collaborative session will also perform
  21. According to Visunite official twitter "Last Cross" are signed with them now.
  22. new band "Lafflesia" will hold their first formal live at Ikebukuro LIVE INN ROSA at 2015/12/12 "Lafflesia" members: Vo.haru (トキノキト(tokinokito) roadie) Gt.おとぎ雷蔵(otogi raizou) btw Gt.おとぎ雷蔵(otogi raizou) was previously in session band "Lafflesia" (same band name) https://twitter.com/harulive0518 https://twitter.com/otogiraizou
  23. 克哉(katsuya)(ex-CodeRebirth) new digital single (title not yet finalized) will be available for download through iTunes in 2015/12, which will be composed by him and sung by guest Vo.
  24. Visual-Kei band D, Gotcharocka and Diaura will hold a tour together! : - 31/05/2018 at Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX - 2/06/2018 at Koriyama CLUB #9 - 3/06/2018 at Akita Club SWINDLE - 7/06/2018 at Nagoya Electric Lady Land - 8/06/2018 at Umeda Akaso FINAL - 15/06/2018 at Shinjuku BLAZE
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