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Found 5 results

  1. "MilkyWay Record Presents『VALENTINE SESSION FESTIVAL』" will be held at Ikebukuro Blackhole on February 14, 2017. Participating bands: The Valentine. ジャックケパー (Jack Caper) XIX -nineteen- LIEVRE CLAY 怪盗戦隊 -A- (Kaito Sentai -A-) NeruNeru ジュキ (Juki) (ex-ワンネス (Oneness)) session 雨夜ノ月 (Amayo no Tsuki) ヴァンパイアの彼女 (Vampire no Kanojo) SiON session エリーゼのために (Erize no tame ni) アゼリア (Azelia) 毒蛇 session りゅういち (ryuichi) session 復活の3年F組 (???) Special guest: CHISA & 将吾(shogo) (ex-DIV) session ジュキ (Juki) (ex-ワンネス (Oneness)) session lineup: Vo. ジュキ (Juki) (ex-ワンネス (Oneness)) Gu. DAI (ex-ワンネス (Oneness)) Gu. 要 (Kaname) (ex-ALIVE) Ba. 卓美 (Takumi) (ex-ZON) Dr. あき (Aki) (ex-ALIVE)
  2. Tracklist: 01. 東京、熱帯夜につき 02. 夜想GALAXXXY 03. サクラユメ 04. 甘美な嘘と退屈な薄紅 05. Relic Snow 06. 神様がもしいるなら 8/10 | DIV's unique blend of EDM and rock proves to be a winner! Never a band to sit idle, young visual rockers DIV have continued their steady stream of releases and christened 2016 with their second and latest EP EDR TOKYO. The 'EDR' in the title stands for 'Electronic Dance Rock', and while electronics have always been present in DIV's music, they've mostly --with the exception of a few b-sides like "milky latte" and "東京ネクロポリス博物館 (Tokyo Necropolis Hakubutsukan)"-- operated on the peripheries: relegated to mood-setting intros, punchy breakdowns, and background frill. EDR TOKYO asserts itself as a more overt electronic endeavor, however. Their last single, the awesome, EDM-fueled "イケナイKISS (ikenai kiss)" gave us a good taste of what DIV's 'EDR' could sound like, and it's certainly served as precursor to the material on this EP. The blithesome opener "東京、熱帯夜につ (tokyo nettaiya ni tsuki)" borrows some of the EDM elements of that song, but takes them a bit further, as guitars take a backseat to bright, layered synths and atmospheric bleep bloops. The song openly embraces electronics and effectively sets the precedent for the rest of the EP; each song is inundated with lively synth-work and programming that's both varied and meticulously applied. There may even be moments where you'll question if you're still listening to DIV or not; the main synth in "神様がもしいるなら (kamisama ga moshi iru nara)" sounds like something you'd hear in a , and the heavy, electro-blended guitars in "甘美な嘘と退屈な薄紅 (kanbi na uso to taikutsu na usubeni)" would equally at home in a track by the GazettE, yet they implement all of this without really straying from who they are. This EP proves that DIV have thoroughly invested themselves in 'EDR' and the electronics here neither sound like a gimmick nor are they arbitrary sonic decorations. Every synth sounds like it has purpose and is an inherent part of the song. Some may worry that the heavy-focus on electronic music may have come at a price, but rest assured, that is not the case. DIV have not neglected 'R' in 'EDR'! Tracks like "夜想GALAXXXY (yasou GALAXXXY)" and "サクラユメ (sakurayume)" have plenty of audible guitar work, yet are still seamlessly integrated with the electronics. "甘美な嘘と退屈な薄紅" and "Relic Snow", which are arguably the harder tracks of the EP, even boast a bit of breakdown chugging. Clever programming also pervades the EP, with the drums alternating between satoshi's live playing, techno kicks, dubstep-snares and more. Throughout EDR TOKYO, this creates a kind of aural symbiosis that draws forth the raving energy of EDM, but equally channels the adrenal charge of metalcore and the buoyancy of styles like pop-rock and pop-punk. In short, the EP still rocks out in spite of DIV's stylistic choices - no, perhaps even because of them. EDR TOKYO does lose a bit of steam by the last two tracks, though. That particular duo seems to retread similar musical ground as the previous tracks, but that's a minor grievance, as both tracks still maintain enough personality to sustain the EP. Ultimately, DIV have accomplished what they've set out to do: they've successfully accentuated their electronic tendencies while maintaining their rock-oriented outlook. EDR TOKYO doesn't feel like a conscious shift in DIV's musical direction - it sounds like the band simply manifesting more of who they already were to begin with. Purchase EDR TOKYO @ CDJapan
  3. I saw some tweets from, Satoshi, K and Zeal Link on twitter and i've being shocked! *they looks so different* My japanese isn't good, so if you have a better translation please let me know.. Satoshi Said: ''A kiss to my brother K^_^ Big brother^_^'' *literally said ''Aniki'' = Big Brother* ___ Said: ''K (BORN) and Satoshi (DiV) in the performances of Shin-Yokohama! Two brothers! Yes it is ^^ __ K said: ''There's something wrong with Satoshi-kun from Div (lol). As expected, brother continued drinking what was left of Taiwan ^ _- ☆'' *he use the katakana of Brother' (ブラザー)* Again, sorry for my japanese
  4. Rule: Shipping from Vietnam. Only payment via Paypal accepted. (In Vietnam, bank transfer is ok). I'm not responsible for lost, damaged package since it is shipped. You can ask more information, photos. If you don't like the price, make an offer. I only hold item for 2 weeks. Feel free to ask me anything! Leave a comment, send a message or contact via my FB: https://www.facebook.com/chono.black Thank you. MY FB SALE PAGE https://www.facebook.com/chono.sales (pm here and i'll answer quickly). Vist here or ask me to see photo. Photoset, postcard: D.I.D photoset - 14$ vistlip photoset - 14$ DIV photoset - 16$ V-last autograph photoset (8$ each member photo, 10$ group photo, or 40$ for all) Kiryu autograph photoset - 40$ MERRY postcard set 1 - 14$ MERRY postcard set 2 - 14$ MERRY postcard set 3 - 14$ MERRY postcard set 4 - 12$ MERRY postcard set 5 - 15$ (double side) MERRY postcard - 2.5$/each MERRY Digiphoto white set (12 pieces) -30$ MERRY Digiphoto black set (12 pieces) - 30$ MERRY trading card - 2$/each MERRY sticker - 4$ Alice Nine photoset (missing Tora) - 12$ Alice Nine sticker set 1 - 9$ Alice Nine sticker set 2 - 9$ Alice Nine sticker set 3 - 9$ Alice Nine sticker - 2$ each 12012 photocard - 2$/each DaizyStripper photoset - 12$ Nightmare photoset 1 - 14$ Nightmare photoset 2 - 14$ THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S photoset - 12$ Poster MUCC Poster ( from Shoxx vol.213) - 4$ the GazettE Poster ( from Shoxx vol.213) - 4$ MERRY poster double side - 7$ Merch MERRY bottle - 20$ MERRY pamphlet - 25$ the GazettE Muffler Towel - 20$ Photobook, pamphlet Alice Nine pamphlets (White period I/ Summer Tour 2006 "HELLO NEW SUPER VIEW"/ A to U/ Velvet/ Untitled Vandalism #1/ alicenine tour 2008 DISCOTHEQUE) - 25$ each or 120$ for all. Alice Nine FC magazine Vol.2 , Vol.3 - 11$ each Alice Nine FC magazine set (vol.1 - vol.15) - 220$ ViViD never island in oahu photobook (Limited Edition, come w/ SD card) - 80$ Nightmare/First Official Photobook '' GIANIZM '' - 40$ Nighmare pamphlets (update later) - 20$ each Gab Vol.35 (10/2008) - 4.5$ (Wizard, An Cafe Nightmare, D=OUT, vistlip, SINCREA, LuLu, Billy, Serial Number, C4, THE KIDDIE…) Gab Vol.29 (10/2007) - 4.5$ (Sendai Kamotsu, Plastic Tree, Alice Nine, An Cafe, Dolly, GHOST, Mix Speaker’s Inc, v[neu], LuLu, Scar, Mello) Gab Vol.20 (4/2006) - 4,5$ (Alice Nine, Plastic Tree, Nightmare, Sadie, Dolly, Hime Ichigo, Amaterase, DuelJewel, Charlotte…) Gab Vol.33 (6/2008) - 4,5$ (Heidi, the GazettE, Kra, Nightmare, DaizyStripper, LuLu, Serial Number, Juliette, vistlip, SINCREA, Mello…) Gab Vol.30 (12/2007) - 4.5$ (Dolly, Ayabie, Nightmare, 176BIZ, Scar, CELLT, Plastic Tree…) Gab Vol.31 (2/2008) - 4.5$ (Mix Speaker’s Inc, D, Kra, Zoro, Irokui, Serial Number, Shojo Lolita 23q, 176BIZ, HERO, Bergerac, Sugar, Juliette, Ameterase…) Gab Vol.43 (2/2010) - 4,5$ (THE KIDDIE, Nightmare, DaizyStripper, Girugamesh, Lycaon, MaitoreiA, AND, downer, Serial Number, LuLu, THE KIDDIE, Kiryu, v[neu], Zip.er, AliBi, -OZ-…) club Zy Vol.9 - 4,5$ (Aoi (the gazettE), Kra) club Zy vol.6 - 4,5$ (Penicillin, Byou (SCREW) Flyer 1$/each. Updating My little HEARTS x 2 vistlip x 5 D.I.D x 1 Serial Number x 2 Codomo Dragon x 1 VURNY x 1 Megaromania x 1 METEOROID x1 Kisaki project x 1 Crack 6 x 1 Avel Cain x 1 Para:noir x 1 SquAiR x 1 Dieu x 1 GALEYD x 1 the Sherry x 1
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